No school Thursday in Norwalk

Norwalk City Schools won't be holding any classes Thursday due to the amount of community members going to the state semifinals in volleyball.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 5, 2012


Because of the many fans (students, staff and community) heading to Dayton on Thursday for the state semifinals in volleyball, Norwalk City Schools will not hold classes in the district. The school day will be made up at a later date – to be determined by the school board.

Norwalk defeated Parma Padua in five games Saturday afternoon in the Div. II regional volleyball final match at Ontario High School. (The scores of the games were: 23-25, 23-25, 25-23, 25-23 and 15-10.)  Norwalk advances to the state semifinals at noon Thursday at the Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University.

"We are proud of our volleyball team and the tremendous support from our super fans. Good luck to all as they head to Dayton in a quest for a state championship. Go Truckers!" said superintendent Dennis Doughty.



You were voting no anyways, so don't try to tie the volleyball team's success into what is going on with the levy. Norwalk provides a WONDERFUL education, no doubt about that. And athletics enhance that experience and are part of the educational process. Unbelieveable that people in this community are complaining about a great happening happening with their own schools. Give me a break!

The Truant Officer

@ sport24728 - The volleyball team's success is NOT the issue at hand. The issue is canceling and rescheduling a school day at the tax payer's expense. You are a fool if you think that a large percentage of the students will even go to the game.

Dr. Information

I bet Norwalk brings a very solid cheering section full of students. I think you are the bitter, hating fool.


Whatabout my DAYCARE bill? Many famalies now have to make big adjustments and many, as i will have to waste, yes waste, extra disposible income for this. That comes to an extra $88 for my 3. This is not god/weather related? as far as comments as "once in a life time"?? Why? are you saying the team "can/will" NEVER be as good again? Sad.

Dr. Information

@truckin....don't go. Nobody is begging you to go big shot.


You are TOTALLY missing anyone else's view. Your opinion, life responsibility, is ONLY yours. No bit of thought how this "just" might impact local working class with children. How can i go to the game even if i wanted to. I tend to either lose $88 thru daycare. or $200 spouse appx to stay home or my 3-400 net daily profit lose. Do the math. Now i will work and spouse will work, but now i have less $ for things i want to buy, so you can do what you want to do. Think..??? and i am supposed to be excited..?? You must be a kid.

Dr. Information

Nobody is asking you to go. Go to work, enjoy your day at work. If you have a kid playing, most work places that I know would be happy to let you off early to go watch your daughter play in a state tournament.

Im not a kid, Im a working adult. This has nothing to do with you working or not, this is about a state appearance and going to support, which btw, nobody is asking you to do. We'd be better off if you stay home anyhow. We wouldn't want to upset big shot and his money to buy everything.


Will they be canceling school again IF they make it to State? Seems so unfair for the kids who are in school education not for a sport.

Dr. Information

@gottalove.....Ummmm....hate to break it to you but the games we are talking about are the State games......WOW,


The games that we are talking about are the Semi State, the State Final is on Saturday morning.


I think they should have off Friday too. Go Truckers!!!!!


If it was the football team, I'm sure most people would have no complaint. That's just sad.


why can't they just have a pep rally for the girls to support them?

Dr. Information

Its sad that the girls vball team makes it to state and all you people can complain about is one day the school is calling off so kids and family members can go and support them. So sad and frustrating that people like most of the above posters ALWAYS have to make an issue out of everything.

Why do we have a vacation day for Mr. Luther King Day......what the heck does that have to do with anything today? I mean kids should be in school...right? Once in a lifetime opportunity for many of these HS players as many of them will never get there again, nor play in college. Good Luck.

The Truant Officer

@ Dr. Information - How can you make SUCH A SAD PATHETIC RACIST STATEMENT ? Volleyball has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Martin Luther King day.



Dr. Information

Racist? Oh here we gooooooo. My point being, why do we still have days off for MLK day? You say kids should be in school, well I think MLK day along with many other days they have off (Presidents Day as well) should be spent in school than home. You can't have it both ways. Do you think students are up early that day watching civil rights videos, or at the local library reading up on the movement back then? No, its a free day off of school to play xbox, hang at the local mall to shop or do whatever kids do these days. If its all about schooling and the kids, then it needs to be about schooling and the kids. What about all the days they get off now for teacher in service day? What about winter break or all the lame snow days when an inch of snow falls and they call off school.....don't here you B$t$&*NG then now do ya?

The Truant Officer

@ Dr. Information - You can try to sugar coat things as much as you want, but you did make a racist comparison. Aside from that, our country recognizes legal holidays for good reasons. Perhaps you should have paid more attention during your American history classes. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH VOLLEYBALL.

Dr. Information

@Officer.....what did I say that was racist? Because I said I think kids should be in school for holidays such as MLK day. Nice try and way to use the race card. Typical....go vote for Obama now.


I am perfectly happy to send my kids to school for MLK day.


Yes, while it's great that many High School students will be able to cheer on Norwalk's girls again, I highly doubt that our elementary students really needed the day off. In Maplehurst alone there are 500 students. That is Kindergarten and First grades. What percentage of those kids will be attending that game??? Very few, I'm sure. The reality is that the staff would like to go. That is wonderful. I love that they support our students...but, let them use their personal time just like the parents or other fans will do.
Regarding our calamity days...Norwalk is not known for using them willy nilly. Yes, we had one due to a hurricane last week. I completely expected it with the combination of flooding and our teen drivers, bussers, and walkers. It needed to be cancelled. There is a HUGE difference in calling school off for a sporting event and for the safety of our kids.
MLK day is a NATIONAL holiday. Government offices are closed that day. To campare a volleyball game to MLK day is lame.

Guy on a Buffalo

If all the staff who wanted to go used a personal day, the district would incur a large bill for substitute teachers. By canceling the day and allow those teachers to go, then making it up at a later date, the district does not have to spend any additional funds. It actually makes sense to do it this way.

People need to remember the coach is an elementary teacher, not a high school teacher. If she taught at the high school, I believe the elementary schools would still be in session. However, as her teaching friends are at the elementary buildings, and they want to support her, the district is making sure they can.

Good Luck Lady Truckers!

Dr. Information

Get over yourself. I was trying to make a point you obviously missed. They are making the day up down the road. So guess day is being missed. Its not a free day. Either they miss the day now, or miss it down the road. Go blow your hot air somewhere else. Go Truckers.


We just had a girl on the tennis team (an individual sport) go to state, we've had wrestlers go to state, we've had CC go to state........They've all had great send offs...and school was in session! No way should they be cancelling school. Done.

Dr. Information

Well guess what....they cancelled school....done.


As I recall a couple years ago when St.Paul went to State they did not have school. No problems then, but suddenly now? Good Luck Lady Truckers.

mr derp

It's unfair for those who want to be in school. However, our volleyball team's success is a great thing for the community. There is absolutely no reason to be arguing over this. Nothing is going to change. School will still be canceled Thursday regardless what people say. The school board is just assuming that a large crowd will show up. If one doesn't, they look like idiots. Oh well. We move on, complain a little bit longer, and then find something else to argue about.


Okay, honestly all of you are complete idiots. This entire article is completely irrelevant because WE HAVE TO MAKE THE SCHOOL DAY UP! stop arguing. log off. Sorry that we have school spirit and support our team.

Dr. Information

Exactly. Well said. Ignore the morons and idiots that find fault in everything on this site. Half these posters have no kids in school anyhow I bet. They are just on here being gasbags.

The Truant Officer

Dr. Information - it's obvious you don't pay property taxes since you're just a punk kid, so it's only natural for you to not understand what the real issue is. It costs the adults a lot of money when school is rescheduled. Everyone, including myself wishes the volleyball team the best of luck. So stop being such a "gasbag" and get back to your school work.