Mother charged with beating infant son

6-month-old LifeFlighted after injuries were discovered; authorities say there was more than one incident of abuse.
Cary Ashby
Nov 11, 2012


A young mother has been arrested on an allegation she has beaten her infant son multiple times.

Daphne J. Waters, 20, of Toledo, was arrested Thursday in Lucas County on a secret indictment issued by an Erie County grand jury. She was charged with two counts each of felonious assault and child endangering.

"We asked Toledo PD to find her and they did," Erie County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

Deputies transported Waters to the Erie County Jail on Friday. She must post a $120,000 bond before being released from custody.

The sheriff's office started its investigation Sept. 13 at the request of the Sandusky Police Department because officers were handling a triple homicide.

"We believe there was more than one incident of abuse," Oliver said.

The 6-month-old boy first was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky. A LifeFlight helicopter later transferred him to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center.

Oliver said doctors discovered the infant had "healing fractures."

"This is her child -- her son," he said.


believe it


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I'm confused. It says she is from Toledo but the child was flown from Firelands to Toledo. Was she here on a visit?
I know that's not what the story is about. I hope the baby is doing alright.

Seen it All

When this story first broke in the Register, they didn't give a lot of details. But I'm pretty sure the mother was living in Sandusky at the time this occurred. She was probably visiting her baby (like a "good mommy"), met a new fella and stayed up there, or just tried to run and hide! I'm sure it was easy enough to find her...just follow the welfare check!


just another dumb stupid obamanation person who should have used birth control.........sorry for the innocent child who asked for none of the abuse !!! who could beat an infant to the point of fractures ?? makes me sick ...........lock her up and tie her tubes .she should never be able to reproduce again !!!!

chicken noodle

Why do you call her an"Obamanation person"??? What she did to that baby is just horrible. They need to beat her and have her experience the pain her baby did then throw her beat a$$ in a hole.


Yes, I was wondering the same thing - how is THIS obama's fault?

Nic Williams

Some people just have to blame someone. Obama seems to be the best option for people these days. After all they could run this country way better. LoL


My opinion..Those who push and praise the "RIGHT" to have children. Should also be held accountable for the "RESPONSIBLITY" of raising the child. Guarantee this is another story of a child paid for by the people, and the mother receives all the cash to raise, and can't even treat the baby with kindness. I am not for abortion, but i would be in favor of One must seek approval to have/ give birth to a child. You have to prove financial responsibility to buy a car/home. But if you just have a kid, you get handed finances without any qualification/ aptitudes / responsibility?? What's wrong with this picture?

Nic Williams

And who would do the approving of these births. The people the church or do you want this to fall on the government as well. It doesnt matter what you do you can never weed out all the bad. There are plenty of poor people in this country who do a terrific job of raising their children. And theres alot of children that come from poor homes that do great things for this country. I dont think it should be anyones right to tell someone they just cant have a child because they are to poor. Sounds like comunism to me.


Fine YOU raise them, hsnd them your paycheck. Taking money from me unwillingly and handing it so someone because?"I owe them"..sounds of communism. Pure theft. Ever look at it that way?

Nic Williams

Your not worth arguing with.


That is because you know you can NOT break my argument. When after i put in a hard day at work, someone can say and enforce through legislation, for me to hand over part of my wages to pay for others who, by know fault of mine makes mistakes. That my big guy is pure THEFT. and as far as you, I really don't know exactly who you are, and from remembrance, there really weren't very many who didn't whine when it came to doing any actual "beyond the call of duty" work


guarantee she has a cell phone a flat screen tv a car a place to live and plenty of food provided by obamanation and after liven free abuses her child !!!!!! whats wrong with this picture ????



Blart gets it

Its early stages of Obama-nomics. Remember he grew up as a poor boy. He believes all less fortunate deserve having things handed to them. He completely does not get the idea of work for what you want. This is only my point of view. His intentions are flawed by lack of reallity.

Blart gets it

Busch didnt help the matter none either.


It's Bush

R U Kidding me

her mothers mother should have used birth control


Child Abuse has nothing to do with economic status. Remember years ago a child was horribly abused by his "middle class" mother over on Pleasant Street? This mother is just an evil person. Anyone who could beat a six month old child on multiple occasions is an evil person.

Assistance provides for rent and utility. Food stamps cannot even buy toilet paper. No one is paying for flat screens and cell phones with finanacial assistance. They may be making money on the side, but it is usually illegal activity that can provide the money necessary for these items.

With government jobs eliminated (this accounts for a full point in unemployment, thank you Governor Kasich) the need for more investigators and social workers is apparent. Cutting food and housing for these children is not the answer.

As a society we need to value children as people, too. Child abusers and child killers never get the sentences that these murderers get when beating or murdering an adult. Child murder is not manslaughter - it is MURDER. As a society we need ZERO tolerance for these people.

Blart gets it

Heaven forbid they work enough to by thier own freaking toilet paper. I believe those getting assistance should be required to do drug screens and hold a part-time job. My point of view.


@ehovemom says, "child abuse has nothing to do with economic status." Are you nuts? Did you even bother to do a simple google search before making that assertion? I wasn't able to find a study that even remotely indicated that socioeconomic status wasn't tied to child abuse. In fact, the official position of the American Psychological Association is that poverty and low socioeconomic status is correlated with increased incidence of child abuse, and violence.


Are you nuts? Just because some study says its tied together doesn't mean squat.. bad people are bad people regardless of how much money they make. Not naming names but I know children when we were growing up in particular who's dad worked his butt off and made plenty of money for his family to live a very comfortable lifestyle. Only problem is while he was working all the time his children were being abused by their stepparent. They were by no means rich, but they weren't living off the government and would probably have been considered at the high end of the middle class. I also know poverty level families who are wonderful parents. I hope you don't rely on google for all your information because REAL LIFE experience tells me a whole lot more than your "Studies".

hit the road jack

Ehovemom: You need to go hide your head in the sand again.

Nic Williams

Very well put and totally agreed.


i agree....its all so to the starving kids in vermilion...uuuh :'(

proud mother of 3

Finally someone with sense on here!

Dr. Information

Distribution of wealth and giving those that have made mistake after mistake their fair share. Welfare up 40+% under Obama....and he wants to continue to give more and more.


Three-quarters of entitlement benefits written into law in the United States go toward the elderly or disabled. That’s according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. And a big chunk of the rest goes to working households. Only about 9 percent of all entitlement benefits go toward non-elderly, non-disabled households without jobs (and much of that involves health care and unemployment insurance).

So the biggest entitlement program is social security.


Take out social security and the vast majority does not go to the elderly. We shouldn't even be including SS as entitlement spending, simply because those who receive benefits have paid into it through working. Welfare on the other hand puts free stuff in the hands of people who often times haven't worked a day in their life. I know, there is work requirement for welfare, but that is only for the adult to collect their check. Most of these baby mama's are collecting due to their children, and are not required to work when the check is for the child.


You can't "take out social security" - and receipients receive more than they pay in when you total medicare and payments. I appreciate (since I am one of them) that people pay into the program. Do you suggest we put the babies to work? Unless we turn into China and eliminate these children, we have a duty as moral people (Christian or otherwise) to feed these children. I agree that more of these children need placed for adoption. I am sure we will be paying for expensive medical bills for this poor child for the rest of his life.