Edison school levy fails

District was asking for 3.50-mill emergency property tax levy.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 6, 2012


The Edison school district levy went down tonight.

Edison Local School District officials were asking voters to approve a 3.50-mill emergency property tax levy.

In Erie County, with all precincts reporting, 2,105 voted against (55 percent), while 1,709 were in favor.

In Huron County, with all of the precincts in but absentee ballots still being counted, 291 were against the levy, while 279 voted in favor. This county's portion of the school district is much smaller than Erie County's, so there wouldn't be enough "yes" votes to off-set the Erie County outcome when all the votes are totaled.

Edison Superintendent Tom Roth indicated the district might try again in the spring, but ultimately the school board will have to decide that.

Look for the full story in Wednesday's Reflector.


Edwin Ison

Get the teacher contract done before the next levy attempt!
Have the ENTIRE staff pay the lawful and customary amount towards their own retirement.
AND..... when school fees and sports and music fees account for about $700 a year for two kids.... well there is NEVER going to be enough left for the majority of school age parents to approve MORE money for the schools. I personally spend about $2200 real estate (school portion), and another $700 for school fees, all the while the district spends about 1 million dollars a year on a retirement pickup.... a fringe benefit.



JMOP's picture

So the reasons for not passing the levies the previous years were:
1. Get rid of Snook, he's gone, still no on levies
2. Cut backs, save money cutting back teachers and aids. That happened, still a levy didn't pass
3. More cutbacks by taking away high school bussing.
4. Bring back bussing for high schoolers or the levy won't pass. Still no on the levy
5. Brought back bussing, now the little ones have to get up earlier, until then, a levy won't pass
6. Teachers need to pay their fair share, until then a levy won't pass.

Really, what's next if the teachers do what the voters want? Will you pass the levy? I doubt it, next thing you know they won't pass a levy because the school colors are orange and blue.


Has always and will always be not paying teachers share of bennys. Until then it will never pass. this was your best chance because of all the people wanting handouts where out voting for obama. Dont you understand that it is around 800,000 a year that would go to the school. IT IS THE ONLY REASON IT DOES NOT PASS. BECAUSE WE WOULD NOT NEED IT IF TEACHERS PAID THEIR FAIR SHARE. COME ON IT IS YOUR KING OBAMA MARCHING ORDER. I AM SO SICK OF HEARING HIM SAY THAT SO START FOLLOWING MINDLESS ROBOTS

JMOP's picture

My king Obama? I am a registered republican, and have always voted republican.
I'm tired of the handouts also, but teachers are not free loaders. They work, pay taxes, pay and provide extras for students out of their own pockets.
It's just one excuse after another on here.
But I also keep hearing the main theme, that the teachers need need to "pay their fair share". Funny, I think that is YOUR king Obama's famous saying.


maybe our choice of words has you confused. Your fair share means pay for your own crap. We pay into our retirement so should you. We pay our medical, so should you. Your comparing us to Obamass is funny. That would be the teachers..I can hear them now...give me more more more! Now they are sporting those stupid shirts again like it is going to make a difference.

JMOP's picture

Oh, I'm the confused one? You can spin and twist words all you want, the outcome is still the same. So, if I have to, you have to. So it has to be equal? Equal outcomes just like Obama wants.
Every job has its perks, IMO teachers are not paid enough.
If the real reason is you just can't afford a higher tax, just say it. Don't blame the teachers.


I too am a republician and I am sick of the handouts. You have your opinion as to what you think they deserve and we have ours. I can pay my taxes just fine but that does not mean I should pay more to make you a happy person. you are just stupid. Majority rules and again we have spoken. And as too the seniors who didnt get to vote in the election because one of your teachers dropped the ball, I hope they all get registered before spring so there will be more NO votes.

JMOP's picture

Why are you calling me stupid? All I wondered is why everyone keeps voting no. Just like you said, your going to vote no in the spring. You already made up your mind, no matter what may happen in seven months?
You, my fellow republican, sound like the uneducated one.

Edwin Ison

You have just illustrated my point beautifully.... all your cuts would have been unnecessary had only the Edison staff been paying the rate specified by the O.R.C. towards their own retirement.
And...this has been going on for about 30 years.
The Edison district should have a major surplus.
Maybe they can dream up some more fees to cover the levy failure.

Kottage Kat

Thank you NO voters. Kat


We have made it loud and clear.. Until YOU pay your fair share into retirement and other perks out answer is NO! Dont say you took a pay freeze. The board did that to you. You teachers seem to be the only ones that think you deserve more than anyone else. Please go on strike so you can be replaced. We are done with your crap!

Dr. Information

Now isn't this funny. Most of you who voted for Obama are screaming at your local schools to "do more with less...cut positions". Yet, Mitt Romney said the same thing, that throwing more teachers into the schools wont fix the problems......and in his eyes he is wrong.

Some of you better get right with God and learn to stop talking out of both large holes in your body because it smells like SHEET in here.