Don't 'leaf' me alone

Former commissioner gives city the business on leaf pickup
Scott Seitz2
Nov 15, 2012


A former Huron County commissioner gave Norwalk city officials a piece of his mind Tuesday night regarding the city's leaf-pickup policy.

Ralph Fegley, of 181 Benedict Ave., said for 15 years, everything was fine when it came to the city picking up leaves during the fall.

But recently, things have changed. The arrangement now allows for only a one-day pickup, and mulched leaves won't be taken.

A story published in Thursday's Reflector tells what Fegley had to say and how officials responded.



well it looks like we are going to have multiple leaf pick ups as well as mulched leaf pick up,thanks rich folks


Why should the city put the bill for lazy citizens who can't rake up leaves and put them in a garbage bag? If you own a property that should be required in property upkeep.


The city isn't footing the bill. We are. This service is included in our taxes. Part of the reason city taxes are so high. We pay for the street sweepers, garbage clean up, yard waste clean up and a few other things. If we are paying for it to be done then it should be done right. They don't take leaves in the trash bags for some reason. There are many out there that can no longer rake their leaves due to age or disability so classifying all the people as lazy is pretty sloppy.


Take your mower, mulch them up, and let them lay.


Remember; do not put leaves on fire @ the curb. That's illegal.


Lol! Oops

jack langhals

Remember how nice they smelled when u were a kid?


Our town is referred to as the Maple City which I assumed was because of the large amount of maple trees of which, I have many. However at my age now, it is not easy for me to get rid of all the leaves and with only one pickup, the strip where leaves are placed, the grass underneath is dead in a week or two. Norwalk is becoming a unfriendly elderly persons place to own a home. Taxes go up and services go down.


Hj- I know of a local business that performs these services and he is very reasonable. Let me know if you want his number.


I would like that number, because I don't like to depend on my neighbors, which by the way are great people. However, they also do not like the one pickup either.


It's Norris lawn service and his number is 419-660-5200. He did ours and he was very reasonable.

former local

Are you people kidding me? I swear you would complain about anything. Norwalk is the only town I've ever lived in that offered this service. I have to not only rake my leaves, but take them to one city facility to dump them. You people should appreciate what you have!!!


Like I already stated- we are paying for this service in our taxes.


More than 1 leaf pick up would have been great.


More and better quality public services will need to be funded with higher taxes or service fees.

The city is telling ya: Be appreciative that ya get 'one' leaf pick-up.

In the fast approaching age of municipal austerity, leaf pick-up may become a luxury that no longer can be afforded.


Exactly Contago, another unintended result of SB5, cites are now on their own. No more money coming from the state, so the cities will have to do what they can do. Our state constitution mandates a balanced budget, so once they spend what they need to there will be no more monies coming to counties and municipalities. We have the same situation going on in DC, Dems and Unions say no cuts to SS, Medicare and Medicade...Rep say no increased taxes to the rich. How in the heck are we going to get out of the financial cliff if there is not a combination of both? Unfunded liabilities account for 120 trillion dollars (SS, Medicare, Medicaid), interest on our national debt is 456 billion. How are we going to pay that and the current 16.3 trillion debt we owe? You can raise the taxes on the richest 10 percent to 100 percent and they'll have to tax the middle class and the poor. As far as I am concerned, we are are going to see MUCH higher taxes

swiss family

I think the one run through for the leaves was a cost cutting idea.... I would also think that when it is time to pick up Christmas trees, this year, instead of doing it like they always have, where the city employees have to toss up a heave needle dropping tree onto a truck, and then when the truck is full, go and now toss them off of the same truck, and go out to get more and repeat this tedious job, WHY NOT hook the tree chipper onto the truck this year, and when the city crew sees a discarded tree, they throw it into the chipper that then spits it out into the truck.. cutting down on the number of times the tree has to be handled, plus making it possible to get more trees off the curbs at a faster rate and turning them into mulch right away?????


@swiss, you can only put large branches into the chipper you are talking about. You cannot go throwing an entire tree into it. Also, with pine, it makes horrible mulch because of the sap.