ASHBY: Sentimental 'Skyfall' shakes and stirs 007

23rd James Bond film is now in theaters.
Cary Ashby
Nov 22, 2012


James Bond (Daniel Craig) tells Javier Bardem's sleazy cyberterrorist, Raoul Silva, his hobby is "resurrection."

That might be a throwaway line in the grand scheme of the 23rd Bond film, "Skyfall," but it's an apt one. After all, Craig helped boldly resurrect the beloved superspy six years ago in "Casino Royale."

Cary Ashby's review of "Skyfall" was published in Monday's Reflector.



Honestly Cary, does this movie conjure sentimental feelings for you? We don't need to see 'ASHBY' like you are a heralded critic. Who knows, it might be bad editing.