New Horizons to be sold

Norwalk company employs 224 people and is a bun supplier for McDonald's.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 9, 2012


New Horizons Baking Company in Norwalk, a bun supplier for McDonald's, is in the process of being sold.

In a story on the front page of Thursday's Reflector, Tim Brown, chief executive officer at New Horizons and Genesis Baking Co., discusses the pending sale and potential impact for the 224 employees.


Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : It is true,Norwalk's very own institution----P& R hardware--- has passed away. Cause of death ? The usual illness' "big box-itis" Personally,just sick to death over this massive loss. But that, as they say, is 'another story'


@ Cliff Cannon:

I tended to go to P&R first and support sm. business. Unfortunately, more often than not, due to a lousy selection or unavailability, I'd end up at WalMart.

As a former retail guy, I noticed how they wouldn’t rotate their stock seasonally toward the front - very poor.

Nic Williams

Agreed completely. If we lose New Haven were gonna be hurtin

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Have to agree with you and Nic Williams that certainly 'P&R' has not been refilling there stock for quite awhile. So the death knells were certainly heard.

Having said that, since I visited there at least 10 times a week. I must once again say the loss of 'P & R' is devastating to me personally.

Not only,am I the type handyman who needs ----a ton of help,from experts like Perk. I also,am a member of the health food fad that says " A donut a day ( or 2 or 3) keeps the doctor away" So when visiting 'P& R' quite often I'd race over to the market and grab a donut.

Then,for the icing on a 'P&R' visit. I have an adult child who works at the plaza. So naturally,when dear old Dad "just happened to be in the neighborhood". What else could he do but stop in and play for a minute or 2 or 5 or...

So as you can see 'P & R' made it a blast for me,when fixing things. And now ? Cue Bob Hope, then thank Perk & co for the memories

Nic Williams

Lol ur goofy to boot.

Cliff Cannon

@ Nic Williams :)

P.S. " New Haven" which recently was bought out.Is rumored to be planning to build a new building,then add a ton of stock to it. Here's hoping

Nic Williams

Ya last time I was there they had just been bought. Prices are always pretty decent however stock there has been in shambles for a while. They always only have half of what you need or none. They are good about getting what you need in rather quickly. Heres to hoping for some better management. I dont know how I feel about adding a new building in town when we have so many empty ones already. I really wish the Giant Eagle/Valu King building would get filled such a big new space to just leave empty.

Nic Williams

Theyve added far more jobs than they promised and are still going as a matter of fact. P&R hasnt been doing well for a long time its a miracle its made it this long.


@ NW:

Good to hear on the employment front. Let's hope it grows.

Nic Williams

Can't help but be hopeful these days to much sorrow and despair not to. I hope for America's sake these next 4 year's of unemployment rates go low and stay there. This great country was built by great people like us and its the nation's people that will make it great again. Best of wishes to anyone without.

proud mother of 3

This is the way the comments should go, that is why certain commenters arent on this article. Regardless why Brown sold, our attention should be on the employees. I hope the transfer goes well for the employees here, we do not need to add to the already high unemployment rate.

Nic Williams


Sitting In The ...

They said it was sold and automatically the people with "inside" info attempt to educate the rest of us even though they heard it from a friend of a friend whose cousin's brother works there. Just because it was sold doesn't automatically mean there doomed.