Lindenberger talks 'new rec' improvements

'We're making this place shine,' parks and recreation superintendent says
Cary Ashby
Nov 12, 2012


Big things are happening at the Ernsthausen Community Center.

"We're making this place shine," said Joe Lindenberger, parks and recreation superintendent. "This is the new rec."

To find out why Lindenberger is saying that, read the story published on the front page of Monday's Reflector.



They will design a new rec center but then the prices will increase. The people in Norwalk already have a tough time affording memberships as it is. IT will turn in to the club for the rich.. which I'm happy for them in a sense but there aren't discount programs. I know everything costs money. It seems that Norwalk should put better playground equiptment and resources to public parks where the poor kids play who can't afford swimming pools.

Estrella Damm

You do realize that the rec is one of the most affordable facilities in Ohio. Family YMCA memberships cost near $1000 a year while the rec is less than $300.


Why is it that everyone in this town wants everything for free? Schools, libraries, fire & police, utilities, cable TV, and now the Rec. I am a daily visitor to the Rec and it is a great value and it has definitely upgraded in the last 6 months. I say THANK YOU to the Rec Staff!

Dr. Information

Poor kids playing at the park aren't paying the bills. The parks are FINE in Norwalk.


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what the eff sound like a jealous employee of the rec...I've known Joe and his family for years..they are great people..For you to attack him hiding behind your P.C. gives you zero take your ball and go home..No one wants to play with you anymore...and besides Joe needs the poker practice..He's a horrible poker player

Cliff Cannon

@Outspoken1 : My opinion of Joe could not be more diFFerent than yours,as I think him to be a splendid man.Good luck in your own continuing eFForts to be the perfect person,you want others to be.


I hope they are making improvements at the Rec needs a total overhaul.


I wish there was more marketing for the rec center. It caters to the youth, elderly, and everything in between. The prices are incredibly reasonable compared to similar facilities. The staff has been top notch for years. I love walking in the doors and seeing a smiling face(a laughing face if it's the bigger guy).