Monroeville school levy passes

District will use money for constructing, renovating and remodeling school facilities.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 6, 2012


Monroeville has passed its school levy.

Voters in the district approved the $4,195,000 bond issue for 34 years, money that will be used for constructing, renovating and remodeling school facilities. The issue passed 832 to 677.

"I just had a good feeling the whole time," Superintendent David Stubblebine said.

Unofficial results show that school levies for Norwalk, Edison and Willard have failed.

All of the Huron County precinct results are in. However, officials are still counting absentee ballots. Results are not official until the elections board certifies them, and that won't take place for several weeks.

Look for the full story in Wednesday's Reflector.



"I just had a good feeling the whole time" he said, is that when the water was dripping on his head when we was walking in the school LOL. Good I voted for it, if it didn't pass I was probably not going to let my 2 children stay in this school district. We would have relocated for sure.


Don't have to relocate. I do wonder what would happen if parents began sending their kids to other school districts to at least get their moneys worth. Schools get a chunk of money from the state and maybe feds for each kid enrolled. One reason they hate kids that miss school. Cleveland even lied about the amount of kids riding the buses to school, just to get more state dollars. More kids, more dollars. Move 8 or 9 kids out of a small district like Monroeville, it starts to hurt.

hit the road jack

Its not that you voted for it, its are you going to be paying anything into it?


According to the 2010 Census, Monroeville lost population.

Since it's now gotten more expensive to live there, watch for more migration out and fewer moving in.


Not many will leave...but new will not move in.

hit the road jack

Your wrong,they will get some more non tax paying citizens (Obama likes) to move in and vote just the way they want. I still contend that if you do not own property on election day,YOU STAY HOME!


Used to be, you could get a discounted lease on a house or apartment for 2 years or more. These days the lease is standard 1 year. The reason we like it standard is so if there is a lease or other thing, like the Obama tax rate hike for those making more money, we can recoupe it by redoing the next years lease. Monroeville leases since 2003, cost the average owner quite a chunk of money. This chunk of money shows in the rent of at least the smart owners. I know of rents going from say $420, to $480 a month over this period. Don't sound like much, but it adds up to $720 a year, plus the new income tax, which for the $50,000 a year, adds up another $750 a year. Then add on schools fees, $120 calculators, $25 pay to play fee's, school lunches, crayons, book bags, them red only folders, clothes, sports tickets, gas money to take the kids to practices 6 days a week, fruit sales for rotton sour oranges, field trip fee's, gas for the not so delightful anymore school music programs and non winner talent shows, ffa fee's, tech class fee's, mits, this shoe, that shoe, knee pads, ankle braces...on and on it goes. School is not cheap. So what's another tax hurt? What you need to do is make sure your family stays at home as much as possible and love them. Play with them. My kids homework this week is now up to 14 hours for a 3 day period. Some kids didn't go on a field trip yesterday because they had to stay and do homework. And the kids are smart, no dumb. It's just the normal load of wasted curriculum they have to learn these lousy days, which takes up more class space, teachers time, and materials. School has gotten way out of control. At least the kids can learn how to make cookies in the class. Check out the kids classes. Checkout what is required to graduate. It's almost like the really dumb stuff you have to take in college. But it's good. We can make them chinese people some cookies.


I'm glad. They need an expansion and a new roof. This is not a school board that is wasting the tax payers' money.


So what was done with our money the first time? According to the article in the Norwalk Reflector a few years ago, they were supposed to use the School District Tax for repairs on the school. Now they are raising our property taxes to do the same thing they said they were gonna do before? Sounds like a scam to me. Just sayin, show us what was done with the money the first time around.


It is a scam. When they passed the income tax levy, they said that it would replace other levy's that were coming up and they would allow them to expire or ??? So to keep the taxes low for the farmers and elderly people, some voted yes for the income tax. There was also a deal that said if the tax levy did not pass, the kids would have to pay a $25 pay to play fee. The levy failed, and the fee came about. But when the levy passed, the fee stayed. Now they are going to have a elevator for the handicapped. I always sang that "you just don't out new patches on old garments". So in the end, they'll have a new elevator on a pile of torn down school. Plus, who's gonna ride this thing? I haven't seen any handicapped people there. BUUUUTTTT, I'm going to watch them like a hawk with binoculars. This week, I heard of a kid, a smart kid, that had, in 2 days, more than 9 hours home work. Proof that homeschooling moms are much smarter and organized than public teachers. Oh, junior annd seniors also went on an all day trip to Heidleburg. Sort of a private college event to draw students to their school I suppose. So that got the kids behind, but 9 hours? Yep, the tax got voted in to keep this levy stuff out. Maybe, as one said weeks ago, maybe they should close the school after school and save at least on the light bill. Practice at 6:15 am for some, and school lights are on when there's not even a game. SOCIALISM AND stupidity beginning with the feds and almost ending with columbus, with a little trickle down to the heads of the school district. But most parents like their kids gone. If they don't they do't know what family really is. But with facebook and texting, who know what being a human is anymore anyway. sheep led to the slaughter And also, for a town with less people, where'd all these votes come from? Erie county, who would pay no new tax or be hurt (what they got to lose?) since they aren't in the county, voted it down. I figured it would be a landslide against the levy when the Huron county folks who will pay the tax. I bet they found some dead folks to vote like they did in Florida.


11/7 I did a search for Monroeville levys, and came up with the last few years of reflector articles about the schools levys. Last time they had this many vote was when the income tax passed. Other times the total was half of what this years numbers were. I also saw where in the past (2010) the distict was taking bid for a new roof. Did they have the money for it at that time to find it feaseable to take bids, and if they did, where'd it go? After studying the past articles, I feel that something in that little town of what was 1500 voters has a smell to it. Oh, with the new tax, does that mean that the renters past the Marsh field hill will see a hike in their rent? Wow, the suckers that voted forthe income tax now get land levy's again anyway. And both passed with big election numbers over 800 for them. By the time the districts done with them, they'll need a "Half Dollar Store" instead of a Dollar store. And $3.50 footlongs at the Subway.
Add on 11/8. Today the paper says that the final Monroeville vote was 1013 for the levy, and 857 against. 1870 voters. Most EVER. That count can't be right. If you look at page A-3 of todays paper, and compare other places, Monroeville's a totally growing community. THAT'S what a Dollar store coming to your town will do for you!


Article in paper before the income tax passed.
Aaron Krause

Jul 26, 2010
MONROEVILLE - "Fair" is one adjective people have been using to describe Monroeville Local Schools' proposed income tax measure, Superintendent David Stubblebine said.

The schools chief said he has heard many positives and few negatives about the measure. Under it, the district's three emergency levies would be allowed to expire this year, in 2013 and 2014 for a total of $841,000 in property tax relief. One of the district's three existing property tax levies that is not collecting any money also would be phased out.

...I don't think they will forget these promises. I guarantee you won't have it so easy in the next levy vote. I GUARANTEE it.


Yes 45mag. You are correct.