Heroin defendant gets prison time

"This guy was a major supplier of heroin," cop says
Cary Ashby
Nov 8, 2012


A local heroin defendant was sentenced Tuesday to 17 months in prison -- the same punishment his co-defendant earlier received for the same Norwalk drug bust.

Darran L.W. Townsend, 26, of 117-B N. West St., pleaded guilty in September to one count of possession of heroin for a May 13 drug bust. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss two similar fifth-degree felonies.

Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Seth Fry had received tips about "frequent, short-term traffic" at a North Pleasant Street residence where Townsend was staying as of mid-May. Fry has said he and Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton later received another tip that Townsend would be coming back from Columbus with a large amount of heroin and was going to a Norwalk motel.

When the bust happened, Townsend was out on bond awaiting sentencing on an Erie County drug case for possessing 98 balloons of heroin at an Avery motel Nov. 13. He was sentenced later through Erie County Common Pleas Court.

"Darran Townsend has been a person of interest for some time. ... This guy was a major supplier of heroin," Fry said in May.

Members of METRICH, a 10-county task force, were involved in the drug bust. Willard Police Detective Jeremy Draper, two Huron County sheriff's detectives and investigator Bob McDowell, of the Huron County Prosecutor's Office, assisted Fry, Fulton and Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Dave Pigman.

Authorities used a search warrant May 13 and seized 44 balloons of heroin, some crack cocaine, three firearms, some marijuana, hundreds of used hypodermic needles, other drug-related paraphernalia and more than $300 in cash.

Also arrested was Scott A. Dale, 34, formerly of 3498 Neal Zick Road, Willard. He pleaded guilty Sept. 7 to one count of trafficking in heroin and was sentenced that same day to 17 months in prison. Dale was credited with already serving 216 days of local jail time.

Townsend must reimburse Norwalk police $120 to cover the cost of drug testing.

When interviewed, Townsend "admitted to a 30-balloons-a-day drug habit," Fry said. "He was selling to support his habit."


Yall Make Me Sick

Wow 30 balloons a day? That's just an OD waiting to happen. Thank goodness it didn't come to that he got busted before it could! Very sad!!


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myself i dont think you can trade one drug for the other its all some form of the drug .i have seen people the was taking other drugs for their addictiond and got hooked on the drug that was suppost to get them off the other cold turkey i have seen people not go back and seen go back so i guess if u want to realy stop you stop .


17 months is not enough time. The System needs to be harder on offenders.
People need to FEAR being caught so maybe you will STOP some from starting!



Dr. Information

@hater....you do have to want to stop for treatment to work. The substitute drugs that Dr's prescribe are only there to mask the other drug without the "getting high" side effects until they can slowly pull your body off the addiction. If one goes in thinking these drugs are a miracle drug and that they do not have to try and want to quit mentally....then yes, most will be right back on the illegal drug very soon.

Brock Lee

he got time cuz it went thru erie county court