Boose wins re-election

Incumbent state representative defeats two challengers.
Cary Ashby
Nov 7, 2012


State representative incumbent Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) was hanging out and socializing at the Freedom Center in Norwalk awaiting election results.

"I think I've worked harder on this campaign than I have the other campaigns," he said.

Boose's supporters have distributed more than 50,000 pieces of campaign literature during parades or by going door to door.

"That's not just in the mail," Boose said. "Nobody works harder than me campaigning."

While he said other candidates stayed inside when the temperature was over 100 degrees or it was raining, Boose said that wasn't the case with he and his supporters.

"We did (it) non-stop," Boose added.

"We didn't get any extra help out of Columbus. We did it all here locally," said Boose, who praised the work of his local supporters and people who stumped for him on the campaign trail.

"I couldn't do it without them," he said.

Boose went on to defeat Matt Lark and Robert Sherwin on Tuesday. A story about the race, including comments from all three candidates, appears in Wednesday's Reflector.


Kottage Kat

Congrats Terry. Always have and always will. Kat

Dr. Information



Congratulations. Fiscal and budgetary sanity in the Ohio House asylum.

jack langhals

Good show, Terry !


Congratulations Terry!!!


So happy that all your hard work paid off and that we have a State Representative with knowledge and experience in budgeting. Congratulations, Terry!

Guy on a Buffalo

I saw Terri advertise that he created 100,000 job while in Columbus. First, where are they in the district? And second, where were Kottage Kat and friends on these blogs claiming government doesn't create job, businesses do? I recall Kat and friends getting all over Lesch about that.


Don't worry. He had to go hard to get his votes. Based on local "stats" imo. that's why he won. Yes you are right about her also. She's praying for the world to end. Sounds like her logic is skewed.

Guy on a Buffalo

Terri counted the new casino jobs as jobs he created. I don't think he had much to do with that, considering the voters approved the ballot measure. I really don't think he had anything to do with one job created.