NCS, St. Paul in school Thursday

Norwalk City Schools have canceled classes that day.
Joe Centers
Nov 7, 2012


Norwalk Catholic School and St. Paul High School will be in session Thursday.

Regular transportation will be provided.

The Norwalk City Schools have canceled classes Thursday so students and teachers can attend the state volleyball semifinals at noon at Wright State University. District officials have said students will have to make up the day, but the details have been released.



Guy on a Buffalo

Details have NOT been released about the makeup day. My guesses? December 21 or January 18.


Norwalk City Schools is obligated to provide transportation to the Catholics on Thursday. The decision to cancel classes at Norwalk City Schools seems a poor choice when there is an Emergency Operating Levy on the ballot two days prior. This years Girl's Volleyball team is not the first-ever Norwalk team to go to State. In the past, kids had to take an absence in order to attend the game. Why is this different? Did this decision lead to the ultimate defeat of the levy?


is this actually a post from the Norwalk Reflector or is an individual using "Norwalk Reflector" as their user name?

Joe Centers

That is not a post from the Norwalk Reflector.

Guy on a Buffalo

Then delete that guy's account.

chicken noodle

Are they having school or not having school? The headline says "In school" but the story says they cancelled school which one is it?


Go back to school and learn to read more than a headline.

chicken noodle

golly gee luvblues did you think of that all by yourself that was just...gosh I don't know....remarkable...go tell your mommy I said you earned a cookie.


Norwalk City schools are closed. Norwalk Catholic schools will be open.


So much for saving all that money on transporting kids for a day that "hardly any kids will be going to school." So glad I now either have to take the day off of work since my five kids will now be at home instead of school where they are supposed to be. I could understand it if it were weather related but this is ridiculous.


Reading from you post it seems as though you think the schools are a glorified babysitter.


Really? Is that what you got from that? I'm sorry you think that is what I am saying. An education is should be the priority here, not canceling school for the masses so a few people can go watch a volleyball game. State or not. My point being that it is still costing the district money to run the bussing and pay the wages and it is now costing more parents money in baby sitting or time off from their job causing them potential problems at their place of employments. Obviously you are trolling.

Guy on a Buffalo

600 kids went. Too bad yours missed out on a great opportunity to have some school spirit!

Dr. Information

How is it costing the district money? They are making the day up. Teachers are on a salary, the schools are heated/cooled year round, janitors are working whether kids are in school or not, buses will be used to transport the athletes whether or not fans decided to go or not. I personally think its great to go and support the young athletes and students of any town. Its not like Norwalk is the first to do this. Norwalk has a ton of complainers, always have and always will. Buckeye Central and its town folk are all excited (and yes they took a day off of school also) and rallying around supporting this great thing that is happening, according to a friend of mine. Just pretend its a fall snow day.


If you read the article the buses and drivers are running for the normal catholic school schedule. So there are the added costs of running them for an added day being made up. Not only that but costing the parents money that either had to find babysitters for their kids or had to take a day off from work costing them money out of their paycheck at holiday season. When the school district is asking for emergency levy I don't see how costing the district more money is feasible. Good job girls on your victory today. I'm not trying to take anything from you. Just the decisions of others.