Woman pleads guilty to buying heroin near infant

With two previous felony convictions, Norwalk resident could face six to 18 months in prison when she is sentenced.
Cary Ashby
Nov 27, 2012


A local woman pleaded guilty Monday to buying heroin in the vicinity of an 18-month-old child.

Brooke A. Turner, 27, of 61 Spino Court, was convicted Monday of one count of trafficking in heroin in the vicinity of a juvenile. She also agreed to reimburse the Norwalk Police Department the cost of drug testing as part of a plea deal.

Also, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Dina Shenker agreed to dismiss two other charges of trafficking in heroin and one count of possession of criminal tools.

The controlled March 11 purchase happened on West Chestnut Street. Shenker said a wired confidential informant gave Turner $25 and Turner received a baggie with brown powder that tests later confirmed was heroin.

"This transaction happened in the vicinity of a juvenile," Shenker also told the court.

Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton, after the hearing, said the transaction was set up without the knowledge that a child would be there.

"We don't let informants take their children on drug buys. There was a child present at the residence during the buy, but it wasn't the informant's," Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said.

Turner, after hearing the prosecutor's assessment of the case, disputed there was a child present.

"When I heard the tapes, I never heard a child. I never did it in front of a child," Turner told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo explained to his client a child only has to be present, but not seen, for defendants to be charged with selling drugs in the vicinity of a juvenile. Turner then said she understood and agreed the prosecutor's presentation of the facts was accurate.

With two local felony convictions from separate 2004 cases, Turner could face six to 18 months in prison when she is sentenced Jan. 9.

She remains free on bond.


Second Opinion

You make a very valid point fedup2


Warning: Never spit in front of or near a school, it may be construed as a bio-hazard and you may be charged with a federal EPA crime.

Remember: Govt. can only take freedom and liberty away, it can't give them.

Ellis dee

She had to be the one selling. You cant get a trafficking charge if you are buying. That would be possession.

Norwalkian Damsel

I say let her get in much trouble as possible. It's horrible people like her that keep the drugs in our city!! I'd have stock piled 20 infants in the next room if it meant this chick would be off the streets and out of men's beds!!! Sicko!

Ellis dee


U get what u give

OK let's get it straight then! She did what she did when her friends child was there she knew he was there too! She is a POS she don't even have her own kids, she treats her mother like a person off the street & will lay down with anything & anyone! She also left her crap out where this child could of gotten it!Dirty needles ect. she would NEVER be around me let alone my child PERIOD! Everyone knows what she is about TRASH end of story! This girl has also got others to do her crap & one almost didn't make it! I just don't blame her because it was their choice but if she wasn't pushing it in their face it would have never happened!She even showed them how to do it! Honestly i wouldn't be surprised if she didn't have things u can never get rid of that is why when i see her out i stay far away NO THANK YOU!!!!!So what the story got a little mixed up we all make mistakes worry about what she has done & is doing!She needs to be locked up & pay for her crime!!


She got what she deserved. LOSER

Ellis dee

Set her free

Dr. Information

Why would they set a drug user and abuser free? Lol....thats exactly what I do with half these comments...lol.


Duh why would they dismiss the two counts of trafficking...she was supposed to have up to five years in prison but now that she bought the heroin its only 18 months...what is she really doing?


iguess NP cannt get anyone so now they are giving junkies dope and setting people up but to do it when there is a little kid come on.they should be charged too.it is not that hard to get these junkies u see them all around but to put a kid even around it does anyone else see something wrong with this????????????