Passenger in pursuit threatens to command dog to attack trooper

Two men face numerous charges.
Cary Ashby
Nov 13, 2012


Sgt. Jason Demuth had his hands full after two occupants in a fleeing vehicle wouldn't comply with his orders.

The driver, Ronald A. Bischoff, 53, of 5015 Sherman Norwich Road, Willard, and his passenger, Rady D. Davis, 55, of 2270 Ohio 99, Willard, are out on bond. They were released from the Huron County Jail after posting bond Saturday.

About 8:40 p.m. Demuth, of the state Highway Patrol, was at the Spring Street stoplight at the Ohio 99 intersection in Willard. The assistant Norwalk post commander saw Bischoff going northbound as Demuth turned north onto Ohio 99.

As Demuth followed the vehicle, he said Bischoff went off the right side of the road. When the driver went past Townline Road 12, Bischoff went left of center "better than half of his car width," Demuth said.

The trooper activated his lights and sirens at that point.

Bischoff, who continued going north on Ohio 99, went left of center again. He then went right onto Egypt Road and pulled into Davis' driveway.

"He went off the left side of the road when he made his turn," Demuth said.

Bischoff went through the driveway and went into a grassy area before turning and stopping in the driveway.

"That's when he stopped," Demuth said.

The trooper said he then attempted to get Bischoff out of the car, but the driver wouldn't comply.

"(Davis) ran out of the car ... and was ordering his dog to attack. That's when I activated my Taser and Tased him," Demuth said.

One of the prongs hit Davis' cigarettes, he said, so the Taser didn't affect him.

"He went back into his house. ... (Before that) he made threats to get his shotgun," the trooper said.

After Davis went into his house, Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Plew arrived for back-up.

Bischoff was taken into custody without further incident. However, Demuth said he and Plew had to take Davis to the ground.

Davis was charged with resisting arrest, obstruction of official business and disorderly conduct (intoxication).

"An aggravated menacing charge will be pending. That will be a felony," Demuth said.

Bischoff was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), fleeing and eluding, a seatbelt violation and a marked lanes violation.

"He refused a breath test. That was his first DUI," Demuth said.

The pursuit covered about 1 mile. Demuth said Bischoff maintained a speed of 45-50 mph, but didn't stop.



"Proper Grammer"??? In your other comments on other stories you use the term "pudd wacker". Not sure that is proper grammer either.

Idea is

To kurtje rady made a promise to his dying father,Forrest.he kept his u know what that's like?a man is only as good as his word,that's what my grandfather taught me.if u have nothing nice to say,then don't say anything.this is from Duane a Proud DAVIS!


and another proud Davis here!


This is going to turn into "My dad can beat up ur dad" pretty damn soon. Laughable ...

Lillie Chaos

@ Warp & b-boy Sounds like Dr. Ignorant wants to do a patrol stomp on me for not agreeing with him. rofl


@ Warped... i sure hope not


Still no change after decades.

lets tell the truth

hey bischoff next time i see you out ill buy you a drink!!!!

bye bye Bellevue

Imagine how many beers it takes to get this huge guy drunk? Holy crap! I think he hung out with the skinny guy in case he needed a snack!

Dr. Information

So because these guys are bar fly party animals who know how to have a good time their actions are supposed to be excused. Or because they never did anything wrong before, their actions should be excused. Or because they are good ole boys and didn't kill anyone, this should be all be swept under the rug. I'm sure the OSP knew exactly who this was when they followed them and they wouldn't pull over and should of just approached them with a handshake. To get respect you have to give it. Town drunks are what these guys are.


You said it DR! Town drunks that do this every weekend...and every day that ends in D-A-Y! Everyone knows the drill...Moose, VFW, Legion, Havana maybe one, maybe all four! OSP did their job! If they'd hit and killed someone...everyone of you saying "I know them, their good guys" would be saying "Yep, I know them, knew it was just a matter of time! Where was the OSP to stop them days, weeks, months, OR years ago?" Admit it, your just ticked that you have to pay for your own beers instead of mooching off the rounds they buy! Let's not forget, if they'd pulled over when first signaled too.....a lot of these charges wouldn't have happened!


let's not forget the other people " or town drunks as you refer too" from havana who drink every single day also...

Lillie Chaos

@ offspring

I sincerely hope the younger generation will break the cycle and learn from the mistakes of others. The cycle is a hard obstacle in the lives of so many who only have alcohol as the hobby or socialization process in their lives. That being said: I still think we need some charm school for a lot of "egos with a badge".


i couldn't agree more.


Besides "Mother of Three" if it'd been one of YOUR children Bischoff hit and killed while drunk would you still defend him? or Just change your name to "Proud Mother of Two" and keep serving those beers right on up and say "what a goood ol boy" Ronnie Bischoff is!

bye bye Bellevue

Good point (adollarshort) and @Lillie, have you ever noticed who has a problem with law enforcement? The people who get caught doing this crap, like these two! I don't have a problem with any police officers, and guess what, I have nothing on my record! Face it, they got caught drinking and driving, and threatening etc. This is the first time they got caught, not the first time they have driven drunk I am sure! Quit sticking up for these idiots, and furthermore, quite hating on law enforcement, they are doing their job! "The Good Ole Boys" will all eventually get caught!

Lillie Chaos

@ Bye Bye

You must be related to Dr. Ignorant. Bet MY record is cleaner than yours for a whole lot more years. I have a problem with any county or state employed individual who thinks they are superior to county tax payer for whatever reason. I think some place in the constitution it states I have that right. What ever happened to that old time theory that you are innocent until proven guilty? Problem is many of us know they are guilty of some degree of boozing and getting into trouble. This whole situation was handled poorly. So get a don't have ALL the answers. Your opinion is just that.

bye bye Bellevue

@Lillie I have no idea who Dr Informatin is, but he makes some good points!How are these two officers acting like they are superior to any county tax payer as you say? They are doing thier job! They are sworn in to protect the life and property, etc of "tax paying citizens" So they see a car swerving down the road that will not pull over when they turn their lights on, how is that acting superior? And if I am not mistaken, you are cited for a DUI if you refuse a breathalyzer, not to mention threaten an officer. So in those cases, no you are not innocent until proven guilty. You are innocent until you decline a breathalyzer and at that point you are guilty! Get real, your posts on here are some of the most uneducated I have read! Who has 32 years of nothing on his record (criminal or driving) This guy! Its real easy, obey the laws, take responsibility for your actions, and respect authority!

Sitting In The ...

When did this occur would of been a nice touch.


You just cannot reason with some people. Ive read the comments and its pretty cut and clear. Doesn't matter who you are, if you break the law, you are going to get busted. Doesn't matter if it was my buddy, or dad or uncle. If they did what they did in this case, I wouldn't be on here telling them good luck and spouting off at the mouth about how the officers in this deal have an ego problem. Thats just insane to think that way.

bye bye Bellevue


Lillie Chaos

@ Arn and Bye Bye

I find it interesting that individuals come on here to dispute my tax payer attitude and are so adamant about the one sided report. What inside info do you have? You deny the fact that we have bullies with a badge out there? Do you feel protected? BTW Bye...I got 20 years on your 35 in this county. I am not happy with our lack of protection in rural areas. I also think people have become far to aggressive causing more problems. I will not be bullied by posters calling my opinions insane when they have no more right than I to an opinion.


What I stated is a fact, not opinion. Your opinion is fine, but fact is the OSP did their job whether you like it or not. This isn't about bullies with badges. I failed to read anywhere where the OSP used force beyond reason and by looking at the mug shots nobody was roughed up. These men were caught and did some really dumb things by not pulling over when instructed to. Officers today have to treat each case as if it could take their life. Take the officer in Sandusky who lost his life. Routine traffic stop that turned deadly. When you don't pull over, the OSP are 100% going to have their senses and guns raised when they finally do stop your vehicle. Again, you do nothing but speculate and that is OPINION, not FACT.

Lillie Chaos

@ AArn

I am sure you have heard the Willard rumor mill by now. You probably know why the boys in the pictures look so clean and shiny. Aggression fosters aggression you know that. Who is questioning they deserved to be stopped?


@Lillie are so right! If the rural areas had more protection from both the OSP and the Huron Cty Sheriff Dept. They'd busted Bischoff lots of times leaving Havana drunk as a skunk and beyond 3 sheets to the wind! I hope that OSP and HC Sheriff Dept. are reading all of this and step up their patrols!

bye bye Bellevue

@Lillie not on here trying to bully you or anyone, just trying to keep your reality in check. Your small town, whiny attitude is so typical. You should try and move out of huron county, and go live in a big city and you will have a totally new perspective on what exactly it is officers do! And remember, there are only so many sheriff and OSP on duty at a single time, they cannot be everywhere at once! How about your buddies like these two in this case take some responsibility and not drive drunk, or do what they do on rural roads in your county? I mean afterall, wouldn't that solve these issues if laws were followed? 50+ years old and can't seem to grow up, seriously?!

Lillie Chaos

@ Bye Bye

What makes your narrow mind think that I have not experienced OTHER locations? I use the Shelby res these days and you frequently see local police vehicles there. I don't remember a time when you don't see someone at that location at least once each visit. You don't have that at Willard or Norwalk. Drugging and drinking and who knows what else is the norm You have to constantly be on guard. I KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE OUT HERE. Huron County used to be a wonderful place to live. We don't have that clean community peaceful environment anymore. You better keep your shot gun handy, have a big loud mean dog and plenty of security lights. Have a problem....don't worry someone will stop out when they can work you in and take a report. That is all you get or all you hear about it unless you call them and tell them where you saw your truck. Times sure have changed in Huron County -- people want to complain about previous Sheriff but you knew him and he was in there pitching trying to make this County safe. I think he worked with a lot less money and a whole lot fewer deputies who did not have county cars as personal transportation. You knew them and they were members of the community not ego flaunting people who watch too many cop shows and want to thump on people. How about you have a conversation with a few of the drug addicts that plague the county and tell them to follow the law? How about just take a quick look around the county and see if you feel safe in your bubble? I left the city to come to a better place in a warm and caring community full of good people. Now I don't see those people being protected anymore. Law enforcement has it's personal agenda and the citizens who do follow the laws and trying to live decent life are NOT getting their money's worth but we still have to pay those taxes. You have no clue about reality in rural Huron County. I don't know who you have now in Bellevue but BRANDAL was always out and about making people aware of his department and his presence. You probably don't understand
the problems of no interest because Bellevue is a close knit quiet place because they have visable and competent protection. How much do you read about Bellevue? Good town, pretty clean by the rest of the county standards.....who do you think gets credit for that? I have friends in that area who don't even lock their doors! So get a grip on your ego and take a good look around. Are your children or grandchildren safe out there riding they bikes or ponies or climbing a tree? How about a mother or grandmother alone this evening because grandpaw had something to do. What if your wife or mother want to go to the store and walk outside to someone robbing their vehicle?
Are those thoughts pleasant? Who is going to be there if they need them? We don't know exactly what officers communication or information there. We darn sure know what they don't do. A highly visible show of law enforcement is a great deterrent. Makes people wanting to cause harm think twice because they might get caught. They don't worry about that in Huron County rural areas. I am not whining I am flat out mad at Dane Howard. He could fix the problem but it is not important.


You cannot compare 10 years ago to today. Every small community has been hit hard with the drug scene in the last 5-7 years. There are 100x as many hard drug users than cops. Arrest one and two take their place. Its not the cops fault, its the judicial system that slaps these guys wrists and lets them back out on the street. If you are going to blame anyone, blame the judges in Huron County.

bye bye Bellevue

@Lillie you have the option to move at anytime! I did, hence the username! I live in a suburb of a city with over a million people in it. Our city has 125,000 people and it's constantly voted one of the safest cities in the United States, because of law enforcement! They don't think they are better than anyone, and do not fit the stereotype that you portray for them, they just protect and serve! I guess I have to say it again, it is not the police officers fault that people are irresponsible, lazy, drug dealers. Like arnmcrmn said above, get one off the street, two others do take their place, and most of the time they are back on the street, getting arrested again, and again! Norwalk for example has what, 5 or 6 cops on duty at once? (just a guess). Think of how many people you probably know that are on drugs, etc. since it sounds like you are sticking up for them quite a bit. It basically boils down to a numbers game, and law enforcement cannot be out babysitting these poor excuse for adults doing crime!
Happy Thanksgiving, be safe!


hmmm.. guess the "good old boys" thing kinda stuck. when i read this story i thought of the dukes of hazzard theme song..