Silcox demands public apology

Election night antics anger lame duck county commissioner.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 16, 2012


It's no real secret the relationship between outgoing Huron County Commissioner Larry Silcox and the sheriff's office has been strained.

But Silcox said Thursday at least one deputy crossed the line on election night, Nov. 6, by blasting cruiser lights and sirens in front of his home on Rosedale Boulevard after election results were in and it was apparent Tom Dunlap would defeat Silcox.

Silcox said Thursday he'd like a public apology from the sheriff's office.

"It was totally inappropriate and juvenile," he said. "It was about 11 p.m."

Silcox said the cruiser was one of the new Dodge's.

Sheriff Dane Howard said Thursday he was aware of the alleged incident and made inquiries throughout the office.

Howard said if the event took place, he has not discovered who might be the culprit.

The sheriff added 11 p.m. is a shift change for deputies.

"At this point, let's just assume that it happened," Howard said. "I don't condone that sort of behavior and it is very unprofessional and childish.

"But remember, Mr. Silcox and Mr. Dunlap live almost right next door to each other," Howard added. "I think if someone was blowing horns it was more in celebration for Tom Dunlap. There was a gathering that night at Mr. Dunlap's and many people were blowing horns.

"The same thing happened to me when I was first elected," Howard continued. "Someone came by blowing a horn at 3 a.m."

Howard added he's not going to spend "hours and hours" investigating this matter, but said Thursday he would make further inquiries.

"If someone comes forward I will discipline them," he said, adding the deputy will receive a write-up.

"Again, I'm not condoning this action, but Mr. Silcox has not done a great job in fostering a relationship with the deputies here," the sheriff said, adding a deputy could have been caught up in the moment or been a little excited.

Sheriff's Capt. Ted Patrick was at Dunlap's on election night.

Patrick said horns blaring is not unusual during certain events.

"I was there," he said about Dunlap's get-together. "Horns were blaring" he said in support of Dunlap.

Patrick also said horns blare and lights are activated for successful athletic teams and often times when an officer gets married.



You people amaze me, you really need to pay better attention to your county services. Mr. Silcox held a watchful eye on your tax money as Sheriff Howard continually tried to pad his already over inflated budget of 4.1 to 4.7 million dollars. Howard is responsible for how he spends his budget. Similar sized counties have a million or so less in their budget than Howard does yet they are not constantly claiming they are short-staffed or asking other county departments for their funds.

Since Silcox wasn't afraid of Howard and did not always cave in to Howards demands, Howard and his minions and union friends successfully backed Dunlap who may or may not help Howards budget next year.

This newspaper reported that Rosedale residents complained about the unprofessionalism of the cruiser in their neighborhood. I find it disgusting that they don't know who it was, that is Bull!

Mr. Silcox served this county well. I hope Mr. Dunlap does the same and doesn't turn over more of our tax money to someone who doesn't allocate it properly.

By the way, ask around about how many Sheriff employees have been jumping ship lately and how many of the long-time "buddies" are no longer publicly backing him.

Lillie Chaos

@Clarence I voted for Dane Howard because the sheriff's deputies were backing him. That was back in the day when we saw some protection and felt some degree of interest and protection from that department. I voted for Tom Dunlap because he was out on the roads HIMSELF when he was sheriff. You would actually see him and we were kept informed of his department's efforts and accomplishments. I do not remember him constantly whining for more money nor do I remember the bad PR. He proved to be a reliable competent person who cared about his county residents. Politics aside I am sincerely hoping for a change.


I was referring to D. Howard as constantly whining for more money, not Dunlap. My only concern about Dunlap winning is how close he is to Howard and whether he will hand over more funds. Dunlap and the rest of you will realize there is no money to spare; although, in the last 4 years Sheriff's employees received a 9 percent raise.

jack langhals

As you all by now what my views are on most things.In all fairness I see Dane is at most Big Trouble Spots.As far as Tom always being in his corner,it usually takes all the comm to agree,doesn't it?I do agree, I think Mr.Silcox was doing his job as he saw it to be in the best interest of the Tax Payer.If he were only doing it for the money,he sure wouldn't have put himself in controversy.

Sitting In The ...

Big Trouble Spots? not sure what you meant there and have you already forgotten how our "sheriff" got them all to "agree"?. The Sheriff got his nemesis out of office and elected his friend what both men forgot was this county broke and lastly when was the last time there was an article involving the HCSO where they actually did some police work?.

I vote for the success of huron county:

jack langhals

That is the way we all should !


As funny as this is it's still unprofessional and if the Sheriff cant figure out who it was he has no business being the Sheriff. Look into it, ID the Deputy and give him his write up.

Cliff Cannon

@ Dusty: Truer words were never written. ( And who say's blogging isn't productive ?) Bet you, a plug nickel SheriFF Howard does exactly what you wrote. After all,not only could Barney Fife figure out who did it. Much, to Mr. Silcox's chagrin,the deputy who get's the 'write-up' will wear it as a "badge of honor" to be joked about. And don't that stink ?

P.S. Still,don't make it classy


Highly underestimating is what got Silcox thrown out of office. Arrogance doesn't get you far as Larry is now seeing. I don't consider someone who allows the county's emergency vehicle fleet to fall apart smart or thrifty. The #1 priority is the protection of the citizens in the county. It's time the rest of the county benefit and receive the adequate law enforcement protection it deserves.

Lillie Chaos

I have great hopes of Tom Dunlap being able to influence this sheriff to provide a better functioning department. Why is a patrol car protecting Rosedale Avenue? We don't have funds to protect the county in a proper fashion or put a dent in the drug war yet we can engage in celebrating the election results on county time? We can catch a druggie if her dad is reporting her activities to the sheriff's office as the bank contacts him because she is trying to cash his checks? Wooo Hoooo great police work. Must have been an slow night at the Huron County Hotel and that officer was not needed to run room service. I know what you are thinking as you read this "sour grapes"comment: "Darn pesky tax payers!"


Everyone pretty much knew that Silcox was going to lose, but this act was completely uncalled for. I voted for Dunlap and am glad that he won, but the lack of respect by the employee that did this was wrong. Plain and simple.


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I personally would have been livid if I lived on Rosedale and sirens and horns were blowing at 11 at night. This is something that I would have called the cops about not expected the cops to be doing. Its rude and unprofessional. Everyone on that street deserves an apology.


Let it go, move on, you LOST, Get over it


..."Mr. Silcox and Mr. Dunlap live almost right next door to each other," Howard added...."

Silcox and Dunlap live 5 to 6 houses apart on separate sides of the streets (via auditor's mapping). Other Rosedale residents reported it. Why you making this all about Silcox? There is no excuse for a COUNTY vehicle to be in the CITY limits burning rubber and using lights/sirens. It is unprofessional and inexcusable. There is absolutely no excuse for not punishing the offender and for the Sheriff to make excuses is typical. You people don't know the half of what goes on out there, the only press you see out of that office is positive news, nothing else.


We were on Rosedale Tuesday night waiting for a repoter to show up. I neither heard or saw any of this going on and I was right there. As far as Dane having Tom in his hip pocket to keep doling out money, you obviously do not know either of these men.
Last time I checked, Norwalk was in Huron County and deputies have jurisdiction.

Lillie Chaos

@ NL Mom

You are absolutely right. I am in jurisdiction of the county too and I would love to see a deputy go down my road. I would give them a big ol' Hello and be absolutely thrilled to see them. They can blow their horn and flash their lights and I would never complain.

Sitting In The ...

The most interesting portion of your comment was when you said "We were waiting for a reporter to show up" hmmm.....I wonder where you could of been? and I find it absolutely incredible that you saw nothing...what a shocker. Remember not everyone in Huron County is a moron.

Now The Rest of...

Its unfortunate that so many either forgot or didn't know why Dunlap was a one term sheriff. My guess in four years the voters will have buyers remorse and correct this mistake.


why would sheriff howard look into this matter his boy got elected and considering there is only three of the dodge chargers and one belongs to a transport officer that only leaves two left so i am sure it isn't hard to figure out who it was however this is the immaturity sheriff howard condones at his dept. i like the quote of hours and hours into this investigation step away from the buffet for three seconds hold some responsibility. you and dunlap are made for each other. you are a waste of county money and time.


Mr. Silcox it was me. My guilt won't allow me to sleep any more. I'm so sorry.

Cliff Cannon

@ kURTje : You da' man


The trouble with all of you bloggers is you take something as stupid as this and make a moutain out of it but gloss over issues that are important to the local economy, and county residents. It's very easy to critisize from the sidelines. Face the facts, Silcox was a poor Deputy, and an ever poorer administrator. As a County Commissioner You have to able to get along and to understand that at times compromise is necessary. Silcox would do neither. In the end it was his arrogance and his black bag, behind the scenes politics that was his downfall. He got exactly what he deserved and now he is whining.


This is NOT a blog this is a comment section. Period.

Get it right!

Sitting In The ...

Thanks Rosco, we kind of figured you would condone Enos's antics. You are suppose to lead by example and you want to be taken seriously when you have no problem with a tax-payer funded vehicle being used by someone employed by our tax dollars to commit a criminal offense. You might know it as harassment.

Sitting In The ...

A sheriff deputy was at Dunlap's house? was he on duty at the time?. Sheriff not everyone on your department was on shift change and I highly doubt anyone going to step up and admit it considering it was probably your idea. Remember Sheriff the vehicles used by your department are easily identifiable. Did no one tell you it says Sheriff in Yellow letters on the side?. So they were celebrating Boss Hogg election but why not in front of Dunlap's?


I think Mr Silcox should offer an apology to the citizens of Huron County for snapping one off in the Sheriff every chance he got.


I wouldn't be surprised if the newspaper didn't inflate this article just for the drama...The Norwalk Rejector is known for doing just that. I believe very little of what I read in it.

Sitting In The ...

I would say check the dash cam in the Dodge Chargers but I'm sure that has mysterious been deleted.