Councilman Mushett voices concerns about several aspects of proposed city budget

Cost of 2-percent wage increases for city employees, including fringe benefits, along with other step increases, will cost about $140,000 next year.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 12, 2012


Councilman Chris Mushett voiced a number of concerns after reviewing the proposed budget for a few days.

Mushett's first issue was with the proposed 2-percent wage increase for employees.

"It seems like a lot of the budget is financed on a somewhat positive projection of income tax revenue," Mushett said. "That's a pretty fragile thing."

The cost of those 2-percent wage increases, including fringe benefits, along with other step increases will cost about $140,000 next year, if city council approves.

"I'm also concerned about losing employees to attrition," he said. "That means fewer employees are called upon to provide services. What impact will that have on services?"

A story about these and other concerns voiced by Mushett was published in the Reflector.



Guy on a Buffalo

So Duncan thought SB 5 was a good idea because teachers, firefighters, and police officers are overpaid, now he wants his employees to get pay increases? This man is clueless!


How is giving pay raises going to help when there's a possibility of losing jobs at the same time?


In the former Admin., an idea was on the table to reduce the city income tax offset for residences who are employed out-of-town. Many local communities are using this tactic in order to fill holes in their budgets.

Either work in Norwalk or pay more in income tax.

Our middle class public employees are worth a measly 2% wage increase aren't they?

The "formula" is pretty simple:

Either pay more in taxes and/or service fees or watch the quality of services decline.

TANSTAAFL - There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Cliff Cannon

Not often enough do dedicated people like Chris Mushett,get thanked for their service. So Chris,no matter,how this current budget issue turns out. I for one,always enjoy reading your common sense questions, as well as your common sense answers in city matters. Thanks for your dedication to our great city


I mean no disrespect:-) admit it...doesn't he?