Heart-in-a-jar mystery solved ... sort of

Heart in fluid-filled Mason jar dropped off at county landfill
Cary Ashby
Nov 6, 2012


The Erie County coroner's office has determined the heart in a fluid-filled Mason jar that was dropped off at the Erie County landfill belonged to a pig.

Someone dropped off the heart, which was in jar of formaldehyde, in a cardboard box full of hazardous materials Oct. 28. That was the day of an Erie County-sponsored hazardous materials collection at the Hoover Road facility.

Workers notified Erie County environmental services worker Lisa Beursken about the jar, which they noticed when they were sorting out the dropped-off items. Beursken later called the Erie County Sheriff's Office.

"It's animal in origin," Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said Monday.

The sheriff said nobody knows who possessed the heart or dropped it off, but said it doesn't matter now that a coroner has identified it as a pig's heart. The Lucas County coroner's office will dispose of it.


Estrella Damm

Christina Perri.




Probably an old science fair project disposed of during a basement clean out :)

Brock Lee

my girlfriend took my heart an my kid took my brain i want them back