Lady Truckers win state semifinal match

Norwalk defeats Kettering Alter, earning spot in Saturday's state title match.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 8, 2012


The Norwalk High School volleyball team defeated Kettering Alter in a state semifinal match today at Wright State University's Nutter Center in Dayton.

The Lady Truckers won in three straight games. They now advance to their first-ever appearance in the state final match, which will take place at 11 a.m. Saturday at the same venue against the winner of the Cleveland Heights Beaumont-Columbus St. Francis DeSales match.

After taking a 17-9 lead, Norwalk went on to win the opening game 25-12.

Alter jumped out to 6-1 lead in the second game, but Norwalk answered with a run of its own to tie it at 8-8. Norwalk then built an 11-8 lead before Alter took a time out. Norwalk increased its lead to 20-14 before Alter took another time-out. The Lady Truckers went on to win 25-15.

Norwalk mounted a 6-0 advantage at the start of the third game. Alter recovered and put some points on the board but Norwalk continued to score en route to a 10-6 lead. When the score reached 10-9, Norwalk took a time-out. Going on a 9-3 run, Norwalk then increased its lead to 19-12. Alter kept the game competitive after that, but in the end lost 25-18.

Abby Moffit was solid for Norwalk, with 31 assists.

Alicia Lortcher led the way at the net with 12 kills, Sydney Obringer and Geena Freriks each added eight kills, while Kelli Weininger had five kills.

Sam Obringer had 29 digs for the Lady Truckers.

The Lady Truckers entered the match with a 26-2 record. Alter was 19-9.

With classes canceled today due to the big match, about 600 students traveled to Dayton to support the Lady Truckers.





Yayyy keep it up girls!


almost their girls!!! Lets go!!!


Oh come on the suspense is KILLIN' me!!!


Great Job Lady Truckers

Guy on a Buffalo

600 students got to experience a great moment in Norwalk volleyball history. Thanks Mr. Doughty for canceling school so they could enjoy it!


And where were the rest of the students

Dr. Information

you think if they didn't cancel school Norwalk would of had such a great turnout for a state semi game? 600 students is a lot and shows that the MAJORITY would rather make a day up down the road and go and support the Lady Truckers.


I listened on the radio and they said 100 students....I wasn't there, so I don't know.


What a great experience for all of the students. I can't even imagine their excitement. Good luck on Saturday!


Yesss!!! So happy for them!

Cliff Cannon


Dr. Information

Congrats and what an awesome experience. For those that said Norwalk would lose....EAT IT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Announcers on the radio said that the crowd was 90% Norwalk even though the other school was 1/2 hour away (not the 3 hours our fans traveled!). I think fan support was a key part in the win. GREAT JOB LADY TRUCKERS!

jack langhals

Way to go gals,we are proud of you.Where are the supporters?


Awesome news. Congrats. I have several workers at my office from Buckeye, they play tomorrow (not sure of the time). Would be nice to see them advance as well.


Congrats girls! Norwalk is very proud of you! Keep on Truckin!!!!!

Estrella Damm

Awesome, I hear that school is cancelled on Saturday!


Way to go girls. We are all very proud. Thanks Denny for postponing school, it was obviously the right thing to do.

God Of Thunder

Congrats girls... The hard work I know you have all put in is finally paying off.. Too bad not all the nitwits in town can feel the same since they were bitter about rescheduling the school day for you, on such a big day so you could have all the support you did!!! And before anything is said, I am from Perkins ...


I think it's great that they called off school so everyone could go support them

Brock Lee

good job


Very proud of the girls and a very nice showing by the community as well. Kettering is literally 5 minutes away (I believe 2 exits away on Route 675), and Norwalk had twice as many fans as they did. Trust me, the girls appreciate the support from the fans and student body. Hopefully we have even more in the stands on Saturday morning. Go Truckers!


Good Luck Lady Truckers. You've made us proud. @Norwalk Reflector why is this story not on top of internet page. You ask business to supoort them how about you headline them till Saturday on web site and when they win you headline them for a week. Show your support. They deserve top billing!!!!!!!




Great for you Lady Truckers!