Troopers continue zero tolerance enforcement of seat belt law when motorists are stopped for other violations

Authorities estimate 363 lives were saved in Ohio as a direct result of motorists buckling-up.
Cary Ashby
Nov 15, 2012


There is simply no disputing that wearing a safety belt can save your life.

That is why the state Highway Patrol is encouraging all motorists to buckle up this upcoming holiday season and continue to do so throughout the New Year. Last year, more than 62 percent of the people killed on Ohio's roadways weren't wearing a safety belt.

"It's simple -- safety belts save lives and reduce injury in crashes," said Lt. Doug Hamman, commander of the Norwalk post. "It is the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself, your family and your friends."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 363 lives were saved in Ohio and 12,546 were saved nationwide in 2011 as a direct result of motorists buckling-up. Using a safety belt remains the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash.

Choosing to wear a safety belt is a personal choice and Ohio's safety belt compliance rate indicates that motorists are doing so more now than ever.

According to Ohio's 2011 Observational Seatbelt Survey, 84 percent of motorists were found to be in compliance with Ohio's safety belt law. This is nearly 20 percent higher than the 2000 usage rate. While these rates have steadily increased, far too many Ohioans still do not buckle-up.

Ohio's safety belt law remains a secondary violation, however troopers continue zero tolerance enforcement when motorists are stopped for other violations and are found to not be wearing their belt.

Last year, there were 936 safety belt violation convictions in Huron County.

Troopers ask that you wear your safety belt every time and insist that those who travel with you buckle up as well.

For a complete statistical analysis of safety belt violations, click on the link below.

The public is encouraged to call #677 to report impaired drivers and drug activity.


hit the road jack

How many were killed because they had to wear their seat belt? typical govt. blather,thats like saying that I saved 27 lives yesterday by driving like I was supposed to.


States receive Federal highway funds and in return must statistically prove through citations that they are enforcing seat belt laws or lose the funds.

One result of your Federal nanny state coercing the states with money.

what the eff

I can tell ya this...over the years...ive got out of at least a half dozen speeding violations by leaving my seat belt off when the officer approaches the window during a stop..Hey..they write the seat belt ticket and give ya a break on the speed....but its only a fine and no points and no insurance increase..just my experience..

hit the road jack

I wonder if you check with your insurance agent,if it shows on your record I'll bet your insurance co. will raise your rates because your "not safety minded" like they would choose you to be. My nephew drives truck and it does make a big difference to insurance co. if you get busted for no seat belt,something about their safety rating by the D.O.T. Not only that,the state if they write you a seat belt violation,they keep 100% of the ticket money versus the way they split up a speed violation ticket.


I was in a car wreck 15 yrs ago, doctor said not wearing my seatbelt saved my life. My arm went through the window and smahed into the pavement. Had I been wearing a seat belt, my head would have done that. Food for thought.


It's been proven over and over, you have a better chance of living in an accident if you have your seat belt on. If you want to lower the chance, then don't wear it. I don't care what anyone else does, I wear mine.

Dr. Information

Only an idiot would post that "not wearing a seatbelt" would save your life. Hahaha. Good god. No wonder this country is in such trouble.