Norwalk fire chief explains need for new aerial truck

Lease-purchase agreement would cost $900,000.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 14, 2012


Norwalk Fire Chief Shawn Dickerson was on the hot seat at Tuesday night's city council work session.

The main topic involving the fire department was proposed legislation regarding the lease-purchase of a new $900,000 aerial fire truck.

A story about Dickerson's discussion with council was published in Wednesday's Reflector.



NFD really? You just put a bunch of money into this vehicle and now you want a NEW one. I would say they should either refurbish the current truck or purchase a refurbished vehicle. We just bought you a truck to chase ambulances with, and you still run two trucks on calls, as seen in photos from scene on 11/13 posted on Amazing, one of the highest paid departments in the area, with no part-time employees, and they want a truck to keep up with the "Jones'" Maybe the Reflector should investigate the amount paid in OT to NFD and I am sure that will make the fire truck payment and save the taxpayers some cash! Really 4 new trucks in a year! WOW! What will we be buying the Police Department?? I hope city council turns this down!! There is no reason to even consider this purchase!


If you don't know what cost of repair are how can you justify a new truck. What is the ROI figures? Hydraulic seals are probably one of the cheaper repairs. 30 year old does not mean anything in that type of equipment. How many hours are on it ? I'm mean you are talking a million dollars.


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Recently a new trash truck and now a new fire truck.

Too bad that city council wasted money on buying the old lumber yard for a new fire station that will probably never be built.

Mr. Duncan coulda worked to stop the funding but didn't.

Finances are getting outa control; looks like city income tax or service fee hikes are in the near future and all on Mr. Duncan's watch.


New fire truck anit gonna get yea to the fire any faster any way they well just use it as a taxi / shopping / has some nice fire trucks and would save norwalk a heelllla lot of money if they give 2 cents lol


Publicsafety you are embarrassing. If you are in the "business" you should be ashamed of your ignorant comments. You sound as though you are bitter! All you say is.....I I I! Obviously you are in a low level position from the advice that you offer...very uneducated in running a fire department. If I was you I would study some more!

Guy on a Buffalo

Don't forgot that 49.99 percent of all Americans suffer from below-average intelligence. That might explain his/her comment.


Guy on a Buffalo writes:

"Don't forgot that 49.99 percent of all Americans suffer from below-average intelligence."

"Don't forgot"?


"publicsafety"...everything you said is 100% accurate! The people commenting about your comment should check out the facts. Look at how many ambulance chasing calls are made and how many vehicles respond. Find out how much has been spent in repairs on the current truck. The overtime pay is out of control. The fire department should go on 8 hour shifts anyway. I really think that the people in Norwalk wouldn't know or understand the facts if they were given them anyway.


Or....most don't know the meaning of MESA. Hey don't forget the Chrome rims on said item. (Those fire people are tuff cookies) ahaha "Like a good nieghbor, State Farm is there."


Make sure it will fit in the fire station or the next request might be for a new fire atation


Fedup....All I can say is you would be glad that the NFD would come to your house if you have a medical emergency. Nobody ever cares until they need help. The fire fighters are here to serve YOU and EVERYONE else in this community....uncondiionally, anytime, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!


Public safety-- I support your comments. If the public only knew the amount of OT pay thats paid every year, there would be a revolt. Why do we have North Central if the fire department is going to every call? The police Dept. was put on the back burner by the last admistration while the fire dept. was given what ever they wanted. How many times has the current truck been used over the years. Open your eyes Norwalk


First of all, Norwalk FD does NOT respond to all EMS calls, only those which North Central requests them. Usually this happens during serious medical calls for additional manpower or for vehicle crashes where their expertise is most definately needed for an extrication (they have and are trained to use heavy rescue tools). Keep in mind that North Central also responds to Fire calls to provide medical support for both potential victims and for the Firefighter's themselves. They work together as a team, supporting one another (and believe it or not it works out pretty well this way). As for having North Central when they have the Fire Department, the fact is that it costs the city less money to have North Central provide EMS than the Fire Department could do it for. You don't want to pay for a new ladder truck for the FD but you want to pay for them to do EMS? Funding 2 ambulances, equipment, medical liability insurance, personnel, and training would amount to much more money than $900K for a ladder truck. That is not including the raise in pay that IAFF (FF union) would insist on because all FF would then be required to be cross trained as firefighter/paramedics. You think OT is costing alot now, what do you think it will be when their base salary increases $10K/yr?


Bull. The last few days of this newspaper it cites Norwalk FD responding to: "ill male", "seizure", "assist resident with oxygen", "assisted with patient", "altered level of consciousness". I also have heard on the scanner in the recent past Norwalk FD being called to the high for a student who fell, or to a local store for an ill customer, etc.

Norwalk Fire began responding as EMS to elevate their response needs quota and to justify increased OT pay and the like. It costs boatloads of money to run big trucks for BASIC LIFE SUPPORT services not to mention having to have the station covered with OT costs. North Central EMS provides PARAMEDICS for ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT. We do not need EMT's for basic life support at these costs.


Let alone the wear and tear on their equipment, IE: ladder truck. All the more reason the Norwalk Fire Department needs told NO and to be looked over with a fine tooth comb!

Really? Really chief you site in the article the need for a "command vehicle" for yourself at $10,000 lease per year. WOW, that must be a Cadillac Escalade, as I think even those you can lease for less that that per year - what does that break down to approx: $900 per month! I am pretty sure you can get a nice average SUV for way less than that! I am pretty sure you can outfit it as well for even less! Recycle, Reuse, Reduce! Maybe Norwalk Fire should go GREEN and look at some good refurbished equipment.

At least Chief get your priorities straight - which do you want first?? A new ladder or a new station? Maybe mutual aid agreements need worked out a little better and some overtime cut from the Union that does not allow part-time workers be hired so that they get their overtime and $75 grad a year to chase ambulances that pretty much show up at the same time as the fire truck!

Oh someone asked about my knowledge - hmmm, public safety or not, do you own research and find your own opinions. Public knowledge is a wonderful thing! Form your own opinions, better yet maybe the Reflector will shed some light on the subject. Government transparency is important, after all we all want to choose what our money gets spent on!

Try one NFD, you can't snowball the public!


Thats a lot of money for a new truck Ia quick internet search found a referbished Seagrave 75' Quint
E-One 105' Platform
2- E-One 95' Platform
for $250,000 that would do the same job as the new one.


Thats a lot of money for a new truck a quick internet search found a referbished Seagrave 75' Quint
E-One 105' Platform
2- E-One 95' Platform
for $250,000 that would do the same job as the new one.


Publicsafety, I would like to thank you for your persistence in posting half-witted comments. They make me laugh, not only do you have no idea what your talking about, you are 100% wrong in everything you say and think that you know. The same goes for the other nitwits that think you know your facts, you make me laugh, keep up the horrible work! Do you morons not realize that the equipment used by the FD is for the public safety and are not their own personal trucks to take home and play with? It makes sense that they have the best working equipment that they can possibly get.


Yeah right. Firemen like to hold a man's big hose. You guys forget who you work for.

swiss family

I think it is great that the firefighters show up to help the ambulance operators in a crisis.. But I think to drive the big firetrucks that probably get 3 mpg, to assist in lifting a patient is a bit much... there are enough older vehicles around, like the sheriffs suv's or the water dept's car, or whatever publicly provided vehicles are being used by different departments that are really a waste of time... and even include one of those vehicles for the fire chief to drive as well.. I mean why do we have to lease him a car for over $10,000.00 a year? shouldn't he be driving his own personal vehicle to the station when he works, and when a call comes in , go on the run on the fire truck??? I must be missing something here.. I guess I think that just because that is the way it has always been done does NOT mean that we can still afford to continue doing it that way..


Swiss.....what happens when a fire call comes in during or after an EMS call? If it was your house wouldn't you want them to have the ability to respond immediately? Also, that is why the NFD purchased their newest truck to respond to EMS calls.