Little Caesars returning to Norwalk

Pizza place picks Norwalk Korners Plaza for newest location.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 17, 2012


Little Caesars Pizza is returning to Norwalk.

"We're very excited," said store co-owner Melissa Tansey. "Norwalk was an area available for expanding and we are eager to grow."

The store is located at 201 Milan Ave. in the Norwalk Korners Plaza.

Little Caesars had operated a Norwalk store years ago.

A story with more details, including when the restaurant will open, was published in Saturday's Reflector.



Thats all we need, another Pizza place.


I've been following your posts going back a few years. I live in Milan and saw your id and figured you were a Milanite. A few years back when the gas station and Invention opened you had negative comments about them as well. Are you anti-small business? If so, please educate the rest of us as to how we are going to grow our local economies. Is our benevolent leader going to look upon the Milan and Norwalk communities and provide us the jobs we desperately need? People are trying to better their lives by starting small businesses and providing jobs for others in their community and you have done nothing but bash them. Have you bought any gas/pop etc. at the gas station in Milan? Have you ate at the Invention? I'm sure you haven't...probably go to Circle K and McDonald's to save a few pennies. By the way, who care if it takes some of the business from another pizza shop? It will be employing people that currently are not employed and as a commenter said below, if you got a better idea start your OWN business and give them living wages and bennies. I await your response

chicken noodle

Why would someone that uses a Milan zip code for a user name complain about a business opening up in another town? Zippy I'm willing to bet the farm you don't even live in Milan but must live in Norwalk so you might want to change your name. And, I'm willing to bet you'll be there filling your Big belly with Lil Ceasers.


EVen IF they live in Milan doesn't mean they work there. , Usernames are just that ...Is your real name chicken or noodle ??

See what I mean. Just like everyone always assumes I was born in '83.. I was not.


pizza cravin is the best in town with new owners!!why did they not get any free news paper adds?


ads, not adds.....newspaper, not news paper


B*tchin' about a new tax payin' employer in town eh Zippy?


i worked at the original pizza place by fire station and the stuff they serve now is like fast food and dont even taste the same


Mmmmmmmm I can't wait! Hope its as good as I remember.


I have to say that I agree with 44846GWP. Norwalk doesn't need ANOTHER Pizza Place; and while Contango has a point about tax income-the jobs provided will be minimal(since according to their website, they no longer offer delivery)and if their food is anything like the ones in Ashland and Sandusky-I can see why their pizzas are only $5. We need a new "Sit Down Restauarant"-since we lost Sugarcreek. You can only eat at Casa Fiesta or Bob Evans so many times-especially when you look out the window at Bob Evans and see Rednecks having "Relations" in a truck in the parking lot.


How are you able to say Little Caesars has bad food. Then say Sugarcreek is a loss. Sugarcreek closing was a blessing. That was h0rrible food, and service.

Cliff Cannon

@ whopper2011: Just getting a plug in here for Berry's,Uptown Cafe,Peking House,Chef's Market,Star Diner and Beraradi's since they all are local 'sit-down' restauraunt's with really good food


ROLFLMAO!! Redneck Relations...sounds like a soap opera or a dating service.


Still, sumpthin' is better that nuthin'. Glad to see that someone brought some hard money to this gradually failing hamlet.

IMO, outside of Chicago, IL all "pizza" is just ketchup on a cracker anyway.

Gotta love the liberal whiners like Zippy. Why don't they open up a biz and pay all those "living wages" with great bennies that they're always yippin’ about?


Oh Winnie, there you go again. All it will do is take biz away from one of the other 600 pizza places in town. It won't help anything. Dope.


Other than b*tchin' about someone who has the guts to go into business, ya got nuthin' Zippy.

So when are you hiring people and paying those "living wages" with great bennies?

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: " ketchup on a cracker?" You Chicagioans sure are snooty 'bout your pizza's. Worse,Chicagioan's are darn near as uppity 'bout their pizza's as New Yorkers are about their potato knishe's. And we all know how snooty New Yorkers can be :)


@ Cliff Cannon:

Ain't nothin' "snooty" about a stuffed pizza from Lou Malnati's or Giordano's - it's TASTY.

N'Yorkers think that their pizza is better; they're wrong. :)


We also have Berry's, the chinese places and Uptown Cafe to sit down at eat at :-)

Dr. Information

It's amazing that people will complain about a new business opening up. If you don't like it....don't eat there. Damn morons these days, always complaining.

Swamp Fox

Best pizza is New York style, the Chicago crap is like eating a biscuit drenched in sauce. Welcome any new business and people willing to invest in Norwalk, tried their "hot and ready" not bad considering the price and convenience.


@ Swamp Fox:

You write that NY style is best and then go on to write that LC's is "not bad"?

You get an "F" in pizza. :)


Glad to see someone giving Norwalk a chance..Welcome and good luck!!


Wow. People complain about businesses leaving town and then people complain when another opens up. Don't forget about the new business coming in to the old big lots store. I'm sure you will all complain about that one too. Too many whiners around here. Just shut up and be happy that they are coming in at all with all the complaining biotches around here.

swiss family

I am happy to see any business coming into town.. it means jobs and taxes.... it also offers an affordable choice for pizza... I got one of the $5.00 pizzas last week, and was surprised at how good it was....I would support them over Papa Johns, who said he will fire or lay off hundreds of employees because of "Obamacare" when he himself said he could avoid their firings by charging an extra .15 cents per pizza!!!!and he is a Businessman?????.. And to anyone who is unhappy about another pizza shop in town, and who so clearly sees what Norwalk needs.... take a chance .. if you put in the ideal place that you think Norwalk needs , you might be right, and business might be great, and you might end up rich.. it is a free market after all, it is NOT the City or the Government that brings in and opens a business.. it is people that see the need... like you.... good luck..


44846GWP would rather have the status quo remain, no new jobs and more people on the government dole. He is anti small business, unless the government creates the jobs in our communities "Hey, you didn't build that, you didn't make that happen." The only way we our going to grow out way out of this is by real people creating new businesses and employing our neighbors and growing our tax base, not by bashing those that are actually willing to take a risk by improving their lot in life.

Dr. Information

@fromthe..... Spot on. This person always complains about everything even when something good like this happens. I too hope this person is enjoying his government check while it lasts.


Actually, Caleb Melby from Forbes ran the numbers and says it will cost Papa Johns about 3.8 to 4.6 cents/pizza to be in compliance with Obamacare. I would gladly pay an extra nickel for my meal so that the workers could have health care....if I actually ate that crap.

But hey, Republicans are smart. They will always try to make personal gain from a perceived political failing. Is that why Papa Johns stock price has fallen about 9% the last couple weeks? Oh wait maybe that is because of the class action lawsuit against them for illegal unsolicited text messages to people that could cost the company $250 million.

That class action lawsuit could cost them way more than the CEO could ever dream of Obamacare costing him. And that 9% drop in stock price hits him in the pocketbook pretty good when you see he owns 6 million shares of his own company. Obamacare is chump change compared to his other problems.


@ buckeye15:

Typical Progressive with a loose pepperoni. Hoping PJ's business is bad?

Hey! Maybe they can go outa business and the employees can join Pres. Obama's cash and prizes give-aways and become good little Democrat useful idiots?

The Mkt. has fallen about 6% since Mr. Obama's re-election - so what?

BTW: (PZZA) is up 28% YOY.


@contango.......just realize who you are dealing with in the argument. Its a losing battle. Obamacare and its hikes in everything that are coming will be blamed on the Republicans, Bush...etc. Same old song and dance. BTW buckeye, the founder of PJ's only owns like 21% of the company, PJ's is a publicly held stock with "investors" owning the other 79%.

Gotta love jealous people. If you can't succeed like them.....bash em!