9-year-old boy LifeFlighted after being struck by truck in alcohol-related accident

Boy darted into the roadway; 74-year-old driver hit him, and troopers say alcohol is a factor in crash.
Aaron Krause
Nov 15, 2012


A 9-year-old boy was seriously injured when he darted into the roadway and was struck by a pick-up truck on Columbus Avenue near Lytle Street in Fostoria. The crash occurred about 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

Mavin Hamilton, 9, of Fostoria, was transported by Fostoria Fire Department to Fostoria Hospital and later air lifted to Toledo Hospital with life-threatening injuries. A woman who answered the phone at the hospital said the facility does not release patient conditions.

The 2006 Dodge Dakota Pick-up was driven by George Tucker, 74, of Fostoria. Tucker was not injured during the crash and the vehicle was towed by Reinhart's Towing.

The 2006 Dodge truck was headed southeast on Columbus Avenue when Mavin Hamilton ran southwest across Columbus Avenue. Hamilton ran out from behind a building and was struck in the middle of the roadway.

Fostoria Police, Fire and EMS responded to the scene and assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol Fremont Post with the investigation. Ohio State Highway Patrol reconstruction assisted at the scene and the crash remains under investigation.

Alcohol is believed to be involved in the crash, and charges are pending.







poor kid. i hope he is ok. people need to make sure their kids no how important it is to watch for traffic.


Alcohol is believed to be involved in the crash!!!! Was the boy under the influence which that is what caused him to run out from behind a building into the street. Or was the driver of the truck under the influence. Either way it should not be the drivers fault. Even if the driver was not under the influence the crash would probably still happened. I do hope the boy is ok don't get me wrong there but it should be stated who had the alcohol.


@Diesel.....as much as you want to make sense you don't. How many 9 year olds are you reading about daily that are out boozing it up? Of course they are talking about the driver being under the influence. Common sense made that a real clear assumption for me when I read this article. Also, alcohol slows down ones reaction time when operating anything. You can't argue that, its a fact. If this man was found to be drunk or intoxicated, charges will be coming his way for sure, you can count on that. If he wasn't intoxicated and or speeding and this happened, more than likely nothing would of come about it. The main factor here is alcohol and driving and you will lose that battle each and every time.