Little Caesars returning to Norwalk

Pizza place picks Norwalk Korners Plaza for newest location.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 17, 2012


Little Caesars Pizza is returning to Norwalk.

"We're very excited," said store co-owner Melissa Tansey. "Norwalk was an area available for expanding and we are eager to grow."

The store is located at 201 Milan Ave. in the Norwalk Korners Plaza.

Little Caesars had operated a Norwalk store years ago.

A story with more details, including when the restaurant will open, was published in Saturday's Reflector.


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swiss cheese kat

@ buckeye15
Most pizza shop employees are high school/college age kids that will be covered under their parents health care anyways.

Just because a company like Papa Johns doesn't make a public stance doesn't mean they aren't doing the same thing.


Don't forget about Jimmy's Bar B Que!!!! Remember when people ate at home????


WE still do.


Funny! Even after all the "hoopla" over the Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, Bistro STILL doesn't get mentioned as a "sit down" restaurant! LOL.
It must really be bad, or is it not in business?

Second Opinion

Glad you brought this up. I signed up for a seating in that show and received a questioner whose questions were slanted to create extreme controversy. Anyone else get one of those emails that basically stated "If you like this place don't bother to sign up, we want outspoken dissatisfied and disgruntled people and all else need not apply" I never answered it since its obvious Ramsey could care less about truth.


No, it wasn't. It was a simple survey.


cliFF you did sEE the show about America's 1rst piZZaria? sEE i fiGGer those that made the 1rst pie reaLLy know their stuFF. Those on the East Coast reaLLy spoiled me tOO. (Mostly phiLLy area) Talked to family members a few years back regarding a real one here...know what? Family member stated most in this county would not pay a fair price for a real pie. Think they were right tOO. Hope to sEE you sOOn....later my friend.

Cliff Cannon

@kURTje: Must confess,didn't see the t.v. show on America's first pizzeria. You got " Philly" in you ? So why aren't you promoting cheese steaks and scrapple ? :)

Don't doubt 2 things. With Philly's extremely large Italian population. You have eaten some classic pizza's. Then I agree with your family----the cost of these classic pizza's be they from N.Y.,Chicago or Philly would doom the restauraunt's

P.S. Of course, "everyone" knows a "real" pizza has anchovy's on it :)


Oh you whiny, spoiled Americans with all your choices.

Whaaa, there's another pizza place that everyone can afford.

You poor things.


Some things never change, Zippy always piffin' and moanin' 'bout sumpthin'. And of course, with no real "answers" as to HOW to improve a situation. Typical Libby. Contango gets it.


Modern day a hole is back! Off your meds again?

arnmcrmn if you think there are to many pizza shops and not enough family sit down restaurants, why not start one up instead of constantly bashing? Put you money where your mouth is. Lets here your we go in 3.....2....1......


Typical lib...can't give an intelligent response so resorts to name calling. It must be a miserable life being jealous of other peoples success. You could have the same success, but it would require hard work, determination, and risk...Nah, maybe not, it's much easier to come on here and b!tch about what others are doing to better their situations.

Swamp Fox

Contango, you don't have a clue what is pizza, the Chicago biscuit pizza is a poor excuse compared to classic New York style. The Chicago crap should be hauled away by your private trash haulers, I give you a 0 on pizza knowledge


@ Swamp Fox:

Ya wanna meal? Lou Malnati’s or Giordano’s stuffed or deep-dish pizza.

Ya want indigestion and the trots? Ya gotta go with the most famous ketchup on a cracker – NY style.

You can’t even give me the name of a pizzeria that serves that dog vomit – F minus.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: My nephew brought home deep-dish pizza from Chicago last week.It was ready too cook,took the standard 20 minutes to cook and cost $25. per pizza. Does that sound like pizza from either place you've mentioned ?

P.S. Anchovy's rule


@ Cliff Cannon:

Could be. However...

IMO, fresh is best - eatin' in or delivered.

Also, listening to Dean Martin or Sinatra while eating Eyetalian improves the palette.

BTW: IMO, BEST Sinatra album:

TRUST ME - if you've never heard this album and like Sinatra, you will NOT be disappointed.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: With out doubt; " fresh is best" in any food. Certainly,we all pay homage to the wonderful delights of 'fresh food'---great food, really.When we labor in our gardens, or deplete our wallets when blessed to visit " food hall-of fames" like Cleveland's " Westside Market" or invoke sweet memory's of Grandma's home at Thanksgiving

Further,having grown up in the chocolate industry ( THE FOOD of the romantics) I understand your desire to add ---sound-- to those already churning, other 4 senses that fresh food,great food,always kicks in to high gear. ( And who say's men don't understand the naunces of what makes romance work ?)

And how many make better 'sound' than Sinatra ? Gratefully, I have been blessed by the fact, my children as well as ----believe it or not--- my granddaughter, have all, also fallen in love with his simple,yet straight forward way of making every single word of a song ---have feeling. Then toss in that marvelous instrumental backing and you get, well, " Sinatra "

However,must confess,despite loving live albums best of all. Not having seen " Strangers in the night" ( I can sing it as good as him) on your Sinatra album. I am a pinch dubious.Yet,very willing to get it and listen. Afterall, it's Sinatra: Who could be disappointed ?

Here's hoping,your Thanksgiving is warm,wonderful and filled with happy sounds


@ CC:

"Live at the Sands" was the first recording that later became a four cd set:

Perhaps some of your favorites are on the additional disks. I haven't listened to the others in awhile.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Guy on a Buffalo

Thank you Mayor Duncan - I see your jobs plan is working out. Those new jobs should be able to cover the new fire truckers, administrative pay increases, and two large trash pickups. Maybe if we can get a Papa Murphy's to open up we can have more than one day of leaf pickup for Mr. Feagley.


It fits right in there with Obama's job creation plans...4 million part time jobs with the few of us that are working full time paying for the free handouts to make up for it.


Little Caesars isn't the greatest pizza but it's not that bad. It's cheap, my kid's love it, and I can stop by & grab one that's already made.

Swamp Fox

Chicagocrapos, the only good thing about Chicago is leaving it. New York style, try Lombardis, Buzzys or Varasanos all the elite of real pizza not the soggy biscuit excuse the the blowhards in Chicago try to pawn off on the uneducated.


It's a big risk, regardless. As far as sit downs go...too many people start one without knowing what they're getting into.


@ SF:

Let's go back to what you 'originally' wrote:

"...tried their 'hot and ready' not bad considering the price and convenience."

Only a pizza aficionado wannabe would EVER write such a thing.

Enjoy your baked cardboard with cheese.



Little Caeser's business model goes after the family looking for value and convenience. It isn't and will never be in the high end pizza market. I will patronize it because my kids like it and it fits in the family budget. It would cost me $100 to buy enough gourmet Chicago style pizzas to feed my whole family vs. $20 at Little Caesers. Now if only the wife and I are going out for a date night, that's a different story, we tend to hit more expensive places.


like Burger King.....


Can't wait for some crazy bread! Good Luck Little Caesars...nice to see you're back in town! Maybe the $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza's will promote a bit of competition between the other pizza places to lower prices.

Swamp Fox

Would rather enjoy my baked cardboard than old man grumble biscuits....


Swamp Fox writes:

"Would rather enjoy my baked cardboard..."

Yet another confirm that you've got a taste for sh*t.