Tough times facing schools

Norwalk City Schools will need to have a “frank discussion” about what programs will need to be cut to make up for deficit spending.
Cary Ashby
Nov 21, 2012


That was the message Superintendent Dennis Doughty had for the school board at Tuesday’s meeting. One day before the election, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) sent the district a letter requesting a plan how to make up for deficit spending in fiscal year 2014. Norwalk’s response is due Dec. 31.

If the district doesn’t give the ODE a letter with such a plan, Norwalk immediately would be placed on “fiscal watch,” Doughty said.

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FYI You can look up any public employee salary in the State by going to the


I'm confused. Didn't we just cancel a day of school to support the Girls' Volleyball due to an enormous accomplishment. Why is the first answer that comes to mind is to cut programs students participate in?


Cancelled a day of academics for sports? Sure, why not? The best and brightest form the Diaspora and the area grows increasingly poorer and older.

BTW: By 2020, seniors are projected to make up 25% of the local area's population - tax revenue funding is shifting.

What once were considered necessities are becoming luxuries.

Estrella Damm

We should cut sports and extras so we have more money to built more jails.


Tough times facing schools????? Look up some of their salaries under like "ThomasJefferson" said...I searched one teachers name and from 04-11 her salary increased $30,000.00 dollars and doesn't even work a 8 hr day. And take a look at Mr. Duncan's salary. I will never support a levy until the abuse of the money back to looking up names. I would love to see the Norwalk Reflector put these salaries in the paper!


Husband and wives making $85,000.00 together and she is a aide...this is very eye opening. Search names under the schools website and educate yourselves by looking up their salaries. When I recover from this I will check the City employees salaries.


sb5 fixed all this and now we will hear how the public does not care, Young teachers BEWARE. the older ones are taking your future money and they tricked you into putting signs in your yard,, so sad