Company to lay off 29 employees at Norwalk facility

Job losses announced during holiday season.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 28, 2012


Frontier Communications will lay off 29 employees from its Gibbs Road location.

Stephen Euton, general manager for Frontier North Central Ohio, made the announcement Tuesday afternoon. A story with more details about the job losses was published in Wednesday's Reflector.



KnuckleDragger - Before 185 West Main sold I viewed it along with a local contractor. It was then occupied. His estimate was that most of the work that needed to be done was mostly cosmetic and could be accomplished for a lot less than $100,000.


Maybe Frontier is just trying to get outa high tax OH like so many others.

"Residents Are Fleeing High Taxes In These 5 States":

Cliff Cannon

@ Sarrak: Wow ! $39,000 for the Fisher place ? Valued at $ 318,000 ? Your info did a better job of waking me up this morning than Folgers did. Thanks.

P.S. Knuckledragger: $500,000 to make it liveable ? Hard to believe that a work of art was left to crumble,isn't it ?


@ CC:

Take a look at Zillow to get a historical mkt. perspective:

A lot of sellers don't agree with Zillow, but trust me, buyers use it to beat 'em down on price.

I've have it used on me when selling and I've used it as an indicator when attempting to buy.

From my experience, far too many locals have their heads stuck in '06-'07 housing prices - no sale.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Thank-you for the 'Zillow' tip. Thanks to you,I had looked at it once before. Said my home had fallen in 'value' which I took umbarage with. Having just put up another picture of my children. I knew beyond doubt,my home was more 'homey' than the day before and hence---more valuable, to me.

However,that does not address the need for accurate valuations,does it ? So Zillow is certainly a good resource. Thankfully,it seems to me that the foreclosures are slowing down some here locally.( sadly,not drying up,just slowing)

So here's hoping that as many young dreamers,builders and doers( recently met a local young man with 91 houses !) jump on the home buying bandwagon as soon as possible. Not only,are they getting 1970's prices. Better yet,for our economy; when do home owners typically spend the most on their homes ? When they buy them, and when they sell them as the homes need to be 'just right' true ?

Still,the thought of a 318,000 dollar home going for 39,000 is mind boggling. And if that don't wake up folks to the fact that this isn't 06-07 pricing,what will ?


they are doing these cuts all over the company. its all about the numbers so the higher ups can get a big ol bonus.


So higher ups can get a bonus? so are you regretting skipping classes, lack of ambition, not becoming a "higher up"?


Not good. Saw this in the 80's...manager close to retire; then gets fired. Loyality doesn't matter much anymore. Then look at others that closed here in Norwalk. Not good for all of us.

Swamp Fox

More companies will cut jobs because of Obamacare and higher corp taxes under the messiah....


In what economy would the house at 185 W Main be worth more than $39,000? The Historical Societies video showed the house over 150 years ago. I do not believe anyone has done any maintenance since then.

I agree that some in corporate America will cut employee hours to save on providing health insurance to employees (Like Papa Johns). They do not want to cut the exorbitant salaries of the CEOs or the ridiculous bonuses like the ones being paid to exiting management at Hostess. That doesn't mean that WORKING citizens of the United States should be denied health insurance for themselves or their children.


The link below will take you to the auditor's website entry on 185 West Main. If you click on the valuation button you will find the county presently market values 185 @ $318,900. and will value it next year @ $ 222,300. based on a new appraisal done this year in 2012. http://www.huroncountyauditor.or...

It should make all of us wonder how overvalued our houses are currently .


Frontier was"suckered" into taking Verizon's area, out in the boonies. No one out there has land lines anymore, nor do they have dial-up internet. They would need to upgrade ALL lines out in "BFE." No way to make $$$ on the deal. It was set up to fail...Too bad, as MCI came through the lower part of Huron County and put in the newest, best digital lines, way back in the late 90's early 2000's...All Verizon, or anyone else, had to do was connect the lines to the Norwalk or Greenwich stations..Would have had a pretty good income.


AND... businesses have been 'shorting hours' and/or keeping labor #s down, so as to keep from paying for insurance for as long as I have been working! ( won't say how many decades that is). Can't blame Obama for that..

Dr. Information

I will agree with a little of what you said however you truly have to understand obamacare and what it is causing companies with enough employees to do to avoid the tons of mandates which are very costly to every company. We are seeing the dynamics of companies frantically change like never before and yes, you can thank Obama personally for that one.


As an employee affected by this, this is a terrible situation for us all. We have families to feed, expenses and bills to pay. We have employees with small children, pregnant women and others just struggling to survive, especially when our spouses aren't working either. It has nothing to do with land lines or internet. It's all about consolidating and saving that almighty dollar. I'm just shaking my head in anger, frustration and disbelief.


I have great compassion for all of you who have lost your jobs. I suspect that you will not be the last in the next 4 years. Businesses appear to be closing, being sold, and downsizing all over the country. Its not going to be pleasant.


Ya but isn't that the WHOLE idea of a company.. The All Mighty Dollar.? so many people think companies are only supposed to exist for there employment? That is socialist thinking


Mr. Obama is the part-time employment king:

Since the peak in '07, the U.S. is down about 7M full-time jobs, but we're up almost 5M in part-time ones.


If you want to blame anyone, blame Corporate America's agenda to keep focusing on stock prices and corporate profits and not for the good of the nation and the employee's. Both Republicans and Democrats get this right when they say small business is the future of the country. This is because they are not stock market driven and can run their company's they way they want, not to deliver for rich, demanding and entitlist driven stock holders. If any entitlelist program needs to be removed, it is the stranglehold that stock market driven corportate America places on us when they are the minority of the population.

Cliff Cannon

@ TFPONH : This is a tough one. First,I totally agree,especially since 'small business' employ's about 95% of the work force.That it is,what it has always been; THE PLACE for dreamers,eccentric's and doer's to be---- the driving force of the American economy.

Then,I certainly agree that 'Corporate America' as ran through 'Wall St'( and Wash. D.C.) has a 'stranglehold' on Americans. I also agree,that little,if any thought goes into how it's decision's aFFect the people of America.

Yet,should they ? Because,the 'dirty little secret' of "capitialism" (Correct me if I am wrong)is that it's 'fuel' is pure and simple---"Greed" For example, Henry Ford made a nice living selling a few cars,and his buddy Thomas Edison was doing quite well with a little company called 'General Electric' Yet,thankfully,they wanted more. So we the people, happily hitch rides as 'greed' drives these company's up. Then pay a hard price on the way down

Obviously,'the way down' has been greased by the treasonous laws of "Nafta" and even worse "Cafta" ( how the hades can anyone vote to legislate away American jobs?). Which have turned countless stock owning entity's from millionaire's into billionaire's as well as helped the 42,000 lobbyist's in Washington turn politics ( leadership really)from a game of altruism into a game of pure money.

Now toss in the overbearing cost of health care,employee's who don't care,regulations for the regulations, the need to expand into markets with growing economy's like India as well as China and the disaster swells like a snake with a full belly.Of course,this doesn't even mention another 'dirty little secret'. Try and find good, hard working,punctual people who can pass drug tests now days. Hard ain't it? So a tinge of sympathy is felt

Bottom line, we are stuck with ( as "kURTje" points out) profitable company's like "CVG" closing factory's to make an extra dime in Mexico. Worse,how many shoppers behave like " Wall st." since they don't shop the little business or buy "American made" product's because it cost's an extra dime? ( 'capitalists' in training,right?)

Still,happily we can to a degree remove the " entitlelist program" from our lives. First by encouraging every dreamer,builder,eccentric doer you can touch, to seek the opportunity's of the day. Then supporting, to the best of our ability's, the small business' they start


@ Cliff Cannon:

The major problem, IMO is that today's "capitalism" is more like corporatism or fascism if you like.

There should be no such thing as too big to fail (TBTF) and having taxpayers bail ‘em out.

As is said: Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without H*ll.

Taking on risk should always have consequences whether they are either positive or negative.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Amen



Sm. business optimism has been in the toilet since the election:


Institutional investors own approx. 90% of the stock in corp. America.

Institutional investors include: Banks, insurance cos, mutual funds, pension plans, college endowment funds and others.

Individual or retail investors own the other 10%.

Know this also: The U.S. Federal Reserve has been attempting to help pump up stock prices - "The Bernanke Put."


@ Contango - followed all your links and they are accurate. On PBS during the week their nightly "news" is followed by a daily Business report. Those who viewed that program during the Campaign are not surprised at what is happening - it was all predicted. Somehow the Country has to buckle down and survive the next 4 years - it will not be easy but somehow we need to get through it.



Yes, I enjoyed "NBR" for yrs. Good source of info.

Another good source for personal finance and investing is:

BTW: The outgoing SEC chief has delayed making it easier for sm. business to raise capital.

God bless the child that's got his own.


Agree with much of your stuff TFP....right in Norwalk a corporation was making money; they just wanted more - hence their closing a plant. Hey its only people, what do they matter?