Safecracker sentenced

Defendant's mom begs for treatment instead of prison, wants son to become a "productive member of society."
Cary Ashby
Nov 28, 2012


The defendant's mother didn't want her son to spend time in prison; she was concerned about him getting substance abuse treatment.

"I want him to be a productive member of society," she told the judge Tuesday. "I've forgiven him; it's over and done with."

Allan D. Andrews, 30, 717 E. Main St., Bellevue, pleaded guilty to attempted safecracking in mid-October. His parents, the victims in the Oct. 20 crime, declined to pursue any restitution.

"I believe he is remorseful. I believe he wants to turn his life around," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said.

Andrews, who graduated from college with honors, said he thinks he can do something positive with his life as long as he moves out of "this area." Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway quickly reminded him he needs to take care of his substance abuse issues, including alcoholism and his previous use of methamphetamine and cocaine.

Since Andrews has a prior felony record, he could have been sentenced to six to 12 months in prison.

However, the judge, citing the parents' desire for "in-house treatment," ordered Andrews to spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility (CBCF), a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. He will be held in the Huron County Jail until he is screened for possible acceptance into a CBCF.

Andrews also was fined $250. If he violates the terms of his three years of probation, he faces one year in prison.



AT 30?? decides he wants to be a better citizen. At 30? his mom feels he is "ready" to become productive.? WOW at 30 i was already owner/ driver with 3 trks and 3 trls with drivers, home owner. Raising my ex wives kids. paying my own electric, etc. as well as many others i knew and that wasn't long ago. My goosh is this why they feel your a kid till 26 (on your parents health plan) at 30?? Give me a break. When do people who want to make there own chioces, going to be held accountable for there own choices?

Lloyd Christmas

Raising your ex-wives kids? As in more than 1 ex wife? Or ex-wife.. being singular? Either way... If she's your ex and they're not your kids then why would you be raising them? LOL That doesnt sound too intelligent to me...


Oh sh^t ^p! Lot's of guys marry women with other guys kids and support them. So many males and females who want the freedom to have kids, but NOT the responsiblility that comes with it. There are a bunch of bums in the world who DO NOT pay for there kids. Heck my bonus daughter now actually has my last name, her dad, a bum, wanted to sign off. All for the best sometimes. My point is 30? is the age when it's ok for one to "maybe" it's time to be a "productive citizen"? Real problems if that is the case.

Dr. Information

@truckin.....I agree with you. Raising someones kid that signed off really shows who the real men are in this world. Not an easy thing to do, but kudos to you sir.


Would someone please get this man a cookie?

Raziels Wings

There are alot of hurting people in the world. People with addictions want help , need help .The addictions take over . I pray he gets the chance to get help and that he can stay the course.


I'm pretty sure his felonies came before he graduated college with "honors". going on a decade and a half of being a addict

Dr. Information

Got to love that at 30 years old, his mom is begging and crying in court to not punish him. How about you cut the umbilical cord mommy.


Gotta watch what you say. "be nice now" might hurt someone's feelings! That is the NEW AMERICAN motto