Silcox demands public apology

Election night antics anger lame duck county commissioner.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 16, 2012


It's no real secret the relationship between outgoing Huron County Commissioner Larry Silcox and the sheriff's office has been strained.

But Silcox said Thursday at least one deputy crossed the line on election night, Nov. 6, by blasting cruiser lights and sirens in front of his home on Rosedale Boulevard after election results were in and it was apparent Tom Dunlap would defeat Silcox.

Silcox said Thursday he'd like a public apology from the sheriff's office.

"It was totally inappropriate and juvenile," he said. "It was about 11 p.m."

Silcox said the cruiser was one of the new Dodge's.

Sheriff Dane Howard said Thursday he was aware of the alleged incident and made inquiries throughout the office.

Howard said if the event took place, he has not discovered who might be the culprit.

The sheriff added 11 p.m. is a shift change for deputies.

"At this point, let's just assume that it happened," Howard said. "I don't condone that sort of behavior and it is very unprofessional and childish.

"But remember, Mr. Silcox and Mr. Dunlap live almost right next door to each other," Howard added. "I think if someone was blowing horns it was more in celebration for Tom Dunlap. There was a gathering that night at Mr. Dunlap's and many people were blowing horns.

"The same thing happened to me when I was first elected," Howard continued. "Someone came by blowing a horn at 3 a.m."

Howard added he's not going to spend "hours and hours" investigating this matter, but said Thursday he would make further inquiries.

"If someone comes forward I will discipline them," he said, adding the deputy will receive a write-up.

"Again, I'm not condoning this action, but Mr. Silcox has not done a great job in fostering a relationship with the deputies here," the sheriff said, adding a deputy could have been caught up in the moment or been a little excited.

Sheriff's Capt. Ted Patrick was at Dunlap's on election night.

Patrick said horns blaring is not unusual during certain events.

"I was there," he said about Dunlap's get-together. "Horns were blaring" he said in support of Dunlap.

Patrick also said horns blare and lights are activated for successful athletic teams and often times when an officer gets married.



Given how Silcox has created so much animosity between himself and the Sheriffs dept. is any one surprised that That someone might of taunted Silcox?
Might be a reason to issue a reprimand, but little more to the Officer.
Silcox owes the whole County an apology for the way he has operated as a Commissioner.

Alford Plea

What is Mr. Silcox getting at? Surly he is not questioning the integrity of the Sheriff's Office? I am sure, if this would have happened, any deputy who took an oath in such a position would have been honest about it. Perhaps Mr. Silcox should apologize for his slanderous claims.

Lillie Chaos


Now, will get in trouble for questioning Sheriff's office. They are an entity unto themselves without regard to the rest of us lowly pesky tax payers.


DEMANDING an apology? Give me a break. I hear that Larry is planning a comeback in 2014, intending to run in place of Hintz. Well, the opposition is already planning their strategy and will have a very worthy candidate to run for that slot. Larry needs to find a new line of work.


Thinker - I agree with you 110%. Enough of Silcox!

Whistling in th...

I agree with Capt. Patrick. I have seen police cars escorting team buses in the past. So what is wrong with using them to make a political statement?

Lillie Chaos

@ Whistling
Escorting buses and political statements are apples and oranges. Buses are full of happy kids celebrating and a little security is a good thing in that instance. Political statements are for adults who should be capable of showing some discretion. Maybe we just have an impulsive "kid" working for the Sheriff. Too much drama for too little substance.


Really? This guy needs to grow up a bit. Who cares if they did this or not and if it was intended toward him or not. Take your loss like a man and move on.


Its amazing how two sided most posters are. Grip one minute because they don't drive down your road (which, by the way, how do you know they don't....unless you are standing outside 24 hours a day?), grip that you think they aren't doing their job trying to bust drug dealers, yet everyday there are arrests made. Grip that you think they shouldn't have a new cruiser or two, or hire a new officer or two, but on the other hand grip because you don't think they are doing a good enough job.

Im willing to bet most of you do not pick up the Sheriff's monthly report (not the one in the paper) that shows all the calling and activity. They are pretty much constantly answering calls. Whether it be for a suspicious car or person, to the many break-ins that happen daily....they are busy. You people cannot have it both ways. You cannot cut back on this department, yet want better service. This isn't Hostess. With less officers on the road, patrolling less, they aren't going to get as much done.

Im not saying there shouldn't be checks and balances, because there should. However, the drug movement and activity around this area has increased 10 fold over the last 10 years. Has our Sheriff's department increased 10 fold as well? No. Just some food for thought.

Lillie Chaos

@ Aarn. YES, I am outside pretty much most daylight hours. NO, I do not know what a Sheriff's monthly report is. If it is available to the public why am I not aware? Is it some inside knowledge not meant for the average taxpayer? I would most certainly be interested in seeing it along with the budget. I am just a lowly long time tax payer who is not happy. I do not think running a siren on Rosedale is a big deal.....and I wish they were out and around more then maybe I would feel safe again. They can make all the noise and flash all the lights they want. You want to talk about break ins? I know first hand about break ins. I know about having someone walk in your house in broad daylight. I have first hand experience of the increase of criminal activity and the need for active law enforcement. According to public info available we do have the largest force and budgeting in a four county area. Cutting back on the visible deterrent has only moved the drug activity to the rural area. I know a few deputies personally and I know they are credible dependable individuals. They follow the rules and do what they have to do by direction of the Sheriff. That is exactly why I supported Tom Dunlap and have great hopes for positive change. Borgia (way before your time), Dunlap and Sutherland taught me that a deputy was a welcomed sight--a friend out there you could depend on. Not just a gun and a badge. Times sure have changed--would be nice to see some aspects return.

Lillie Chaos

And another come on a public forum using your real name with such a superior attitude certainly says a lot for your thought process. I won't be bullied.