Silcox demands public apology

Election night antics anger lame duck county commissioner.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 16, 2012


It's no real secret the relationship between outgoing Huron County Commissioner Larry Silcox and the sheriff's office has been strained.

But Silcox said Thursday at least one deputy crossed the line on election night, Nov. 6, by blasting cruiser lights and sirens in front of his home on Rosedale Boulevard after election results were in and it was apparent Tom Dunlap would defeat Silcox.

Silcox said Thursday he'd like a public apology from the sheriff's office.

"It was totally inappropriate and juvenile," he said. "It was about 11 p.m."

Silcox said the cruiser was one of the new Dodge's.

Sheriff Dane Howard said Thursday he was aware of the alleged incident and made inquiries throughout the office.

Howard said if the event took place, he has not discovered who might be the culprit.

The sheriff added 11 p.m. is a shift change for deputies.

"At this point, let's just assume that it happened," Howard said. "I don't condone that sort of behavior and it is very unprofessional and childish.

"But remember, Mr. Silcox and Mr. Dunlap live almost right next door to each other," Howard added. "I think if someone was blowing horns it was more in celebration for Tom Dunlap. There was a gathering that night at Mr. Dunlap's and many people were blowing horns.

"The same thing happened to me when I was first elected," Howard continued. "Someone came by blowing a horn at 3 a.m."

Howard added he's not going to spend "hours and hours" investigating this matter, but said Thursday he would make further inquiries.

"If someone comes forward I will discipline them," he said, adding the deputy will receive a write-up.

"Again, I'm not condoning this action, but Mr. Silcox has not done a great job in fostering a relationship with the deputies here," the sheriff said, adding a deputy could have been caught up in the moment or been a little excited.

Sheriff's Capt. Ted Patrick was at Dunlap's on election night.

Patrick said horns blaring is not unusual during certain events.

"I was there," he said about Dunlap's get-together. "Horns were blaring" he said in support of Dunlap.

Patrick also said horns blare and lights are activated for successful athletic teams and often times when an officer gets married.



Come on Silcox...grow up! You would of been tooting your own horn had you won. Don't waste time or money investigating something like this when there are more important things to worry about.


Hahahaha! What's really bothering you Mr. Silcox? No longer collecting the $55,000 commisioner salary? No longer covered by county health insurnace probably worth another $15,000? Or both?


With all of the dirty little tricks that have been pulled and nasty little rumors that have been spread, and you want an apology? No wonder I've heard the nickname "Mr. Silly-cox." Heaven help us.


I heard the car also did a burn out :)


Silcox grow up!take it like a man!!Howard takes care of his click!to bad J+L was not in it? Lets see if Dunlap will give Howard a blank check?


What a sore loser.. grow up.. you are being very childish. No one is going to give you a "public apology".


Besides that Mr. Silcox, did you even bother to walk down to Tom's house and congratulate the man on his win? No, you chose to hide in your house. And another thing, that road is a boulevard and cars were parked everywhere, just where did someone have room to do a "burn out"? Captain Patrick was there, he would never have tolerated a deputy being out of line.I am quite sure he would have been on the phone with dispatch.

Brock Lee

get over it looser

Now The Rest of...

"blasting cruiser lights and sirens in" Why is a public safety vehicle being used for this purpose and where is the command and control by King Dane, oh I forgot his command staff was celebrating his hand picked lackey Dumblap being elected.


Nothing like going out like a whiney, sore loser! Grow up take your beating like a man and walk on. You are just making yourself look like an idiot now.

jack langhals

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Really? "Libs" are the ones who respond nasty? You mean just like when there are secession petitions in 50 states because Republicans lost a Presidential election? You can't get anymore unamerican/unpatriotic or "nasty" than that. A bunch of Benedict Arnold cry babies looking to cut and run when they don't get their extreme views validated. And yes, "gun totin' christians" need not apply. Moral Christians, of course are welcome. However, gun totin' pretty much goes against all the ideals that Jesus (new testament) preached and strived to change within the Christian religion.


P.S. Jackie Boy, I would reconsider putting your real name on here. Now everyone can assign a face to your ignorance.

jack langhals

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jack langhals

So if you are a Christian and have a permit to carry you are not welcome?I consider my self a moral Christian so I can not, and would not belong to a party of abortionist's.The election was not lost, it was bought with phones an welfare in the amount of $60,0000 value on the average.fraudulent voting machines in Florida,Chicago and 99% for Bozo in Cuyahoga County where they have 180,000 Indys,lost 38,000 Dems and gained 38,000 Repubs.The thing I will never understand, this is your country as well ours,why don't you want to stop the take over of your schools,and your life by this corrupt government.The man is raised Communist,a Muslim Sympathizer, admitted in speeches and how can you be a moral Christian and be an abortion supporter to birth ?There is no such thing.The petitions our to save this country from take over from the Muslim Enemy.Are you aware they need to kill the infidel,that is you to get to their virgins in heaven.They are the fastest growing religion in this country and in 20 years,if we survive they will rule.London is becoming a Muslim city.A judge in Arizona just ruled in favor of honor abuse of a nineteen year old by her parent's because of their stupid law.You obviously aren't a veteran,or you could not support an Adm. that goes against all the Christian Principals we gave our youth for.Now even you will have to admit, if a Republican Delegate had made those statements above, the News Media would still be hammering on it .


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You got it, Jack! All us darn "Libs" are just out there burning Bibles and killing any babies that stand in our way of burning bibles, every chance we get. But yes, I would admit that the media would have skewered a Repub that said those statements above. So thank God they're only from chain emails from Rush's Outlook Express Contact List and are rudimentary false. Also, what's wrong with being a "Muslim" supporter. Isn't the United States founded on freedom of religion? I mean, with the whole Revolutionary War and what not...


Hey, Philbert....wanna come over and burn some Bibles, end capitalism, and increase the # of abortions??? Man, that sounds like a ton of fun, don't ya think? <---- Sarcasm

Remember when Republicans were just normal people with different ideas?


Hey Kal-El, that sounds... "Super"


Hey Kal-El, that sounds... "Super"

jack langhals

By the way, that interview with that delegate was done by one of your Greatest
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So Obama has the country divided 50/50? Sure it's not Romney? You are a complete idiot and a buffoon. No I am not a lib. I am also not a whiner such as yourself. Stop all your bitching and take your lumps like a man. So tired of seeing all you whiners on here.


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Showing your biases there Philbert.
The liberals have been gutting the Constitution for decades. Whether Republican or Democrat.
The Current holder of the Presidential Office is the most liberal yet and he'll end up pushing us into a civil war.
The Constitution guarantees freedom of, not from religion. That means the government can not institute a state religion which was still fairly common in the time the Constitution was written.
The Revolution was fought over TAXATION and the first battle was at Lexington and Concord when the British went to seize guns there.
Seizing guns will lead to the next one because people will not hash it out in courts when Obama's anti-gun laws/executive orders come out.


Now stop Propman, you're presenting factual evidence that the Libbies can't refute, and it confuses them. :)


The constitution does guarantee freedom of religion. This also means people are free not to have one. It also guarantees a separation of church and state, but too many people seem to forget that.
The problem with republicans is that they think since most of them are religious, everyone should be. The problem with democrats is that because a lot of them aren't religious they think no one should be. The problem with both parties is that they let religion into the political arena at all.
Not to make anyone here mad, but I am a liberal and not very religious. I have a lot of friends that are though, and we don't have a problem. I respect their beliefs, even if we don't share them.
Maybe if more people and groups could be more accepting, and understanding of a different view, we could accomplish something and make this a better place to live. Thats how we were once, seems like a long time ago.

swiss family

sorry Jack.. but you are not seeing the big picture.... the election was LOST by the Republicans and will continue to be losing because they do not realize or will not accept the reality and the truth...

In past elections, all of the "minorities" stood alone.. and because they were minorities, they had little to no power against the "White, corporate rich people who have made the laws that have shaken the foundation of America, many times.. Even the Republican was recorded saying that he does not care about the 47% , which is filled with minorities of all kinds.. It used to be that the Blacks were discriminated against and no one stood with them in the injustice that was taking place.. The same cane be said for the Women, the Jews, The Native Americans, the Asians< the Same Sex couples , the Elderly, the Poor etc... But miraculously this year I think it was because of the total outrage of catching the Republican candidate turning his nose up, and not even worrying about nearly half of the country, that they decided to show that they are equal to any other American, and that they have a voice and a vote, and will stand strong from now on when any of the mistreated minorities are called out...

This is the truth of this election... the "Gifts" that you infer that were given out were"gifts" that these people should have had all along.. because they are "Respect,and Tolerance, and compassion" that they finally decided to claim for themselves and to claim for all of the other discriminated Americans were facing as well.

I would just like to say one thing about your vocal-ness about Abortion and how it is "murder"I think you are missing the point... I do not know of anyone who would call themselves "Pro Abortion" as in going to a maternity ward and protesting and trying to convince the soon to be Mothers to abort their babies.I think the real issue is ...should anyone, including the Government have toe right to tell a free American what they can and can not do with their bodies....if it is a sin, then that is between them and their God and he/she will deal with that in time...but you can not believe logically that any child will have a chance of having a good life, even a mediocre life if the Mother is forced to have it even though it is not wanted..... I also think that all of the people who are shouting the loudest about how the baby should be allowed to live, If they have NOT adopted any babies is a hypocrite... Actions not only speak louder than words, but are also but words without actions are meaningless....and please tell me that you would adopt, but it is not in your plan right now, or you couldn't do it financially right now, or that you are struggling by yourself right now, and would only be harmful to the baby and the entire family to get them right now....Because those are the exact same reasons that people do have abortions.. not that they want to necessarily, but because it isn't a good time for them to do anything different, which is your excuse as my opinuion


Well Lame duck - Maybe it was one of the airport supporters who used their horns. We tried to tell you that the public was tired of your BS. I'm sure you can find some solice from someone, but it won't be in this county. I hear Billy might need some parking attendants this summer, but wait it's well below even the minimum wage, and there is no health insurance.


You highly overestimate airport support, I would say more than 80 percent of the county would just as soon see it drop outta sight.

Mr. Silcox lost because he held tight on to the county's purse strings everytime the Sheriff cried wolf and also basically because Dunlap and Howard are attached at the hip.


Hey Silcox, grow a pair and accept your defeat like a man