Man released by mistake

Authorities cannot agree on who was at fault.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 23, 2012


Authorities at the Huron and Erie County sheriffs' departments can't agree on who was at fault for accidentally releasing a convicted felon earlier this month.

Kenneth Low, 23, of Sandusky, and his family were devastated to learn that his release from the Erie County Jail was an error on Nov. 11.

Exactly who's error it was though seems to be a mystery.

On Nov. 10, a "holder" or request from Huron County Sheriff's Department on Low, was canceled, according to Capt. Todd Dempsey, the Erie County Jail administrator.

After several phone conversations, Dempsey stuck to his side of the story.

"Please cancel the hold on Kenneth Low. That's exactly what it says," Dempsey said of the documented information his department received from the Huron County Sheriff's Department.

Meanwhile, Sgt. K. Moore at the Huron County Jail denied that her department dropped the ball.

"My records show that the holder was not dropped," Moore said.

Moore referred further questions to department administrators who were not available until next week.

A message left with a secretary for Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard, who was not at his office yesterday, wasn't returned.

At the Low residence, Thanksgiving wasn't expected to be the same after the traumatic situation the family went through just a week before.

"He (Kenneth Low) came home and was flipping out," said Denise Gardner, his mother.

"He was so excited, but he was also scared, because he kept saying something didn't feel right," Gardner said.

Before Low left Erie County's facility, he tried telling the authorities that he owed them more time in jail. But, his story fell on deaf ears.

"He told them, 'I'm telling you, I think I owe more days,'" Gardner said.

"He said, Mom, something just isn't right," she added.

Low called not only Erie County, but also the court and then Huron County authorities until finally the error was discovered.

The Huron County sheriff's department reportedly notified Low that there had "been an error in the paperwork" and ordered him to turn himself in, Gardner said.

"It was horrible. The whole family was devastated. We were all crying hysterically," Gardner said.

"What if it would have been a violent offender? Luckily, it was just a kid who screwed up and is trying to restart his life," Gardner said.

Low feels like he was traumatized by the mistake. His mother said, "He's angry. He's like, 'Why did they put me through that?"

Regardless, Gardner is proud of her son for questioning authorities until the error was discovered. "He could've not even called and just stayed free," she said.

Low was transported to the Lorain County Correctional Facility in Grafton Wednesday after turning himself in late last week, according to Moore.

The Huron County Common Pleas Court sentenced Low to serve the remainder of a year in prison which he has already served several months, according to court records.

He was convicted on a violation of probation initiating from an original conviction in 2010 of complicity to burglary, according to Huron County Common Pleas Court records.



OH Barney!!

Simple Enough II

Okay, why should he and his family feel "traumatized"? Good for the young man to try and make it right. What I don't understand is, why was he released from jail and now is being sent to prison instead of serving the remainder of his time in say Sheriff Howard's Bed and Breakfast? Oh, well not sure if the truth will ever be told to us peon's as to who screwed up.

Swamp Fox

All this newspaper has to do is ask both departments for the copy of either the holder or release under public records to find out who is not telling the truth, unless they already know its Huron County and they don't want to undercut King Dane....


wow his mom is quite a piece of work. 1 day shes all my son needs prison the other day shes all heres money to support your habit. kenny is a thief, hes a fien and hell never change. hes stolen stuff for every body he knows then wants everyone to feel so sorry for him. not to mention he was with david burrows for 2 days before he turned himself in.& he wants everyone to think hes clean. hes a waste of air. him & his momma


Lilmomma I couldn't agree with you more!!!!


Lilmomma I couldn't agree with you more!!!!


Lilmomma I couldn't agree with you more!!!!


i got a cheap little nikon camera and it takes better pics than that. i could take a better pic with a potato..


...a potato! ...OK maybe, but not without a flash and a tripod to steady your endeavor...


I called the NR about that pic, mikey. They said they took it in such a fashion just to piss you off. :)


well, they will have to try harder than that, im taking my meds, or somebodys meds.. IM HAPPY!!


Humm sorry to say Kim, but your probably next on the Howards butcher block. Good luck girl.


Sorry, but he's not just a kid who messed up. He's the one who got my sister started on heroin. Yeah, it was her fault she was stupid and did it, but he gave it to her, then he sold it to her, and many other people. I'm glad he's going back to jail. That's where he belongs. As far as I'm concerned, dealers are murderers. (Just to make sure everyone knows, I'm definitely not sticking up for my sister. I don't have one good thing to say about her. I realize she probably would've gotten started on heroin somewhere else, but this "kid who screwed up" is the one who is responsible for getting her started on the crap).


IMO, he shoulda called an atty. before calling the courts.

Sitting In The ...

This is totally out of character for the Hazzard County Sheriff Office. Roscoe was quoted as saying " I'm not going to spend much time investigating this matter because it obvious Mr.Silcox is to blame for this gentleman release" hahaha


It was great of him to turn himself in and admit that he owed more time. That clearly shows that he is mature, and realizes that he messed up and must pay his time.


Likeaboss dont be fooled he only turned himself in cuz hes scared to be on the streets. hes robbed everyone and anyone for anything he can get his hands on. hes narked and hes is scared!!! cuz he knows what is in store for him!!! id say somebody shoulda just sold this waste a bad batch & prolbem solved. funny thing is it says hes in for burgerly but the story that said he was going to prison is because he got caught with drugs again.

Raziels Wings

Its tragic this epidemic that has overtaken so many people . But to suggest that anyone be sold a bad batch , or to ever want harm to befall anyone is very scarey also.