Little Caesars returning to Norwalk

Pizza place picks Norwalk Korners Plaza for newest location.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 17, 2012


Little Caesars Pizza is returning to Norwalk.

"We're very excited," said store co-owner Melissa Tansey. "Norwalk was an area available for expanding and we are eager to grow."

The store is located at 201 Milan Ave. in the Norwalk Korners Plaza.

Little Caesars had operated a Norwalk store years ago.

A story with more details, including when the restaurant will open, was published in Saturday's Reflector.



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@ betrump:

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The topic is the new Lil' Caesar's and/or pizza. Not 02, your need of a girlfriend or your childish urge to make ad hominem attacks.


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Wish this place well. Swampy & betrump agree 100 percent with you.


Yummy . . . Pizza! Pizza!


3 posts by 44846....2 ripping this new pizza place...1 a personal jab. Typical banter from someone who rarely brings anything to the table.

Kottage Kat

I love pizza
Willing to gie them try
Hi Swiss my new friend
Truce declared

Estrella Damm

The BBQ place next door has some good brisket chili.