'You're not Sammy Barnett'

Suspect allegedly gives cops false name after pushing way into girlfriend's apartment.
Cary Ashby
Nov 12, 2012


An area man pleaded guilty Friday to using another man's name during the investigation of a domestic disturbance.

Brian K. Slone, 39, of Portsmouth, "pushed his way into his girlfriend's apartment," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said about the Aug. 24 incident.

"She called 9-1-1. Nobody wanted to talk about what was going on," Leffler said.

When a Huron County sheriff's deputy asked Slone for identification, he handed the deputy Sammy Barnett's ID.

"The officer knew Sammy Barnett and knew this wasn't Sammy Barnett," Leffler said.

At Friday's final pretrial hearing, Slone pleaded guilty to identity fraud. Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced him to six months in prison -- the shortest time available for the fifth-degree felony.

Slone has a "significant" criminal history, Leffler said.

One of the former Willard resident's prior felony convictions was for a local 2005 robbery. Court records indicate Slone received a three-year prison term.

In December 1996, Slone was sentenced to one year in prison for a local theft. Seven years later, he went back to prison for 17 months for an aggravated assault involving a female victim.

Authorities, in mid-December 2008, extradited Slone to Lagrange County, Ind. as a fugitive of justice in connection with a burglary there.



Slone, Barnett, no diff. All hail from KY.

Richard Russell

"You're not Sammy Barnett" would be a great name for a movie.




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...I knew Sammy Barnett ...Sammy Barnett was my friend... Officer... This is not Sammy Barnett...

R U Kidding me

If its the same sammy barnett that I know with this guys back ground theres no difference they can be the same person A PIECE OF GARBAGE


Serious I know sammy too and I'm sure all of willard knows sammy. I just don't see how u can talk sh*t about him knowing he is mentally handicapped. U ought to be ashamed of ur self. Sammy is a nice person just bc he is poor don't mean he's a piece of garbage. He don't do drugs he don't draink sh*t he don't even smoke so please tell me what makes him trash

Dr. Information

The fact that he associates with you is proof enough. "he don't do drugs, don't draink"????? How about "he doesn't do drugs, and he doesn't drink" I mean if you are going to defend someone on here at least make sense.

R U Kidding me

The Sammy I know is serving his second stint in prison

R U Kidding me

I apologize if I said something wrong but I guess there's more then one Sammy why would the the Huron county sheriff no the one you know BC they diffinatly know the one I know


How's about u can kiss my a** dr info. I can say it how ever the fu*k I want to don't like get off of here... and @ r u kidding me. It must be two seperate people then... I apologize...


I am so glad he is going to jail, it is EXCATLY where he belongs and all he will ever be at. All he is a woman beater, druggie, theif, and messes with minors he doesn't deserve to be in society. In my personal opnion. Also Sammy is a really nice person and Brian is just a very pathetic individual.