Bomb threat has parents questioning school policy

Threat came as an e-mail, and students were immediately evacuated. Authorities soon determined a student within the school was responsible.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 23, 2012


A bomb threat was on the minds of many of the audience members at this week's New London board of education meeting.

The threat had come to the school as an e-mail around 11:15 a.m. Monday, and the students were immediately evacuated and authorities notified.

It was soon determined the threat was a hoax that came from a student from within the school, and classes resumed.

Questions from parents included why they were not notified until several hours after the incident and what is the school’s policy during emergencies such as this.

Superintendent Carol Girton said once police were on the scene, they were in charge and determined the course of events. She and board members agreed to review emergency policies.

A story about this and other matters discussed at the New London school board meeting was published in Friday's Reflector.



Leave it to Girton to pass the buck.
She needs to be replaced.. Oh, that's right, they just renewed her contract
and the teachers have been without a contract since January.


I will say it sounds like she threw the Police Chief under the bus in this one.


What a load of crap. She's right nothing she could do while the cops where there but the cops were only there for 30 minutes. She wasn't even going to a make a call to let parents know. Another staff meber had to say don't you think you should call the parents. This lady needs to go ASAP.

Dr. Information

Not as easy of an issue as some of you think. First off the school is locked down. Secondly you have to assess the threat. Is it real or potentially real. Calling parents is the last thing you do when dealing with a situation like this. What are the parents going to do anyhow if they lock the school down? Sit in the parking lot? Bomb threats have been called in since the beginning of school. My parents said it happened to them 2-3 times a year. Bottom line is the parents were notified.


Dr. Information you are correct on the school being locked down but it was only for 30 minutes and only 2 officers swept the school which they are not capable of doing. Last i knew the only bomb squad in this area was Ashland sheriff's department. Next issue the parents should have been notified before the kids were returned to class so they could have the choice of taking them home or letting them return to school.


Agree with most of the above, but if they found the threat to be 100% false, what is pulling your kid out of school going to do? They had a totally blown out of proportion gun threat, that turned out to be false, in Willard a couple years back. Within 15 minutes, parents were texting each other and the rumors were flying around that there was a kid in the jr high with a gun and they had the classrooms locked down and parents were frantically running out to the school trying to get their kids and were so upset when they couldn't because the school was locked down. It involved a kid who shot his mother in the back (story has been in the Reflector several times). The kid didn't even go to Willard anymore, wasn't in the school at all, but with the good old rumor mill and believing everything you hear, parents went crazy. Fact is they locked the school down followed protocol and carried out the correct action in both cases. I think that it comes down to a set of actions they have to take like doc said above. Calling the parents right off the bat would be chaotic, especially when you have to figure out is the threat real or not. I think we live in a day of way to much paranoia because of singled out cases like Columbine...etc. Ultimately, its the parents decision to pull their kid out, but if they did, wouldn't it go as unexcused?