Hit-skip driver charged with DUI

Norwalk woman nearly 3 times over legal limit
Cary Ashby
Nov 25, 2012


A local woman was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) after she reportedly fled the scene of a hit-skip crash and was followed by police officers early Sunday.

Heather K. Nickoli, 37, of 3 Hampton Way, was westbound on Christie Avenue about 2:45 a.m. Norwalk Police Officer Jared Ferris reported Nickoli hit the left rear of a 1998 Honda CRV parked in front of 10 Christie Ave.

Police said she fled the scene, continuing west and other officers saw her going north on Norwood Avenue. Officers followed Nickoli to a Walnut Street residence, where she was charged with DUI and then transported to the Huron County Jail.

Nickoli's blood-alcohol content level tested at .235 percent via a breath test, police said. That's almost three times the legal limit for drivers in Ohio of .08 percent.

Police had Nickoli's 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe and the other sport utility vehicle towed from the scene. Police placed a holder on the Santa Fe.

It's unknown if Nickoli was using a seatbelt, but the front air bag deployed. Nickoli, who wasn't injured, told police she was going 20 mph in the 25-mph zone.



All liquor up @ d VFW. Why is Heather in a felony uniform?

swiss family

this must be picture #2... the first one blinded her with the flash... and here she is drifting off as long as she has her eyes closed already...


i pray for her and her kids.
sad what alcohol does to people...she used to be so pretty.


Because I DO believe after so many DUI's AND a hit-n-skip... it becomes a felony!
She needs help and her poor kids need prayers!!!!


She's lucky she didn't seriously hurt someone or worse..I hope she realizes what her drinking is doing not only to herself, but to her children & everyone in her path..Yes she does need help, but she also has to pay for the crimes she committed..Good luck to her & prayers for her children..


What a mess she has made for herself and others! Hopefully she is able to straighten out her life. Thank God it was a parked car and not an occupied vehicle. The owner of the vehicle is lucky to have neighbors who reported the accident, otherwise the person at fault may have gotten away with it. So sad that people hit and run and leave innocent people to deal with their mess.


Many of you are absolutely correct. Used to be very attractive and fun Used to go out with her few times back 8-10 yrs ago. Back during her Bob Evans waitress days.. She was a drinker then, but yet still able to play a pretty good game of volleyball and softball?? and fun.. Didn't know she would get this far off the path. The booze has really done wonders??? So as not to get my post deleted i will just shake my head???


That car she hit, was not just a "hit," she totaled it. It was my friend's car, and I saw the damage. There was no way she was only going 20mph. This piece of trash better get what's coming to her!