Passenger in pursuit threatens to command dog to attack trooper

Two men face numerous charges.
Cary Ashby
Nov 13, 2012


Sgt. Jason Demuth had his hands full after two occupants in a fleeing vehicle wouldn't comply with his orders.

The driver, Ronald A. Bischoff, 53, of 5015 Sherman Norwich Road, Willard, and his passenger, Rady D. Davis, 55, of 2270 Ohio 99, Willard, are out on bond. They were released from the Huron County Jail after posting bond Saturday.

About 8:40 p.m. Demuth, of the state Highway Patrol, was at the Spring Street stoplight at the Ohio 99 intersection in Willard. The assistant Norwalk post commander saw Bischoff going northbound as Demuth turned north onto Ohio 99.

As Demuth followed the vehicle, he said Bischoff went off the right side of the road. When the driver went past Townline Road 12, Bischoff went left of center "better than half of his car width," Demuth said.

The trooper activated his lights and sirens at that point.

Bischoff, who continued going north on Ohio 99, went left of center again. He then went right onto Egypt Road and pulled into Davis' driveway.

"He went off the left side of the road when he made his turn," Demuth said.

Bischoff went through the driveway and went into a grassy area before turning and stopping in the driveway.

"That's when he stopped," Demuth said.

The trooper said he then attempted to get Bischoff out of the car, but the driver wouldn't comply.

"(Davis) ran out of the car ... and was ordering his dog to attack. That's when I activated my Taser and Tased him," Demuth said.

One of the prongs hit Davis' cigarettes, he said, so the Taser didn't affect him.

"He went back into his house. ... (Before that) he made threats to get his shotgun," the trooper said.

After Davis went into his house, Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Plew arrived for back-up.

Bischoff was taken into custody without further incident. However, Demuth said he and Plew had to take Davis to the ground.

Davis was charged with resisting arrest, obstruction of official business and disorderly conduct (intoxication).

"An aggravated menacing charge will be pending. That will be a felony," Demuth said.

Bischoff was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), fleeing and eluding, a seatbelt violation and a marked lanes violation.

"He refused a breath test. That was his first DUI," Demuth said.

The pursuit covered about 1 mile. Demuth said Bischoff maintained a speed of 45-50 mph, but didn't stop.


Lillie Chaos

@ Dr. Info. Wrong one is patrolling any place.

Dr. Information

If they are not patrolling "any place", how did these two yahoo's get picked up. Really, are you losing it or what?

Lillie Chaos

@ Dr Ignorant What postings are your reading? The report said the patrol car was at the stop light on Spring and 99. THERE IS NO STOP LIGHT THERE. He was waiting for people leaving the MTD Toys for Tots event at the VFW. Any person travelling 99 will attest to seeing the State Patrol sitting there waiting to nail someone. If the patrol person was wrong about the stop light what else might he be mistaken about? The dog? The shot gun? He and his backup needed to take big BAD Rady Davis down? Where is it written that law enforcement is above reproach?

Dr. Information

Lady, dude, whoever you are. When I lived in Willard the OSP, or Sheriff or Willard PD ALWAYS....and by ALWAYS, I mean 3-4 times a week were either sitting at the grave site, just over the bridge as you pass the Legion or just off the road near Spring St. So the Reflector made the error that there was a stop light/stop sign, big deal, thats not the point. When you flee from an officer who has signaled you to pull over for well over a mile, they aren't going to pull up to you once you stop and say "Hey buddddyyyyy, not sure if you saw my flashing lights or heard my siren, and I really hate to interrupt your drunk driving, but did you know you went left of center about 3 times over a mile and a half back? If, so have a great day.

Good God, its really are an Idiot.

Lillie Chaos

@ Dr Igno If you lived in Willard you should also be aware there just aren't too many places to pull over between the intersections. Why are you blaming the Reflector? Why are you so confident the mistake could not have been made by the patrol person? Did you see the signals? You sure make a lot of noise about your confidence in this issue. I do not have any inside info or knowledge of reports or what errors the Reflector may have made. Do you? It is a big deal--it made the front page and you sure seem be taking it real seriously.

Dr. Information

I take drunk driving and idiots on the road who are drunk serious. Pretty obvious you don't. I hope they get everything the law can give to them.

Lillie Chaos

@Dr Igno

The legal system has the last word and dash cam will certainly be an advantage. I do not believe that law enforcement is above reproach nor do I think they have the right to abuse tax payers. Anyone who knows me knows that I have no use for alcohol in any manner--too many lives are destroyed by it. Prohibition was not such a bad idea in my mind. Alcohol is a drug--a deadly drug. My own opinion has nothing to do with the fact that there are TWO SIDES to every story and I will not blindly accept anyone's view of anything without validation.


"(Davis) ran out of the car ... and was ordering his dog to attack".
Apparently the dog didn't attack. I wonder what it was the dog actually heard.

hor mone

I cain't hear.

Lillie Chaos

@CS good point. I would like to know how one "runs out of a car".


i already cant wait til the next episode! until then, take care of yourselves, and each other..

Sit n Spin

The dog was too busy showing Ron how to lick his nards while he is in the pokey !


OMG!! I just spewed my coffee all over!!

Classic! :)


This is hilarious! It's like "Festus" and "Barney Fife" arguing!!


I thought it was Festus and Cletus.


Funny how things are different when two white guys go drinking and driving,run from cops, threaten the cops and they are just two good old boys being boys. Would like to see the comments if they were JUST two AMIGOS doing the same.

Lillie Chaos

@Coyote Our amigos are smarter than that.


They' re not boys they are grown men and should know better. I don't know them , no matter how nice they are. They did the wrong thing. They could have killed or injured someone.


How did his younger brother die? I know Dennis is still alive.


@Kurtje, what does Paul's death have to do with this?? obviously you know the family

proud mother of 3

Yes he is the same one who posted about Rady living with his parents, thats 2 things that have no reason to be posted and does NOT relate to this article! Shame on you Kurtje for posting these things on here, what was you trying to prove?

Idea is


Idea is

kURTje What does this have to do with anything! It's inappropriate

Nic Williams

Agrred completely


Some of you are such hypocrites. It's okay if you know the "good 'ol boys" but if this has been two strangers and things had went left you would be all over them. The law applies to EVERYONE including the "good 'ol boys".

hor mone

I cain't cain't.


Once again, nobody cares what any of you have to say because you are all the same people starting drama and complaining over nothing. It would be great if at least a portion of you could use proper grammar. Don't you guys have anything better to do? Pathetic people.


@ FEDUP5, how about your pathetic a** sitting in front of the computer reading everything? Just saw where you posted this same comment on another article.. You, my dear, need to GET A LIFE...

Lillie Chaos

Re: beagleboy Exactly. How would Fedup have anything to complain about if this person were not following the comments. I don't always get the jokes but I certainly feel people have a right to voice their opinions. I think that is what "comment" means.

Nic Williams

This f-tard fed is going to every add posting this crap. Cry for attention maybe.