School officials talk kindergarten birthday deadline

Three Norwalk kindergarten teachers had children with June through September birthdays and made the decision to keep their kids home one more year instead of starting school.
Cary Ashby
Nov 24, 2012


Aug. 1 or Sept. 30 — that's the choice the Ohio Department of Education gives school systems for the dates by which rising kindergartners need to be 5 years old. Kindergarten teachers in Norwalk City Schools want the district to push back the deadline to Aug. 1 because they say having students who are a few months older make a big difference with the way children perform in the classroom.

Teachers brought the issue to the attention of Superintendent Dennis Doughty about three years ago.

Four kindergarten teachers made a presentation to the school board at Tuesday's meeting. Three of the four teachers had children with June through September birthdays and made the decision to keep their kids home instead of starting school because the teachers/parents didn't think their children were ready.

A story about this subject was published in Saturday's Reflector.



This article makes no sense.


Welcome to reading the reflector.


My TWINS were born in June and went to kindergarten at 5. They passed kdg screening with flying colors, above normal. The school wanted to hold them back a year because they were "smaller" than the other kids. I put them in kindergarten and they excelled. They are now in 10th grade and both straight "A" students. Make a cut off and leave it alone. Allow the PARENTS to make the decisions. I knew my kids were ready, I knew they would do fine. If kids spent more time at home LEARNING basics instead of at soccer, football, softball, baseball, etc, they might be ready for kindergarten. I bet these same kids that were NOT ready for kindergarten knew/know all the positions on the football/soccer field!


A lot of kids just aren't ready for school at 5, either because of lack of preparation or immaturity, Unfortunately many parents will choose to send their not-yet-ready kid off to all day school so they don't have to pay for another year of child care.


Just my opinion and speaking from experience... Ten years ago we still had half day Kindergarten. Kindergarteners weren't doing the work that is required now. I am shocked at how different it's been for my Kindergartener than it was for my 17 yr old.

You also need to remember that now that K is all day, every's also free child care. As awful as it sounds...some parents would rather just send their child ready or not. In this economy it certainly is something to think about.


My daughter was born on Sept. 23. We could have waited another year but decided that she was ready. If my sons were that close to the deadline it would have been a different story. Parents need to do what is best for their kids. Every child is different.