Puppy killer sentenced to 180 days in jail

Norwalk man shot his wife's two Yorkie puppies; he was convicted of domestic violence and animal cruelty charges.
Aaron Krause
Nov 18, 2012


A Norwalk man was sentenced Friday to 180 days (six months) in jail on the work release program in connection with threatening his wife as well as shooting and killing her two puppies.

Michael J. Hoyt, 44, of 866 N. New State Road, must report to jail at 7 a.m. Dec. 3 to begin serving his sentence.

He was convicted Friday of one count of domestic violence and two animal cruelty charges in connection with the late August incidents.

On Friday, Hoyt changed his plea from not guilty to no contest on one of the domestic violence charges, a first-degree misdemeanor and on the animal cruelty charges, both first-degree misdemeanors. In exchange, the state dropped the other domestic violence charge, a fourth-degree misdemeanor.

Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel has said after Hoyt shot the dogs, he pointed the handgun at his wife and threatened to harm her.

"I don't believe there was any physical harm (to her). I think there was some shoving," Christophel said.

Huron County Sheriff's Capt. Ted Patrick has said Hoyt denied pointing the handgun at his wife, "but that's what she's alleging."

Sheriff's dispatchers received a 9-1-1 call at 7:08 p.m. about a domestic dispute at Hoyt's home. Christophel said it started out as a "verbal altercation," but declined to elaborate. Patrick said there was a confrontation about a suspected extramarital affair, Hoyt became upset, went outside and shot the two white Yorkie puppies.

Three deputies responded and reported they arrested the suspect and transported him to the Huron County Jail without incident. Prior to the deputies' arrival, Hoyt had unloaded the gun and left it on the porch, Patrick said.

"When they arrived, he was sitting on the tailgate of his pickup truck," Patrick said.

Hoyt was released later after posting a $5,000 bond.

Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge issued a temporary protection order while the case was pending.

On Friday, Ridge fined Hoyt $300 on the domestic violence charge, in addition to court costs of $88.24. Ridge sentenced him to 180 days on the charge and suspended that sentence. The judge placed Hoyt on five years of probation. He must not have any convictions during that time and he must show proof of six months of mental health counseling by Nov. 16, 2013. Hoyt cannot associate with the victim for five years, during which time he also cannot touch or possess a firearm. Ridge gave Hoyt 180 days to pay his fine and court costs.

Under one of the animal cruelty charges, in addition to imposing the jail term, Ridge fined Hoyt $250 plus $46 in court costs, which he must pay in 180 days.

Under the second animal cruelty charge, Ridge imposed a suspended 180-day jail term and fined Hoyt $250 plus $36 in court costs. He must pay the fine and costs within 180 days.

As part of the defendant's five years of probation, he cannot have any convictions during that time and he cannot possess any companion animals for five years, nor can he live in a residence during that time where pets live. Hoyt also is forbidden from touching or possessing a firearm during that time.


Paranoid Illusion

He should then have to move to Texas.


Waste of taxpayer money to shelter, clothe and free med care for this bozo.

Community service: Cleaning cages at the Humane Soc., stalls at the Fair grounds, etc.


i agree with you Contango....clean cages for the rest of his life and only when supervised or under surveillance.


He was always so nice and friendly at the dry cleaners/laundry mat that he worked hard at. Hard to believe. I guess anger can get the best of us at times. Im sure he regrets it now.

hor mone

I cain't bark.

Lillie Chaos

He is a bum. Low-life. A puppy??? what next? Anyone capable of shooting a helpless living thing is capable of anything. I wish the sentence was much longer.


I would have given him one year on both counts of Animal Cruelty, with work release. Anyone who can shoot two little pups needs to be locked up for a while.

former local

Yeah, cleaning cages at the shelter would be good for him!


So basically this "nice" guy will get no jail time as it is suspended. Whippity doo! If he can shoot two innocent puppies he is capable of harming a human. I guess being any "upstanding" citizens gets you off being a decent human being. I am glad his wife is safe hopefully he will get the mental help he quite obviously needs.

Swamp Fox

The last thing you do is sentence community service for this guy to any where there are animals. He deserve jail, community service is busy work and we pay for supervision. He will serve 120 days on one court and an additional 120 were suspended on the other charges


I think he should have gotten a lot more..Unfortunately on the animal cruelty charges, Ohio law is up to a $5000.00 fine & up to a 180 days in jail..I personally would have given him a 180 days on each charge with no suspensions..These were "HELPLESS" animals, they didn't attack him..He also pointed the gun at his wife..Seriously, he should have done some time for that as well..What a jerk!!


this article makes no sense?! it says he got 180 days in jail. but then when it says about all the charges, it says all the jail time was suspended?! wtf? hmmm..


I had to read it a few times to catch it... If you read the 3rd paragraph from the bottom, it says he imposed the 180 day sentence.


now i got it.. thanks!

swiss family

OK I am confused here... it says he got 2 180 day jail time , booth suspended, then it says that he will begin serving his sentence on Dec 3 @7:am... which I think would be a wonderful opportunity for anyone who thinks that what he did was reprehensible and beyond reasonable.. to be standing in front off the County jail with your animals and your protest signs letting him know that his actions have NOT gone unnoticed. I wish his sentence was much more severe.. and to have him work around any animals as community service is insane... BUT to have him on top of the courthouse clock tower, and the Old Sheriffs jail cleaning off the pigeon crap, would be wonderful in my opinion...


He has to serve 180 days in jail, with work release, meaning he will go to work every day then report back to jail for the rest of the day/night. The other 180 days is suspended.


This POS has never worked hard a day in his life..his mother owns MT laundrymatt. I will never again spend my money there again. I hope his wife takes him for eveything he got. He spoiled little mommy boy...


It's a moot point, but IMO, the punishment should fit the crime. Shoveling sh*t might do him some good.

Maybe he should also wear a dress while performing his community service to remind him to be nicer to women and not point guns at 'em.

Bring back the public stockade? Bring plenty of rotten fruits and vegetables for throwing. Fun for the whole family!

Nic Williams

I agree with Contango. Funny as hell by the way. Would deff. cut down on pety crime.

Nic Williams

Also he should never be aloud to have a gun again not just a 5 year suspension. Once a moron always one.


But when women ABORT babies it's their right??

swiss family

Yes it is...


And that is something I don't understand, it's okay to kill a baby.


This is about Puppies who are already here.

Stop comparing the two. It's TWO different things.


Abortion has WHAT exactly, to do with this conversation? TROLL....

Second Opinion

Troll? LOL !!!

Posters being upset over two dogs being killed during a moment of anger and then complain about a post where someone shows that the killing of 30 million babies a year are HYPOCRITES and have no redeeming value.

I'd would rather have a society where someone out of anger kills an animal than people who PLAN a murder of a baby and irrationally justifies it as a 'right'. The "right' stopped when you gave into your weak and uncontrolled selfish desires for immediate satisfaction of social entertainment without any reguard for its consequences. People like that are selfish and much more dangerous than this man!


Abortion is NO WHERE In the article/converstaion. Nice try to start a debate.

Second Opinion

Please change your name, a 'lady' wouldn't need an abortion; nor would one support it.


The article has NOTHING to do with abortion. Go some where else.


maybe the next guy will actually beat the crap of his pos wife and then she will know the true meaning of domestic violence.....