City receives official word about Janesville plant closing

Janesville Acoustics will cease operation of Plant 70 next year.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 21, 2012


Norwalk city officials received the official word Tuesday regarding the closing of one of the city's Janesville Acoustics plants.

This situation was first made public in August, but Mayor Rob Duncan said Tuesday the company forwarded the city the official news.

"Today I received notice that Janesville Acoustics will cease operation of Plant 70 over the first and second quarters of 2013," the mayor said.

A story about this subject was published in Wednesday's Reflector.




janesville has been moving work to mexico like the rest !till we fix the trade bill?there is no end!


Mr. Duncan mentions Janesville, but no eulogy for P&R?

As is said: If one business lays off one hundred workers its big news. If one hundred businesses lay off one employee each, no one notices.

Drip, drip, drip.


America somehow must confront the fact that artificially set wage levels are always going to give us a competitive disadvantage to countries who let the market set them. I don't know the answer to this and all of the proposed solutions so far seem pretty awful but this country needs to get its collective head out of the sand and work on this problem before we lose most if not all of our factories to other countries.


companies are doing what they have to do to remain competetive in their market.

Really are you ...

The president needs to change NAFTA from the Free Trade Agreement to the Fair Trade Agreement. Place the same import tax on foreign countries goods coming into the United States as they are going out. Close the tax evasion loop holes for American owned businesses that moved to foreign countries, or tax their imports coming back into the US at an unfair rate. Then those companies will be forced to bring their businesses back, putting more of the unemployed back to work, and increasing our GDP. Then taxes won't have to be raised on the few people that have jobs, we will be manufacturing and producing more from the inside out than from the outside in.