New London establishes yard sale rules

Each household may hold only two per year, and none may last longer than five days.
Aaron Krause
Nov 14, 2012


New London council finalized several ordinances Monday, including one setting rules for yard sales.

A household may hold only two a year (between May 1 and Sept. 30), they may last no longer than five days and there must be at least 30 days between the sales.

A story about the ordinances and other matters discussed by council was published in Wednesday's Reflector.



seriously?? do they have nothing better to do?


Norwalk has a similiar law but requiring a permit for the yard sale. I think the law is a stupid waste of tax dollar money. It's not like people are making thousands of dollars off junk they are selling on their property.

Dr. Information

If you do not have laws like this in place, people will abuse it. Their yard will look like a junk yard/swap meet/flee market year round. This is standard practice for nearly every city I have ever lived in.




jerry! jerry! jerry!




Where are the jobs? People gotta make ends meet somehow and the elites just make it more difficult by discouraging free market capitalism.

There aren't any empty buildings in town in which to host a regularly scheduled flea market?

Try to figure out how to help people instead of repressing them.


While this type regulation is "standard practice" for most cities, New London is not a city; it is a village. Although I'm not saying I'm opposed to some regulation of yard sales, keep in mind, one of the main reasons some of us choose to live in villages is that we don't want all of the regulation present in cities. I grew up in Norwalk and have nothing against it but would not buy property in the city because of all of the rules and regulations.


Agree with "Dr. Information". However, I also agree with "Contango". Why can't some of these empty buildings be used for a "flea market". They would have to charge a fee for a table (to pay for insurance in case someone got hurt) but it sure would be nice to shop indoors and all in one or two places. You could make the people who have a table take turns manning the store.


I think placing limitations on what a person is allowed to do on their own property is not appropriate. As long as the activity is not criminal in nature (cooking meth, prostitution, ect.)I truly believe that the government both locally and nationally has been overstepping its boundaries and this is another example of that.


People get involved. Attend & participate in your government. Talk to your councilperson. Make your government work for you.

Dr. Information

You can't allow it. People have buildings, have employees, pay payroll taxes...etc, to run and operate business's that are like flee markets....etc. Norwalk has a few downtown.