Both candidates in recorder's race taken aback

Voters decide successor for retiring recorder Karen Fries.
Aaron Krause
Nov 7, 2012


Both Huron County recorder candidates were shocked to hear the results of Tuesday's race, which Jan Tkach won by receiving 10,053 votes and Christina Raftery receiving 7,701.

Tkach, a Republican, will succeed retiring recorder Karen Fries, a Democrat.

Raftery, a Democrat, had not heard the results when a reporter called to break the news. "Oh my God," a shocked Raftery said. "I'm flabbergasted. I have no words really to say."

A story about this race, including comments from both candidates, was published in Wednesday's Reflector.




Both very nice ladies. This department doesn't take a rocket scientist to run so either canidate would have been fine. What a way for a canidate to find out how they lost though.....from one of the accurate reporters at the the Reflector!

hit the road jack

People probably seen all the democrat signs in Chris's yard,especially the big "o" sign.