Commissioners might add employees

County has been forced to get work done with less people than desired.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 19, 2012


The Huron County commissioners are looking forward to receiving some solid budget numbers Tuesday.

Commissioner Gary Bauer said Auditor Roland Tkach should have the budget numbers ready by then.

Commissioner Joe Hintz said the commissioners' office has led by example when it comes to getting work done, with less people, but that might change soon.

To find out more, read the story published in Monday's Reflector.



Wanna bet they hire Silcox for some cushy job?


Since he proved so good at digging himself a hole, maybe he can be the new county ditch digger.


They just need to make the ones they got work?It took them about 100 man hours to fix there own side walks! IT was a 40 man hour job!!county has some hard working men but about 40% need to retire!start with c-e


Is the rainy day fund adequately financed?

Is the HCC prepared for the the next inevitable round of fiscal austerity?


I think it would be helpful if we saw a listing of the tasks that aren't getting done.

Brock Lee

wernt they broke months ago