Driver charged with having loaded gun under seat

Loaded .357 Magnum under 67-year-old man's seat during Norwalk Township traffic stop.
Cary Ashby
Nov 27, 2012


A Portland, Oregon man is accused having a loaded .357 Magnum under his seat during a Norwalk Township traffic stop.

Joseph M. Vanderputten, 67, was stopped for a marked lanes violation on U.S. 20. Trooper Steven Drew, of the state Highway Patrol, made the traffic stop at 8:54 p.m. Sunday. Vanderputten was westbound, but his ultimate destination is unknown.

"(The gun) was under the driver's seat," Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel said.

"He doesn't have a valid CCW," Christophel said, referring to a concealed carry permit.

Vanderputten was charged with improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, which is punishable by six to 18 months behind bars, and transported to the Huron County Jail.



seems all traffic stops result in searches anymore. seems unreasonable to me. so much for the right to privacy and freedom from arbitrary invasions. osp is possibly the biggest offender..


they do whatever they want even lewd your home.


I would like to think that a man 66 years of age that felt he needed to carry a hogleg without the necessary documentation should be held accountable especially because he was not traveling thru his home state. There are several highly qualified c c w training schools here in our area & I'm sure his state, Oregon I believe, also has progressive c c w training facilities that would be glad to accomadate him assuming his background checks out satisfactorily.


i dont know if he had criminal intent or just why he had a gun under his seat but i still think the cops are all too ready to trample our "rights". i dont have a permit but if i feel the need to carry my gun to protect myself or others im going to do it. this permit thing is just a form of registration so when the gestapo decides to confiscate they know where to start.


The original offense: Driving while out-of-state.


good to know that we are getting the real criminals off the street.


If a cop asks if he can search your vehicle, say NO.


Ohio come on vacation. Leave on probation.


A cop can ask you if you have any firearms in your vehicle at any point. If you lie, and get caught...thats a big no no. If you say you do, they are going to ask if you have a current CCW permit, if you don't and have a loaded gun.....big trouble you are in.