New Horizons to be sold

Norwalk company employs 224 people and is a bun supplier for McDonald's.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 9, 2012


New Horizons Baking Company in Norwalk, a bun supplier for McDonald's, is in the process of being sold.

In a story on the front page of Thursday's Reflector, Tim Brown, chief executive officer at New Horizons and Genesis Baking Co., discusses the pending sale and potential impact for the 224 employees.


Brock Lee

how will put sesmie seeds on ronald mcdonals buns now


This may not be a bad thing.. But it could be.




So being sold is the "spin"? Funny, I heard about all the pending law suits, due to firing people while on medical, and/or when the employee became too expensive, due to health. Why do you all think the company has spun into so many names and divisions? Genesis, New Horizons, Metrico. Just for the record i was a member of the supervisor team, (one of the ones that actually didn't become a puppet) (with that many can figure out who i am) and still chat with ALOT of drivers and was told this months ago. I was wondering how this was going to play out. Sad for the workers and community, Predict buy out then closed. Used government handouts for all the construction and additions, while socking back profits. Heck they already lost all the McD'S from I-70 south, and the eastern states. Sure muffins were a big hit with Sun Maid, but they can always find another bakery in a larger town to put there raisins in. As far as UNION, I really always thought there union was VERY weak anyways, so many company loop holes, why did they all participate and pay dues? Company still controlled all the strings, but of course it made the employees feel "special".


You talk like you have inside knowledge, but you are so far out of the loop. Especially throwing around customer names that you know nothing about.


more than you know


Maybe. But I can't remember SunMaid ever being a major customer.

Nic Williams

You know about as much as a scorpion knows about the ocean.

Sitting In The ...

Scorpions are believed to have an oceanic origin, with gills and a claw like appendage that enabled them to hold onto rocky shores or seaweed.

Nic Williams

Your not a Trucker "YOUR A FARMER YOUR A FARMER"


I think your mistaken me for one of the Moyer fella's. I live on a golf course.

Nic Williams

Due to the reaction of my fellow coworkers I have chose to edit many of my remarks. I respect their opinions and am sorry for offending them or saying any thing that has the potential of making the company look bad. It's a great place to work and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The end.


Thanks Truckin for your insight although I do hope you are wrong in this case. Granted Mr. Brown recieved some government money for the addition and expansion of the bakery it was only a very small percentage of the total cost that Mr. Brown spent on the bakery in the last 2 years.
For your information muffins are a big hit in general. I also know first hand the development and growth that has taken place at New Horizons and it's now many divisions. These divisions have more to do with taxes and yes diversification which is key in any business portfolio and profitability.
If you do not own your own business and work for someone then in essence you are a puppet to a certain extent but I also believe if your ideas are presented in a quality manner you won't feel so much like a puppet but a member and a valid contributor to a team.
I believe the company has grown because of the vision of Mr. Brown and the hard work of all the employees there.
Ultimately, No one holds a crystal ball into the future but all we can do is put our faith into those around us and within ourselves and do the best for each other in the hopes that those that do control the so-called strings truely value those at the end of those strings!
I myself want to thank Mr. Brown for providing jobs and benefits for many citizens in and around Huron County and I also want to welcome the new ownership and thank them for investing in the community and it's citizens and hoping they strive to continue to grow and provide more jobs to hard working Americans!


By being a puppet. I mean a YES SIR man.. If something won't work i just blurted it out. and that is what upset many. I was one of the highest wage salaried and with that p/o'd many with more invested time. But people didn't understand, it is what i brought to the table both thru former business owner, plus on the ground driver. Then when changes were implimented and success was achieved in alot of weak points. (Though alot of toes had to be stepped on.) I as others were no longer appreciated, so i moved on, as others did. The attitude of "we family""we know best" was sooo thick, it was a click or nothing place. The END

Nic Williams

Agreed completely


well maybe obama will bail them out so he can save the jobs of all the minorities who voted him in another four friggin years !!!!


A couple things:

Something that initially struck me was that according to the article, Mr. Brown said that he is selling in order to "spend more time with the family."

That phrase is generally a euhemerism and usually never the whole truth; there are other reasons.

Most good business people will attempt to sell out at the top in order to get the most money for their investment. Buy low, sell high.

Perhaps Mr. Brown sees something negative on the horizon (no pun intended) and wants to cash in when he’s ahead.

Lastly, McDonald’s sales took a hit on Thurs. for the first time in nine years. McDonald sales have been rocky for sometime. Perhaps they are pressuring him on prices and NH is becoming unprofitable?

In that case, the new mgmt. would more than likely come in and lean on labor to reduce wages and benefits.

Overall, my gut reaction is that this is not good. I hope that my initial impression is incorrect.


I'm afraid this is just the beginning of the next 4 years of the obamanation. The stock market took a huge hit on Wednesday and all over america small businesses are reevaluating whether or not they wish to continue. Welcome to the future.


You really think this all happened within 2 days because of the election!?

Nic Williams

mitt romney supporters cant fix stupid

Estrella Damm



Also, why the secrecy regarding the name of the potential buyer?

IMO, if it were positive, they would release the name.

A private equity firm perhaps?

Additionally, what's the disposition of their bakery in IN and the distribution co. Metraco?


I did my IT internship there and thought that everyone was very nice, hard working and very friendly. I hope things go well for the employees and Mr. Brown. The staff really respected him and worked hard for him.


Best Harvest Bakeries
Beaver Holdings


@ NewlyTrucker:

Is this rumor or knowledge?

If true, potentially positive.


True. Not rumor. First hand.


@ NewlyTrucker:

Thanks. So what's your take - positive?


New Horizons has a solid customer base and dedicated employees. They've grown too fast in the last few years to sustain under the current management, in my opinion.
Mr.Brown was a strong leader, but the 2nd generation couldn't keep it going and I think he recognized that.
They need a structured management style and I'm sure Best Harvest has the resources to carry them through their "growing pains". I don't think they will "lean" out the workforce because they run skeleton crews as it is.
I think the weak management team should be worried due to their lack of focus and results, that is the area for the most improvement, especially in the maintenance dept.
I don't foresee the bakery goin anywhere, and I predict hiring in the near future as the "old timers" adjust to the change and opt for retirement or buyout.
Now of they could just get rid of their lame duck union, it would be a great place to work.


@ NewlyTrucker:

I enjoyed reading your analysis.

Also, it's a good time to sell before the potential of new capital gains taxes kick in for sm. business owners.

jack langhals

Your right about enjoying the article,it was the only intelligent one here.The rest are all ragging on some one.Let us all try to make factual statement's about the articles and quit criticizing each other from now on.I know I am as guilty as anyone.