Perpetual flooding of Water Street a concern in Norwalk

If nothing can be done, Norwalk should shut down Water Street and make it a "canal," resident says.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 7, 2012


Dean Hales, of 36 Old Orchard Loop, asked city officials what can be done about the perpetual flooding of Water Street.

"Is there any plan to deal with this?" Hales asked during Tuesday night's council meeting.

Hales said businesses are constantly being washed out of Water Street.

"If there's grant money, we should probably pursue it," Hales said, adding if nothing can be done, maybe the city should shut down Water Street and make it a "canal."

Josh Snyder, public works director, said there are possible solutions, but no guarantees, including widening bridges and building a flood wall.

Snyder said a flood wall would cost about $2.2 million and each time the city applies for federal funding during flood events it is turned down because other cities have been hit harder.

Council also dealt with legislation that would make the position of council clerk full-time. To find out what happened with that issue, as well as other matters discussed, read the story in Wednesday's Reflector.




Estrella Damm

It's called Water Street for a reason and those business should know that going in.

Guy on a Buffalo

Those idiots in the picture on top of the car probably drove right past the "Road Closed, High Water" sign. Can't fix stupid, and unfortunately they voted 59,000,000 times last night.

chicken noodle

Shut it down and turn it into a water park. Looks like they got a start on a hillbilly water ride they just have to work out the kinks.

Guy on a Buffalo

No more parks. The parks Mayor is sitting at home doing nothing. Duncan is not going to put in a park. He's too busy doing, uh, something, I'm sure.


@ Guy on a Buffalo:

Ms. Lesch is a fund raiser for Norwalk Catholic schools - wish her the best.

Agree with your assesment of ol' Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

Guy on a Buffalo

Thanks for the update. I haven't heard her name mentioned in the paper in a while, so I assumed she was retired.

As for Duncan, not sure what's he is doing either...

hor mone

YeeeeHaaa, I caIn't swim.


How about dredging the Norwalk Creek and makin' it deeper?

Ya know that before the reservoirs were built it was called the Norwalk River?

An old saying: God didn't make flood plains for people to build on.


Don't you think that the people on Elm St, Water St, Sycamore Golf course, Valley Beach and others have brought the same question to the mayor and city council?
Go to next Tuesdays meeting and ask them about dredging the creek.
See how far it gets you.


@ flowerchild65:

Appears that my question was asked and answered.

Maybe it'll take another '69 style flood to potentially produce any action? Or not.

Obviously putting up warning signs is cheaper.

I've always figured that not building or buying on a flood plain was one of the most prudent first steps.

Cliff Cannon

Despite " Estrella Damm" Getting it in my opinion correct. Sure,did enjoy all the comments on our would be water park. ( And who say's blogging isn't productive ? )

P.S. Chicken Noodle be nice,remember Abe Lincoln was also a hillbilly :)

chicken noodle

@Cliff Cannon I was being nice but your right, using the term "hillbilly" with those 3 ?(not sure how to describe them. If I called them "knuckle heads" I'd be insulting knuckle heads). After all we know that nobody is that dumb to drive into that much water on a barricaded street but them 3 ?. So, to any and all Hillbillies my sincere apologies for thinking the 3 ? were smart enough to even be a hillbilly.

Cliff Cannon

@ Chicken Noodle : Isn't being "politically correct" a challenge ? :) Thanks for my morning laugh

P.S. having been a ' knucklehead' for a long time........


Maybe they could build some kind of tunnel or something. How about some of you people who have wise comments go to a city council meeting and voice your opinions rather than sitting behind a internet screen name and complaining. Action is how you get things done. If you're too afraid to approach city council then nothing is going to get done. The council meetings are open to the public. I'm sure the mayor and council would love to hear ideas and suggestions for change. Rob Duncan is a very good person of character. He's open to hearing new ideas. Instead of masking your concerns with a screen name go be a citizen and share your ideas.

Cliff Cannon

@Zoepoet88 : I did enjoy the fun things written here, as noted earlier.Just for clarity's sake I totally agree with you about Mayor Duncan being a very good person.So I apologize,if it appeared, that I was making fun of him personally.

Guy on a Buffalo

This complaint is brought to you by a person hiding behind a screen name. Poetic, don't you think? Or is it ironic?

No one said Duncan wasn't a good guy (his campaign-lies aside), but what has he done since he took office?


@ Zoepoet88:

Use of pseudonyms has a long tradition in American politics. See: The Federalist Papers.

Besides, it's common knowledge that the politicos often read the comments section.

Mayor Duncan is politically inexperienced and it shows. On election night even he was surprised that he won with such a weak campaign message as: jobs, jobs, jobs.

BTW: It's been 11 mos., where are they?

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: You got me in trouble -----again ! How do,you do it? :)

Remember,way back when,when I thought all commenters should use their real names? Thankfully,you pointed out the 'Federalist Papers' to me and no longer do I believe that.In fact,I wish,I had stuck to my original blog name " fannyfarmerman" so I too could blog anonymously. However,using one's own name does mandate good behavior,even when you don't want to behave

Obviously,if bloggers were required to use their own names. There would be far fewer bloggers and we the readers ( including politicos) would have far fewer---- on the money, personal story's of local 'happenings' wouldn't we? So pseudonyms are the way to go

Got a historical one for you. Thomas Jefferson,whom I love was impressed by a muckraker named James Callender for his ruining of Alexander Hamilton's career. So Jefferson hires him to attack,John Adams and I think,'Publlis Syruis' ( John Q. Adams ) in his Presidential race.

Callender does a great job,even went to jail for doing such a good job. Then comes to the President elect for a job,gets turned down. Madder than hades,he breaks the story,that will never end----Jefferson's aFFair with his deceased wife's sister-- Sally Hemings. Which of course, famously produced 5 children

Personally,I have no problem with T.J. for this. As he did what all good fathers do----freed his children to go out and make their way in the world. Still,those dang pseudonyms ( which T.J. used one too) caused him enough grief,that I'll bet the farm he wishes he hadn't read the 'blogs' about himself

P.S. "Guy on a buFFalo" : Great point you made


@ Cliff Cannon:

I've tended to pride myself on being a "bad influence."

I mean, what fun is there in letting sleeping dogs lie?

Glad to know that you're on board. :)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: I am a dump truck driver in 'real life'. My boss,Pat Riley likes to remind me. That in my case; " the 'p' in dump truck driver is silent"

Just wanted to let you know that. So when your "bad influence" tendancy's start taking over, please remember you could be influencing a dum truck driver.

P.S. I agree,dogs should never be left sleeping :)

Guy on a Buffalo

This is not American Politics. This is people spreading false information behind the cover of a screen name. Kinda like the anonymous anti-levy guy or gal.


@ Guy on a Buffalo:

"All politics is local" - Tip O'Neill


The guy on the roof is talking to James Bond saying" I thought you said that we could drive this car in water like the ones you do in the movies"!

Really are you ...

He is a trekkie. "Beam me up Scotty."

Dr. Information

Im sure Fema will be there to help the Water St. victims seeing as though they have handled hurricane Sandy so well.

Cliff Cannon

@ Dr. Information: Got to see first hand "Fema's" er,ah 'talents' for helping in New Orleans,after 'Katrina'. So,like the rest of the nation "Sandy" mishaps are what I expect.

However,here is my real point PLEASE DONT EVEN JOKE about "Fema" coming to help out on 'Water st.' Because what if they really did show--- too screw things up ? Then ,we all would blame you,for bringing it up,wouldn't we? :)