Monroeville hires police officer

Police chief says new officer 'can basically hit the ground running for us.'
Aaron Krause
Nov 14, 2012


Village council on Monday gave police chief Gary Lyons the go-ahead to hire Mike Wagner as a part-time police officer at a rate of $10.50 an hour.

Lyons said Wagner's starting pay is due to his education and experience. Wagner, previously a part-time Belleuve police officer, is a few courses short of earning his bachelor's in criminal justice. Lyons said he's heard "nothing but good things" about Wagner.

"He can basically hit the ground running for us," Lyons told council members, all of whom voted to permit the hire. Council member Christina Raftery did not attend the meeting.

A story about this and other matters discussed by council was published in Wednesday's Reflector.


jack langhals

I would have to say this is one dedicated policeman to go out each day and stop unknown motorists for $10.50 an hour.


Totally agree 10.50 doesn't sound like its worth it, not when you have to put your life on the line each and every day!


Sadly, this is about the average police pay in these parts unless they work for a department with a union. Which is the HCSO, Willard,Bellvue and Norwalk.


5 years ago they started at $8.67 per hour in Monroeville.


Just wondering if Bellevue paid for any of the classes that this man took as part of his "part time" position in Bellevue. I know that some towns do and I heard a while back that Bellevue did. I can't understand why one would leave one part-time job for another.


I can also add I bet he LEAVES Monroeville when that degree is done. Once you have that degree you can apply at LARGER departments and make more $$$ He will not stick around in Monroeville for long.


In addition to this story because it wasnt as clear as it should of been. Michael is still keeping his job at the Bellevue police dept as well as working in Monroeville. And no Bellevue did not pay for his education. Your right 10.50 is not enough an hour but after he gets a full time position the pay is worth it. You have to start somewhere, right?