Dunlap's request dies for lack of motion

Expense request submitted by commissioner-elect in not approved
Scott Seitz2
Nov 23, 2012


The Huron County commissioners did not approve an expense request submitted by Commissioner-elect Tom Dunlap at Tuesday's meeting.

Commissioner Gary Bauer said late Tuesday Dunlap had requested the county pay about $300 so he could attend the County Commissioners Association of Ohio's winter conference Dec. 11 and 12.

Bauer said he and commissioners Joe Hintz and Larry Silcox didn't actually vote down the request, but none of the three made a motion to approve, so the request died for lack of a motion.

"I think it's honorable he wants to go to the conference," Bauer said, but added the commissioners have adopted an unwritten policy to pay these expenses out of their own pockets.

"Tom was surprised we didn't turn in expenses," Bauer said. "It's our choice not to turn those in."

Dunlap had defeated Silcox in the Nov. 6 election. He takes office in January.



Not even technically in office yet and is already trying to feed at the Gov't trough for a paid mini vacation. How much do you want to bet that his first order of business once he is seated is to try and get rid of the policy to pay his own expenses? Good thing that the people of this county decided to elect him. I will put my money on it that he will end up costing the taxpayers more money in his first year in office than Silcox ever did.


Tom alwayes trying to buck the system..... things will never change will they !


He oughta ask his accountant if he can deduct the fee and costs from his income tax as a non-reimbursed business expense. Maybe save him a couple of bucks.

Have a nice trip.


The conference is in December. He doesn't take office til January. So the answer is no, he can't deduct it.


@ KnuckleDragger:

So what's he doin' asking for the funds if it's not job related?

Repeat: Better ask HIS accountant if he decides to go that route.


It's 300.00 bucks can't he pay for it himself and get the money back when he gets in office? I'm sure he'll have some sort of expence account. I think this was more about testing the waters than getting the money. Well now he knows..

swiss family

sorry but I disagree..... I am curious as to why the "old" commissioners paid for this training out of their own pockets?? I would like to think that they did it to save the taxpayers money, BUT I find that hard to believe..

The feeling that I always got from all 3 commissioners was that there was a level of secrecy, and superiority about them , where they are almost insulted if you even ask them a question.. It was not that way when Mr. Adelman was a commissioner, but seems to have been that way ever since. It is obvious that the public is tired of their attitude and their inaction, and so they have voted in a new man with a different attitude. He had every right to go and ask for the money to be trained, because that is the policy, so he did nothing wrong there.. He was turned down , because the old secret society of commissioners have told him that they pay out of their own pocket.It makes me wonder what the rest of the story is..Could it possibly be that on one hand, the money is available for the commissioners, at say xxx amount of dollars... and on the other hand, the county will pay them so much per mile to use their own cars, and will re-emburse them for the hotel and meals that they spend their own money on, thus making this option way more profitable personally , to do it this way???

I have always been told to "follow the money" and I think this is the case here.. I think that Mr Dunlap is trying to get the "good old boys" to expose the secrets to this scam, so that he can expose it and rid the taxpayers burden of these types of practices..I look at it as a breath of fresh air entering the "good old boys" club, with the benefit of integrity, honesty , and truth, coming along with Mr Dunlap's entrance... I think that "you get what you vote for" and in this case, I think the people will benefit immensely from this appointment... I wonder if the County Commissioners have any input into the County Judge, and his terrible decisions and lenient sentences???

Most Wanted

So they ignored a request because of an "unwritten" policy? Small town politics at its best.

Swamp Fox

Once again swissey and his "rest of the story" making up his own facts to support his own findings, priceless......

swiss family


swiss family

OK..Foxey.... you tell me why the commissioners would tell the new incoming commissioner to pay for it out of his own pocket????? when that is NOT the policy???.and if you notice I said words like "I think" and "I wonder" and what if....


Didn't Joe Hintz submit expenses for his mileage to Willard when he was first elected.

Swamp Fox

swissey said "if you notice I said words like "I think" and "I wonder" and what if".... My point exactly, thanks for agreeing...

yogi bear

Tom, You ought to demand an apology from Silcox!!


Maybe if Tommy ask King Dane for the money, he could attend. Better yet charge it to the S.O.. King Dane has money to blow before the end of the fiscal year is up.




Dont fool yourself, Tom like most officials, is not in it for the betterment of the community.....a taste of things to come.


Its common for commissioners or directors or treasurer's of any town, county or association to attend functions like this and it be paid for. There are things one can learn from attending a conference as such. You do not take on this type of job only to use your own money to attend a conference for your county. That makes no sense at all. Its 300 bucks, if it was 3000, I'd question it myself. Boring....whats next.


Looks like sour apples to me.
Silcox lost so he and his buddies are being spoiled brats about it.


Dunlap has no business asking for reimbursement as he is not a county employee until AFTER he assumes the position in January. If he wants to take this course to be better prepared to serve the county before he's actually the elected official of record then he should pay for it himself.

I bet you ten bucks he won't pay for it himself and will cancel.

Kudos to those commissioners, past and present, who have paid for these type of enhancement courses out of their own pocket.

Dr. Information

Why would anyone want to pay for something like this out of their own pocket when in fact they are attending these conferences for the county?


@ Dr. Information:

I worked for a NFP, had an expense account which I seldom used. I chose instead to deducted many of my business expenses off my income tax. Pay it forward - so to speak.

Also, all conferences are not worth attending. Perhaps this is one of 'em?

Dr. Information

I agree not all are worth attending but they have a schedule of speakers or classes being held so one can choose to go or not if something of value will be there for them.