No school Thursday in Norwalk

Norwalk City Schools won't be holding any classes Thursday due to the amount of community members going to the state semifinals in volleyball.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 5, 2012


Because of the many fans (students, staff and community) heading to Dayton on Thursday for the state semifinals in volleyball, Norwalk City Schools will not hold classes in the district. The school day will be made up at a later date – to be determined by the school board.

Norwalk defeated Parma Padua in five games Saturday afternoon in the Div. II regional volleyball final match at Ontario High School. (The scores of the games were: 23-25, 23-25, 25-23, 25-23 and 15-10.)  Norwalk advances to the state semifinals at noon Thursday at the Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University.

"We are proud of our volleyball team and the tremendous support from our super fans. Good luck to all as they head to Dayton in a quest for a state championship. Go Truckers!" said superintendent Dennis Doughty.




oh my oh my

This is Norwalk what do you expect :(

Norwalk Lifer

What about the day in the summer when they will be making up this day? Won't you be saving childcare costs then?


Nope, Plenty of time to come up with other plans.

Dr. Information

The ones who are complaining on here are the ones that see the school system as their daytime babysitter for their children. For the morons that cannot read. No day is being missed. What they miss now, will be made up later. Its a wash. No loss of tax dollars, no loss of monies...nothing changes.

Go Truckers. Ill be there in full support. Don't worry about the 6-7 people on this cannot please everyone. And who cares what they think anyhow....most of Norwalk is behind you.

oh my oh my

Information Guy. Really dude, you need to get yourself a life if you have nothing better to do than comment 23 times on the same article. It's almost like you're stalking everyone.

Dr. Information

Nope. The Reflector has me on the payroll to keep all the bashing people in check.


Calling off School????? Heck, yeah. No reason to get your panties all in a bunch. Besides, they will make the day up right? Good Luck Norwalk and Buckeye Central. Bring home some trophies.


before anyone questions my age i am an 8th grade student at the middle school i think it's dumb to close all the schools also, however i believe they should have closed the highschool... but only the highschool


I dont mind having the day off at all! I do mind a makeup day though!!!


i like how when st paul did this a few years ago, no one cared but now that norwalk does it its the biggest deal since WWII

seriously calm the **** down




went to middle school today nobody there. Guess I will go back home and go to bed . .