Heroin defendant on probation relapses, gets sent to prison

Man previously convicted of stealing 221 bronze urns.
Cary Ashby
Nov 27, 2012


A drug defendant admitted to violating his probation by using heroin and was sentenced to 10 months in prison Monday.

Former Willard resident Scott A. Thompson, 38, admitted to possessing three syringes, which authorities found at a house in Marblehead. Also during the same Nov. 16 incident, he tested positive for opiates and admitted to using heroin earlier.

Originally, in August 2011, Thompson was placed in a community-based corrections facility (CBCF) as part of his three years of probation. He had pleaded guilty to possession of heroin.

Thompson successfully completed the four- to six-month program in a CBCF, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. He next was placed in the Huron County Common Pleas Court drug court program.

However, on May 12, Thompson "suffered a relapse," probation officer Dexter Chandler told Judge Jim Conway. The Huron County Sheriff's Office arrested him as a result of the incident.

Next, authorities placed Thompson in a Sandusky halfway house. Chandler said the defendant had another relapse Nov. 16, which was when officers found the three syringes in his possession and Thompson tested positive for heroin usage.

"We do not have another sanction available except for prison," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper told the judge.

Conway credited Thompson with working hard during the drug court program and said he hopes some of the lessons he learned will stick with him. Thompson, who initially didn't want to speak on his own behalf, told the judge he "learned a lot in the last year-and-a-half ... for what it's worth."

The judge ruled Thompson will be kicked off probation after his prison term.

In late December 2007, the former Norwalk resident was arrested and later found guilty of stealing 221 bronze urns, worth $140 each, from the Meadow Green Memorial Park in Huron. The thefts happened between the summer and early fall of 2007.

Thompson was sentenced to one year in prison through Erie County Common Pleas Court.



Go away for a long time


Chop his hands off- isn't that what they used to do to thieves? Then he would have to shoot up with his...


This is another FINE example of the face that this CBCF does NOT work! He had TWO relapse. He is NOT willing to learn and NOT ready to be clean. Off to prison you go. I do not know what is worse, that he flunked out of rehab or the fact my stomach turns knowing that he STOLE from a cemetary?

Yall Make Me Sick

He needs the max the whole book thrown at him. He's been worthless for a long time. No surprise.

Sitting In The ...

Ten months in prison for stealing over Thirty thousand dollars worth of urns and when he gets out he not on probation..well bravo.