Passenger in pursuit threatens to command dog to attack trooper

Two men face numerous charges.
Cary Ashby
Nov 13, 2012


Sgt. Jason Demuth had his hands full after two occupants in a fleeing vehicle wouldn't comply with his orders.

The driver, Ronald A. Bischoff, 53, of 5015 Sherman Norwich Road, Willard, and his passenger, Rady D. Davis, 55, of 2270 Ohio 99, Willard, are out on bond. They were released from the Huron County Jail after posting bond Saturday.

About 8:40 p.m. Demuth, of the state Highway Patrol, was at the Spring Street stoplight at the Ohio 99 intersection in Willard. The assistant Norwalk post commander saw Bischoff going northbound as Demuth turned north onto Ohio 99.

As Demuth followed the vehicle, he said Bischoff went off the right side of the road. When the driver went past Townline Road 12, Bischoff went left of center "better than half of his car width," Demuth said.

The trooper activated his lights and sirens at that point.

Bischoff, who continued going north on Ohio 99, went left of center again. He then went right onto Egypt Road and pulled into Davis' driveway.

"He went off the left side of the road when he made his turn," Demuth said.

Bischoff went through the driveway and went into a grassy area before turning and stopping in the driveway.

"That's when he stopped," Demuth said.

The trooper said he then attempted to get Bischoff out of the car, but the driver wouldn't comply.

"(Davis) ran out of the car ... and was ordering his dog to attack. That's when I activated my Taser and Tased him," Demuth said.

One of the prongs hit Davis' cigarettes, he said, so the Taser didn't affect him.

"He went back into his house. ... (Before that) he made threats to get his shotgun," the trooper said.

After Davis went into his house, Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Plew arrived for back-up.

Bischoff was taken into custody without further incident. However, Demuth said he and Plew had to take Davis to the ground.

Davis was charged with resisting arrest, obstruction of official business and disorderly conduct (intoxication).

"An aggravated menacing charge will be pending. That will be a felony," Demuth said.

Bischoff was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), fleeing and eluding, a seatbelt violation and a marked lanes violation.

"He refused a breath test. That was his first DUI," Demuth said.

The pursuit covered about 1 mile. Demuth said Bischoff maintained a speed of 45-50 mph, but didn't stop.


lets tell the truth


Dr. Information

Well dear, it pretty obvious you have "said what you wanted to say", so why don't you respect others who want to "say what they want to say".....a bit hypocritical don't you think?

Lol, and I knew you would respond after posting that you wouldn't respond to my question.

What hateful comments are we talking about. That they were stupid for drinking and driving? Wow, such hateful words. Grow a set why don't you.

Nic Williams

Oh dear god why did we make a caps lock button. People listen we can read lower case and will still read your comment if you do so. You dont have to yell at us in cap letters. Give it a rest already. Please :)

Lillie Chaos

OK....they got in some trouble. Everyone knows these two. Rady won't drink and drive. He learned his lesson a long time ago. I do take issue with the statement of it taking two members of law enforcement to take him to the ground. If these two local members of our law enforcement are really intent on protecting and serving they would KNOW these two. All you gotta do is say : "Rady...don't do that!" Any little ole lady could probably put Rady on the ground. He is not mean. His dog? He is probably as harmless as Rady. I am not defending these two. Look at the pictures that says it all. Ron with a big smile and Rady knowing he is in trouble AGAIN. I can see the state car along 99 waiting for someone to leave the VFW on a Friday or Saturday night you often see the law backed in by the pine trees or the drive at Kindernest. I also think these two know better and should grow up. My issue is that our law enforcement need to pay more attention to the people in our community. You "boys" with badges should know the community your are protecting. SHAME on you--take him to ground....needed to taser someone like Rady? A real member of our community would know the residents. Not just sit in wait to nail someone and get a pat on the back for thumping on someone who weighs maybe 130#. No excuse for drinking and driving but no excuse for not knowing who you are dealing with and showing some respect. I have seen far to many egos with badges to respect our local law enforcement. Demuth and Plew you need better people skills I am sure. Learn your community and the people in it. Maybe if we had more deputies available to "protect and serve" our community situations like this could be avoided. Law enforcement should be well known to the community and should know the people in the county. We do not have that traditional community involvement or socialization with law enforcement. Enforcing the law does not put you above the residents.


i so agree with you Lillie Chaos

proud mother of 3

I also agree!!!!!


I'm curious too as to the havana remark.. Noticed they didn't reply to you...hmmmm

Seen it All

WOW.. I just don't get some people! First, these "fine outstanding citizens", as you would have us believe, were DRIVING DRUNK! Had one of your family members been coming in the opposite direction, and was hit head on and killed, I'm sure you would be singing a different tune on here. Second, they did not pull over. I was taught if there are lights behind you.. you pulll over, even if they are not pulling you over, you still get out of their way. Third, they threatened an officer. I was raised that the only thing I need say to an officer is "yes sir, no sir". Like the ol saying goes.. You Play.. You Pay!

Lillie Chaos

@Seen it all.... Are you a deputy or a patrol member? Yes Sir...No Sir
whatever you say Sir. You were not there nor was I. No one is excusing the fine citizens. Nor do we have input regarding how the "citizens" were approached. No one was injured and no one knows the real approach of the officer.

Seen it All

No, I am not in Law Enforcement. I was just raised the correct way. To RESPECT them. Funny thing is, if you are NOT breaking any laws, you don't have any problems with them. Funny how that works out, huh?

And the officer's approach was those BIG, BRIGHT FLASHING LIGHTS!! And after that didn't work, whatever approach was used by said officers was appropriate. Including, but not limited to body slamming and or using other force on a non compliant suspect.

And, no one was hurt this time, and not by the fine driving skills of the drunk, but rather by the grace of God!

Lillie Chaos

@Seen it All Respect is earned. You reap what you sow.

Seen it All

"You reap what you sow"

That you do Lillie, that you do!!! And when you do NOT show respect and comply with an officer's WILL be flopping around on the ground!!

The men in blue have EARNED my respect. I surely wouldn't want their jobs. Putting up with idiots day in and day out. Not to mention the crazies that try to kill them! They are here to serve and PROTECT the law abiding citizens, not coddle the ones who can not follow the rules.

Lillie Chaos

@ Seen it All

Where are they? When was the last time you saw one on patrol? Why can the drug deals go on at the Norwalk and Willard Res? Ever see one go down the road in the rural areas? You are very narrow minded. Do you read the papers with all the auto wrecks and fighting and bad PR? What about law suits? How much of our tax dollars is spent defending law enforcement? Do you truly feel protected? Many of us are not protected from people prowling around at will stealing anything that is not nailed down. Many of us have to protect ourselves because NO one is going to be any assistance. Have you ever had anyone walk in your house and be looking around for something to steal? Don't preach to me. I have lived here too long. I am a law abiding citizen who does not see any protection available.

bye bye Bellevue

What a bunch of hillbillies! They are such good guys, they would do anything for anyone. Enough of the crap people! They were out joyriding drunk, threating an officer with a dog and shotgun, sounds like classy people to me! Wait till someone tells bubba to attack when they get to jail, then we will see who squeals!

Lillie Chaos

No one excuses the behavior. Were you there? Do you have the facts or do you believe everything you read?


jerry! jerry! jerry!

Lillie Chaos

Glad you are having fun, Mikey. Just waiting for the bell.

proud mother of 3

You are funny, it dont take much to get people going does it! I would wager these 2 guys dont even know how to get on here and see all the publicity they are getting! hahahah

hor mone

I cain't read.

Lillie Chaos

@ Proud
I agree with you.


I'm sure their being told about it, proud mother of 3

proud mother of 3

beagleboy, I am glad they are being told, it will give them something to laugh about! tell them to get a good lawyer and they will come out of this mess squeaky clean!

Nic Williams

Lol. You're such a shot head mike.

bye bye Bellevue

No I wasnt there but its pretty clear these guys broke several laws. Sure the dash cam caught the whole episode and can verify the officers stories. I get so sick of people, that when something happens to someone they know, they just say they are so nice, they wouldn't hurt anyone, blah blah blah! I know one thing, when there is a DUI involved, this is not the first time they drove drunk, its just the first time they got caught! Own up to your mistakes people, its called accountability, you should try it sometime! sick 'em boy, sick 'em!

Lillie Chaos

@Bye Bye I agree....everyone should be held accountable equally. You need to read through the comments again. No one is excusing their behavior. Nice has nothing to do with it. The gentlemen are not making any excuses. They will pay the piper. Please pay closer attention.

Dr. Information one excusing their behavior? Did u read the first page. I did. Plenty posted " good luck guys". Like its a some fun game. Shame.

Lillie Chaos

@Dr Info... Yes, I did read all the comments and no place on earth did I see anyone debating the issue that these 2 royally screwed up but because they are very well known and well liked people are just hoping for the best. Neither of these guys are in the paper or have harmed anyone. They got front page attention and the possibility of a felony charge for aggravated menacing. Bishoff does not have a history of dui driving. I think the whole situation maybe embellished to some degree. Time will tell I have learned over the years things are not always what they seem. I wasn't there but I do take issue with over-inflated egos that are part of the legal system.

Dr. Information

So because the OSP was doing their job they now have over inflated ego's. Guarantee you have had a run-in with the law before because your attitude and lack of acknowledgment for our officers is really showing. They have a very tough job and have no clue what each and every situation may turn into so yes, they do have to treat each case the same. As many of you think it should be this way....the old days where good ole boys were pulled over and let go to drive drunk as long as they went home, are OVER WITH. If a cop were to do that, they would lose their job.

On one hand you say you were not there, then on many other posts you say the entire thing is a farce, that its made up and that there are two sides to this story. Really? Just do us a favor and quit posting, you make ZERO sense.

Lillie Chaos

@ Dr Info For a doctor your ignorance is sure showing. I did not call anything a farce. I simply said wait and see. I have a spotless driving record. No one in the legal system would have a clue who I am or where I live. There is NO stop light at Spring and 99 but you frequently see patrol cars at Kindernest, the cemetery or the pine trees. You NEVER see them patrol our rural roads but I have experienced seeing first hand the lack of attention paid to rural residents and the inability to respond in a timely or efficient manner. On who's authority are you telling me to stop posting? Sounds like your ego is a tad over-inflated.

Dr. Information

what are we waiting for? Im sure the judge will look at the report, the dash cam and see exactly what the officer reported. The state patrol, patrols....STATE ROADS....hence the name Ohio State Patrol. The Sheriff patrols rural roads. Dang, at least get your stuff right before you keep on going on this tirade.