Hit-skip vehicle wanted

The Milan Police Department requests the public’s assistance in locating a hit-skip vehicle that hit a 6-year-old child Tuesday.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 14, 2012


The Milan Police Department requests the public’s assistance in locating a hit-skip vehicle that hit a 6-year-old child about 6 p.m. Tuesday downtown in the village. The injuries were minor.

“The vehicle struck the child and left the scene eastbound on (Ohio) 113. The car was described as a silver or gray older Ford product, possibly a Taurus,” Chief Jim Rose said.

There may or may not be damage to the right front of the vehicle.

Anyone having any knowledge about the crash is encouraged to call the Milan Police Department at (419) 499-2001. The information can be made confidentially if desired.

Check the Reflector print edition and website as more information becomes available.


Nic Williams

What a scum bag hope they catch whoever it was. Best of wishes to the child.


How is the child?




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Sooooo....what are you doing here...mom cleaning your basement room?

Yall Make Me Sick

So defensive! Are you the one that hit the child? Your poor sap!

Nic Williams

First off I own my own house and am buying a rentel soon. Second I work 42 to 48 hours a week. And I don't see how any of these comments were looking for popularity. It seems to me we are both showing concern. It's a blog that's what you do. Now your comment on the other hand sounds like someone looking for popularity or someone to take soon anger out on. If you don't like it read the articles and leave the comments alone.

Lillie Chaos

How can a person comment to complain about commenting????

Guy on a Buffalo

You must have forgot that 49.99 percent of all Americans suffer from below-average intelligence.


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Paranoid Illusion

Clue 1: Happened in Norwalk.
Clue 2: Hit a child and then left the scene.
Clue 3: Happened in Norwalk.

Conclusion: Heroin addict/junkie at fault.

Richard Russell

Incorrect conclusion, because the accident happened in Milan, just like it said in the article.

So, if another illogical conclusion were to be made, using this evidence, would some say that an antique shopper was at fault?


Paranoid Illusion

lol. thanks for the correction.


hope the baby is ok...you could have atleast let us know that.


Child appears to be ok..... Not sure why the Norwalk Reflector can't provide this information but the Morning Journal can??? http://www.morningjournal.com/ar...

Yall Make Me Sick

Thanks for letting us know how the child is!


thank you and i hope they find this person...who hits a child and does not stop!???