Airport begins grant application process

The county commissioners have not signed grant applications for the past few years, but things could be different in 2013 as new Commissioner Tom Dunlap begins his term in January.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 14, 2012


A federal grant application could be on its way to the Huron County commissioners in the upcoming months.

At Tuesday's airport authority meeting, the airport board members approved sending a federal grant pre-application to the Federal Aviation Administration. The federal grant could be worth as much as $400,000, provided the county commissioners approve it and the county can find a 10-percent match.

The county commissioners have not signed grant applications for the past few years, but things could be different in 2013 as new Commissioner Tom Dunlap begins his term in January.

A story about this and other matters discussed at the airport board meeting was published in Wednesday's Reflector.



Once again Essex proves he is not there to improve the airport.
He abstained from voting on whether to apply for another grant on the grounds "I can't support any grant that has land aquisition in it".
There was no discussion of aquiring more land.


Give it up


Why-thats the tax payers property. Lets get rid of Essax. Maybe he can do the job at the Engineers Office.


Time is on our side oldsters. We will wait you out.


kURTje, Why doen't you hold your breath til that happens.


Eminent Domain,has the right to take all the surrounding land owners property, by legal means! Mr Essex was right with his vote! Which landowners in the block of 601, 20, 18 and Laylin Rd,want their land taken this way! Have you been to Lorain County Airport, the entire block is now fenced off, it started with one parcel at a time thru grant money. Any grant that allows Eminenet Domain should not be signed! And good news is our new elect commissioner is only 1 vote of 3. Good Luck, and keep your hands off the neighbor's property rights!


There is no plans to purchase more land.
That is another of Essex's red herrings.

citizenof hc

What I like about the chicken little's of the world is they haven't a clue about what they talk about. First, there is no request nor will there be anything relating to land acquisition in the 2013 grant, 2014, 2015, or any of the immediate future applications. Something that might happen 10 years from now does not justify killing grant applications and projects that keep the facility running and necessary projects to improve it for its intended use. The grant doesn't allow eminent doamin, your state law does. Eminent domain is a last resort for government entities who have exhausted all outlets, and are looking out for the benefit of an entire community. The county commissioners would have to approve any use of eminent domain. It's not goeng to happen but it sure sounds good for the chicken littles to say the sky is falling. BS, in fact the same BS put out by an ousted county commissioner, and his cohorts. I beleive the people spoke loud and clear by defeating his bid ofr a second term. Stretching and distorting the truth is what people like Essex, Silcox and you apparently live for. Hundreds of thousands of dollars put into our local economy which will keep local people working, reapiring and improving a piece of local infrastructure is a logical and smart move for the community. PS, the fences around airports are meant to keep wildlife, and univited guest from roamning indiscriminately onto runways or airport property, which create even more serious issues.


Which is you in the photo prop?