Cop overhears banging noise, arrests break-in suspect

Gibson arrests Gibson in Greenwich.
Cary Ashby
Nov 17, 2012


Maybe if he hadn't been so loud, the police officer wouldn't have arrested him.

Of course, police said the suspect, Jeffrey P. Gibson, 37, of 2 E. Main St., Greenwich, was making a racket in the victimized business -- which is across the street from the police station.

Greenwich Police Officer Aaron Gibson was on-duty at 3:35 a.m. Wednesday. He was getting out of his cruiser at the station when he heard several banging noises across the street at Kwik Kleen Car Wash 44 Main St., Greenwich. Gibson isn't related to the suspect.

"We've kidded him about it, but there's no relation," Chief Steve Dorsey said.

As Gibson approached the change machine in front of the business, Gibson said he saw it shake each time he "heard the loud 'bang' noise." The officer determined someone was inside, attempting to break into the machine.

The officer knocked on the door several times and announced who he was. Gibson warned the suspect, who he heard rummaging around inside, that he'd force the door open if the suspect didn't open it.

"The subject opened the door. ... I advised the subject at gunpoint to place both hands in the air with (his) palms open and not to move. Then I moved the subject from the room and placed him against the wall of the bay to pat him down for weapons," the officer wrote in his report.

During the pat-down, Gibson reported seeing a long-neck Phillips screwdriver sticking out of the suspect's right pants pocket. The officer also said he found a Marvin Memorial Library card and four quarters in the man's pocket and saw "a metal crowbar laying next to the open door inside the building." Police later determined the crowbar doesn't belong to the business owner.

Gibson escorted the handcuffed suspect to the station, where he contacted Dorsey to assist him with an interview.

After being given his Miranda Rights, the suspect, Jeffrey Gibson, said he used the screwdriver and library card to break into the building. He also said "he learned how to use the card to unlock the door from a television show," police said. Gibson later requested an attorney.

Gibson was charged with one count each of breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools. Each of the fifth-degree felonies are punishable by six to 12 months behind bars. The suspect was released Wednesday from the Huron County Jail after posting 10 percent of a $5,000 bond.



What a bright suspect LOL
Right across the street from the police station LOL

Alford Plea

Outstanding job Gibson (Officer Gibson).


Kudos, Officer Gibson.


Another candidate for "Americas Dumbest Criminals"..What a dork..Good job Officer Gibson..Glad you're not related :)..


That they're NOT related should go without saying! Great job, officer! Everyone goes home safely.


Hey cousin.. First "big" bust.. unlike traffic tickets.. a little action.. Haa haa.. Now you'l have alot to talk about for the next few months.. Haa Haa

Lillie Chaos

CARY ASHBY....good artical....good info.....good job Congratulations to the Greenwich force.


Agree! Loved the narrative! I will give "kudos" when due.... :-)


I think "truckin" must be related to the convict instead of the officer he sounds like a complete idiot... Keep up the good work Officer Gibson!


Dah. Aaron is my cousin.. The new (yr or 2) rookie cop. He has never patrolled anything but dead hrs in Greenwich and up by catawba, some sleepy village.

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swiss cheese kat

It really was a screwdriver in his pocket.

Sitting In The ...

Great job by officer Gibson and before you get to critical of him remember it not his fault this criminal mastermind evidently didn't realize A. there a police station across the street and B. it usually pretty quiet at 3:35 in the morning so your rampant stupidity might be more noticeable.

Sitting In The ...

BANG..BANG..BANG...almost there...BANG..BANG...Oh hello officer......No I wasn't trying to steal from this business I work here ....handcuffs clicking.


Sounds to me like Truckin' may have a little attitude problem with police in general. Somebody has to patrol the streets on graveyard shift. Thank God we have patrolman like Gibson willing to work these so called "boring" small towns to keep them boring!


You are completely wrong, many of my friends are local cops, chief of Norwalk my neighbor, state patrols old school mates, Aaron is my little cousin and yes he has been bored with his job because "no action" now he had some.. you are one clueless individual as to my comments???? stop trying to start something. What? you trying to be somebody? or have i just po'd you in the past. Maybe someone i used as a teen, what? what? Maybe just poor comprehensive ??